Akita Inu Dog price in India – History & Facts

Akita Inu Dog price in India

Beautiful Akitas have a rich history and unique personalities. Their bravery, loyalty, and independence have made them popular family pets in recent years. Akita Inu dog price in India vary. The following factors determine the answer.

Ankita Inu Dog price in India

Akita Inu dog price in India is between 50,000 and 150,000 rupees, depending on size, age, gender, bloodline, and other factors.

Factors affecting the price of Akita Inu Dog price in India

Breeder’s reputation: Some breeders charge more for their puppies because they are responsible and moral dog breeders. If they live in a high-demand Akita area, they may charge more.

Bloodlines and genealogy: Akitas with essential genes and show experience cost more.

Health and pet care: Some people value Akitas with regular medical care, such as shots and preventative care.

Color coat: Akitas with rare coat colors or markings may cost more.

Behaviour of Ankita Inu

Many people like Akitas because they are calm, friendly, and loyal. They protect you and are strong. Akitas are shy around new people and need early socialization to use their defensive traits.

Appearance of Ankita Inu

Akitas are large, strong dogs with thick white, brindle, and brown double coats. They have big heads and straight, pointed ears. Long, twisted tails. Quiet and respectful Akitas are popular.

Health Issues of Akita Dog

Akitas has health issues like any dog. Common Akita health issues include:

Hip Dysplasia: Family-linked hip dysplasia damages the hip joint. It may hurt and hinder movement. X-rays diagnose hip dysplasia. The problem may be treated with medication, weight reduction, and surgery.

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism is due to thyroid hormone deficiency. Skin issues, weight gain, and fatigue might result. Medications frequently replace treatment-induced hormone loss.

Bloat: Bloating occurs when the stomach fills with gas and twists on itself, cutting off blood supply to the stomach and other organs. Potentially fatal. Deep chests make Akitas fatter. I

Immune-Mediated Diseases: Akitas commonly gets immune-related disorders such as autoimmune thyroiditis and hemolytic anemia. When the immune system attacks its tissues, various diseases occur.

Care tips for Akita Dog

You must exercise, socialize, and clean an Akita to care for it. These suggestions may help keep your Akita healthy and happy:

Exercise: Akitas must exercise daily for mental and physical well-being. Take your Akita on frequent walks, runs, or activities in an enclosed area to keep it active.

Mental stimulation: Smart Akitas requires mental stimulation to avoid boredom and misbehavior. Puzzles, fascinating toys, and training sessions may keep your Akita bright.

Dental Health: Akitas’ teeth need maintenance for overall wellness. Daily brushing and dental chewing prevent tartar, gum disease, and foul breath.

Health check-ups Regular vet visits may detect health issues early and ensure your Akita is current on immunizations and other preventive treatments.

Grooming for Akita Dog

Brushing the Akita’s thick double coat regularly keeps it healthy and free of mats and knots. Akitas shed heavily in spring and autumn. Care is needed at these times.

Brushing: Frequent brushing reduces matting and maintains coat health. Cleaning and trimming Akitas using slicker brushes and metal combs is best. The comb removes tangles after the slicker brush eliminates mats and loose fur.

Trimming nails: Long nails may be unpleasant and hard to walk on, so clip them often. Use a heavy-duty nail cutter for Akitas’ thick, robust nails.

Cleaning ears: Ear infections are common in Akitas, so wipe their ears regularly to remove wax and other buildup. Avoid pushing dirt or debris further into the ear canal while cleaning your ears with a moderate, pH-balanced cleanser.

Teeth cleaning: Akitas have tooth issues; thus, they need frequent dental cleaning. Brush your dog’s teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush and dog-safe toothpaste.

Maintenance cost of Akita Dog

The cost of Akita dog care relies on factors like

Treat and food: Akitas requires high-quality, custom-made food. Depending on the dog’s size, activity level, brand, and food type, feeding expenses range from Rs.2500 to Rs.5000 per month.

Grooming: To avoid mats and tangles, Akitas frequently brush their thick double coat. It should be done every two to three months, costing Rs.2,500–5,000 for each lesson.

Health Care: Akitas requires frequent vet visits, immunizations, and preventive care. Depending on your location and needs, veterinary treatment costs Rs.15,000 to Rs.30,000 annually.

Socialization and training: Professional training and socialization may enhance your Akita’s attitude. The kind of training and teacher skill determine training fees ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs.5000 for each session.

Pros and cons of Akita dog


  • Akitas are loyal pets that protect their families and homes with all their might.
  • People know them for how well they groom themselves and how calm they are.
  • Their beautiful looks and good behavior make them stand out.
  • Even though they are big, Akitas likes to play and do exciting things.


  • They are very stubborn, which can make training somewhat tricky.
  • People who know how to handle their strong personalities are needed.
  • Training and getting to know people early on are essential for preventing violence.
  • They must be closely watched and kept in protected areas for safety because they are natural hunters.
  • Conclusion

Akita Inu dog price in India is between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 150,000, which is expensive. Price depends on the breeder’s reputation, dog bloodline, health, and color. Feeding, grooming, caring for, and training an Akita is expensive. As a responsible pet owner, you must give your pet exercise, mental stimulation, dental care, and regular vet visits.


How frequently must Akitas run?

Akitas must exercise for an hour a day, divided into two or three practices. This includes walks, runs, fenced-in yard play, and dog parks.

What should an Akita eat?

Akitas requires high-quality, specially formulated large-breed dog food. Find high-protein, high-fat meals to develop muscle and maintain energy. Discuss your pet’s needs with your vet.

How frequently should I brush my Akita?

The thick double coat of Akitas must be brushed twice or three times a week to avoid matting and tangling. They may require daily brushing when they shed a lot in spring and autumn.

What health issues do Akita dogs commonly have?

Hip dysplasia, obesity, bloat, and immune system illnesses are more common in Akita dogs. Vet visits and preventive treatment are needed to detect and treat these issues early.

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