Afghan Hound dog breed : Appearances,information and price

Afghan Hound dog breed: Afghan Hound is a thin and stylish breed with silky coated long hair. This dog breed originated from the middle east in ancient times. The Afghan hound is very well known for its fearless attitude. The Afghan hound is mostly found in the mountain or cold areas. It’s been centuries that this dog came into existence and till then this dog has been able to gain popularity worldwide.

This dog is highly smart and used for hunting in an early time. But to train this dog is difficult because of it’s stubborn nature. The cost of maintenance is very high as compared to other dog breeds. Actually there are several reasons for it. They need grooming every day which eventually one of the reasons for high maintenance.

Afghan Hound
Afghan Hound



The parent breed of Afghan hound is a sighthound breed. This breed is made by the people of the middle east some centuries ago. In ancient times this dog breed is used for gaming and hunting as this dog breed is highly intelligent.

The original name of the Afghan hound is Tazi given by the people of the middle east. Afghan hound first transported to England in 1925 then it has been taken to America. The dog is recognized by the American Kennel Club and Indian Kennel club.


Afghan hound doesn’t like to stay with any other dog breed. If you keep them with other dog breeds they will feel offended. The independent nature sometimes really makes it difficult to train. The personality of the afghan hound is way different than other dogs. If you treat gently with love and care then they will surely listen to you. The Afghan hound is one of the highly sensitive dog breeds.

Some important points to remember about Afghan Hound dog breed:

  1. If you are willing to groom regularly or you can hire a professional groomer then you can go for it. Otherwise, it will be a heavy burden for you to maintain the Afghan hound.
  2. This dog breed is very good at chasing other animals like cats, rabbits, etc.
  3. The tolerance level of this dog is very low. If they got hurt a little bit they will act like they have got highly injured.
  4. If you can be gentle with your dog in any situation then you can opt for this breed.
  5. The Afghan hound is best with children if the puppy grows with the kids. They both will be very good friends and will take care of each other when they will grow up.


Afghan Hound is normally considered as one of the healthy breeds. But still, sometimes they suffer from different diseases. There are certain conditions that can affect their health.

When You buy a puppy look for a good breeder and check all the documents and health reports. And also check whether you can take this dog to a particular condition.

Before you buy you should check OFA, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and von Willebrand’s disease, CERF, etc.


Characters and Quality of Afghan Hound dog breed:

Greatly valued for their speed and fearlessness. They are good-tempered, faithful and good guards but not a watchdog. Afghan Hounds need a lot of time in groom so you should make sure that you have enough time in your hand.


They need a high level of care because if you handle them roughly then you will not be able to train them.

They are made for certain weather conditions so you should be careful about that.

Afghan Hounds are thin and don’t eat much as compared to other dogs. So If you give them food twice daily then it will be enough for them. It’s easy to maintain a puppy than an adult Afghan hound. Because a puppy looks completely different than an adult one as they have very small hair, not like an adult. So it takes way less effort to feed and care for the young one.

Basic Details of Afghan Hound dog breed

  1. Height: Male 65-73 cms / Female 62-68 cms.
  2. Weight: Male 25-27 kg / Female 22-25 kg.
  3. Lifespan: 12-14 years.
  4. Barking Habits: They don’t bark much.
  5. Attention: They don’t care about that much.
  6. Tolerance: Low.
  7. Bath: Need to take bath regularly to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.


Afghan Hounds are highly sensitive and don’t like to socialize. They are smart enough but don’t think they are easy to train. Afghan Hound is highly protective of known people and is very cautious. They are very good companions of children and they love to be around kids and play with them. Afghan Hounds are fearless and loyal in nature but don’t like to stay with other pets. This breed is highly sensitive to pain so you need to give some extra effort to care for this.

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