10 Best dogs for home in India – choose the best in 2024

Dogs are considered the favorite animal that provides the best company and are known as the most comfortable animal that helps to distract you from your loneliness, and they provide the greatest emotional support to their feeders. In India, people like to feed dogs. About every third house in India, people like to keep dogs. 

Here are some of the 10 best dogs for home in India. These breeds of dogs are easily available in India and are suitable for every kind of climatic condition as these dogs are considered the most comfortable dogs species found in India. 

  • The Labrador Retriever, frequently known as  Labrador or Lab, is one of the most popular and cherished canine types species spread worldwide, including in India. 
  • They’re highly capitative, social, and generally good with families, children, and other faves.  
  • Labradors are largely adaptable tykes that can thrive in colorful climates, including the different rainfall conditions set up in different corridors of India. They can handle both hot and cold temperatures with proper care.  
  • They’re a medium to large body postures with a sturdy figure. Adult  male Labradors  generally weigh between 65- 80 pounds( 30- 36 kg), while ladies  generally weigh between 55- 70 pounds( 25- 32 kg).
  • These dog species are very faithful to their families and can be excellent family faves when duly trained and taught from an early age. 
  • German Shepherds can adapt to colorful climates and living conditions easily.
  • These dogs are very intelligent and quick learners; they can easily achieve Excellence in obedience training and are mostly seen being used by police and military officials, as well as in several deliverance operations. 
  • The average lifetime of a German Shepherd is around 9 to 13 years, with proper care and attention.
  • The Pomeranian,  affectionately referred to as the” Pom,” is a small and lively species of dog known for its ethereal fleece and fascinating personality.  
  • Despite their small size, they frequently believe that they’re much larger than their actual size. They can be very friendly and collaborative and may also be focused towards some intransigence.  
  • Pomeranians are among the most intelligent breeds of dogs and are known to respond well to positive underpinning training styles. 
  • Pomeranians are small tykes with a fox-like face and an ethereal double fleece. They generally weigh between 3- 7 pounds(1.4-3.2 kg).
  • The Indian Pariah Dog, also known as the Indian Native Canine or Indian Street Dog, is a  largely adaptable and ancient species of fog found in India that has been a part of Indian society for a couple of centuries and is considered the best choice among the 10 Best dogs for home in India.
  • These dogs are incredibly adaptable to the different climatic conditions and living conditions found in India.  
  • Indian parish dogs come in colorful sizes, ranging from small to medium. Their appearance may vary, but they generally have a common spare and elegant figure. 
  • Beagles are recognized as good-natured dogs, making them excellent family faves.   
  • Beagles are an intelligent breed with a high keen sense of smell.
  • Adult Beagles generally weigh between 20- 30 pounds( 9-13.6 kg).
  • The Rottweiler is known to be a robust and important strain known for its fidelity, defensive instincts, and strong work heritage. 
  • They’re frequently described as calm and tone-assured, making them excellent guard tykes and family defenders.
  • Rottweilers can easily accommodate to have colorful living conditions, including homes in India, as long as they admit proper training and exercise. 
  • Rottweilers are large and muscular tykes . Adult males  generally weigh between 95- 135 pounds( 43- 61 kg), while ladies  generally weigh between 80- 100 pounds( 36- 45 kg).
  • They are constantly described as tender and good-natured dogs.
  • Bulldogs are adaptable to colorful living conditions, including apartments and homes in India.
  • They do not bear expansive exercise but should be kept in a climate-controlled terrain during hot rainfall.
  • Bulldogs have a low to moderate energy position. They enjoy long walks and short play sessions but can tire snappily due to their figure.
  • Adult Bulldogs generally weigh between 40- 50 pounds( 18- 23 kg).
  • American Pitbull Terriers are known for their fidelity, intelligence, and tender nature and are considered among the 10 Best dogs for home in India.
  • They’re frequently described as friendly,  gregarious, and eager to please when trained nicely.
  • These dogs can adapt to colorful living conditions, including homes in India, easily. Adult males  generally weigh between 35- 65 pounds( 16- 29 kg), and ladies  generally weigh between 30- 50 pounds( 14- 23 kg).
  • The average lifetime of a pitbull is around 12- 14 times with proper care.
  • The Boxer is a medium to large strain known for its sportful and energetic nature, as well as its distinctive appearance and fidelity.
  • Boxers are known for their friendly, energetic, and highly friendly nature.
  • Boxers are adaptable to colorful living conditions, including homes in India. They thrive when they’re part of an active family and enjoy inner and out-of-door conditioning.
  • Boxers have a high-energy position and bear regular exercise and playtime. They love conditioning similar to cost, running, and interactive games.
  • Boxers are medium to large dogs with muscular and athletic figures. Adult boxers males  generally weigh between 65- 80 pounds( 30- 36 kg), while ladies  boxers generally weigh between 50- 65 pounds( 23- 29 kg).


Pug dog price in India
  • Pugs are fascinating and distinctive small dogs.
  • Pugs are known for their sportful and friendly disposition nature.  They’re frequently described as”  zanies” due to their entertaining styles and suggestive faces. They’re tender and form strong bonds with their possessors.
  • Pugs are fairly low-energy dogs. They enjoy short bursts of playfulness and exercise but are happy with moderate climatic situations.
  • Pugs are a small breed with a sturdy figure. Adult pugs generally weigh between 14- 18 pounds( 6- 8 kg).


Choosing a dog to join your family  is one of the best choice because dogs are known to empower and give the best company to their owners. They are highly collaborative and said to be the perfect obedient animal ever. The list contains information on the superior category of dogs that can be considered in the 10 best dogs for home in India list, which totally fits with the choices, likes, and climatic conditions of Indian society and places. 

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