10 Best Dogs Under 5000 in India

Talking about dogs, India is the leading country where dogs are given special attention. Dogs play an important role by giving emotional support and helping their owners to get out of their loneliness. With a loyal and friendly nature, dogs are among the most favourite pets which are kept in Indian homes. 

The article consists of 10 Best Dogs Under 5000 in India according to their climatic conditions and in user budgets under 5000

List of 10 Best Dogs Under 5000 in India

Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz is one of the most popular small, medium-sized dogs which are found in India,  known for their energetic and loyal behaviour towards their owner. 

People can buy Indian spitz for under 5,000 at several stores in India where these dogs are sold. 

  • Indian Spitz weight 12 to 20 kg 
  • Due to their high surviving abilities, Indian Spitz is found in four different colours, which are white,  black, dusky, and brown.
  • Indian Spitz survives for about 12 to 15 years in normal climatic conditions with proper care. 
  • Indian Spitz has a good height, ranging between 35 cm and 45 CM. 

Indian Pariah 

Indian Pariah is frequently known as Pariya dogs, which are Indian street Best Dogs Under 5000 in India and considered the smartest and most intelligent dogs with a very aggressive nature and thinking capability. 

Indian Pariah is known as a very genuine dog for giving companionship to their feeders. 

  • Indian Pariah is available in four colour gradients: black, brown, cream, and white. 
  • Indian Pariah has a quite good weight line between 20 to 30 kg.
  • Indian Pariah has a lifespan of 10 to 14 years in normal climatic conditions.
  • The height range of Indian Pariah ranges from 27 to 32 inches at max. 


Kombai is a  type of dog breed found especially in the southern part of India, which is easily available for under 5,000. Kombai is the type of dog that is recommended to buy because of its suitability under Indian climatic conditions and because it shows their most obedient nature towards their owners.  

Compared to other dog breeds, Kombai are the fastest and most energetic dogs found in India. 

  • The weight of Kombai lies under 18 kg to 45 kg. 
  • There are three colour gradients of Kombai dogs – red, dark and light brown. 
  • Kombai dogs’ height ranges from 18 inches to 24 inches, with normal growth. 
  • The life Duration of the Kombai dog breed species is 10 to 14 years. 


When it comes to dogs lying under 5,000, Rajapalayam is also among the best ones. They are known to be the most ancient dogs found in Indian homes. 

Rajapalayam has the greatest thinking capability and listening skills. 

  • Rajapalayam dog breed comes under weight between 18 kg to 45 kg 
  • Rajapalayam is only available in off-white and white colour gradients.  
  • Rajapalayam are considered long dogs, having height of 18 inches to 24  inches. 
  • They live for about 10 to 14 years at normal temperatures. 


Kanni is the type of dog that will be the most used for hunting and performing different types of operations due to their aggressive nature and fastest movements. Kanni is easily available for under 5,000 in India markets.

Kanni possess the best companionship towards their owner and are also known to respond to different types of tasks to their feeders which makes them to perfectly fit in the category of top 10 best dogs under 5000 in India.  

  • Kanni has an average weight of 18- 44 kg. 
  • Kanni has several colour formats available, such as fawn, dark red, light red, cream, red with white, and pale grey. 
  • Kanni are also heights range dogs of 18-24 inches 
  • Kanni lived for 8-15 years under normal climatic conditions.  

Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are highly collaborative and intelligent dogs found commonly in Indian homes as the best company dogs for their owners. These dogs have a high survival quality with a great sense of smell.  

Jack Russel Terriers are the most demandable dog breed found in India under 5000. 

  • Jack Russel Terrier has a weight lying between 5 – 8 kg 
  • They are available in white colour with brown,  black, or tan hair patches on their body. 
  • Jack Russel’s height measures between 10-15 inches. 
  • Jack Russel survives under normal climatic conditions from 13 to 16 years. 

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are low – and medium-sized dogs easily available at dog stores in India for purchase under 5,000. These dogs are known for their gentle and kind behaviour towards their owners. 

Spaniels are those types of dogs that show a very friendly and adaptive nature, through which they are considered the best family pets. 

  • Cocker Spaniel weights measures between 10 – 15 kg 
  • Cocker Spaniels have three colour gradients, which are golden, liver, and black.  
  • They acquire a height of 13-15 inches in total. 
  • LifeSpan of Cocker Spaniel lies under 12-15 years.  

Labrador Retriever 

Labrador Retriever is the dog breed whose probability to present in Indian homes is more than 60 % because of its energetic and loyal companionship nature for their feeders.  

In India, Labrador Retrievers have been purchased in the last 1 decade. 

  • Labrador Retrievers weigh lies between 8 – 15 kg if kept in a healthy way 
  • A total of three colours, which are black, chocolate, and yellow Labradors, are found in India. 
  • From 21 – 24 inches, Labrador acquires a height of total. 
  • LifeSpan of Labrador is 10 – 14 years. 


Another top-priority dog commonly found in India is known as Dachshunds. Dachshunds have a very adorable look but a most aggressive sense of humour.  

Through different reports, the daschund shows very comfortable behaviour and is a very confident dog breed known for getting suitable in typical Indian climatic conditions. 

  • The Dachshunds weight, lies from 7 kg – 14 kg 
  • Daschund gains height between 5-9 inches 
  • For about 5 + different colours, daschund dogs are found, which are red, brindle, dabble, blue, tan, and piebald. 
  • Daschund survives for about 12-16 years. 


Bhutia, the major considerations of dog breeds found in India having a sharp look with aggressive behaviour. Bhutia is mainly a companionship to people living in the Northern parts of India. 

Bhutia is being used for several purposes in India because they are the most attentive and perfectly fit in the top loyal dogs category. 

  • Bhutia is available in multiple colour combinations such as black, dark fawn, reddish, shadow white, and black & tan. 
  • Bhutia has a weight lying under 60-105 kg
  • These dog breeds acquire height between 18 – 24 inches. 
  • Life Span of Bhutia Is 8-15 years.  


As we know, India is a place where dogs get some special attention from people; they are among the most loved animals that are kept in homes as pets. About 50 + different species of dogs are found in India. The article will help users find the 10 best dogs under 5000 In India, through which they can find the dog is best one for their preference and that suits their budget and other factors according to their climatic conditions.

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