Akita inu price in India, appearance, Temperament

    Akita Inu: The Akita has a very powerful and strong structure form with huge bones and a strong appearance. The muzzle is wide, their black-brown eyes are tiny and alert, and they have indicated ears that are somewhat slanted.

    Some have their large triangular top is bear-like. They seem intense and driven, which suits their stubborn personality. They have a wide dark front with a lighter (rather white) mask.

    Bones are powerful with the scissors or level bite at a strong bone. Their hands are large but cat-like and well-knuckled with heavy bottom pads.

    This deep and hairy bottom is the mark of the breed and curls up at the place and no two tails are alike. Some have large hair. This medium length hair is double-coated.

    This undercoat is heavy and delicate with a longer protective cloth coat called guard hairs. These are not equally delicate as this undercoat. It is heavy enough to make them hot and dry at the harshest circumstances, e.g., the mountains of Japan where they exist.

    Akita Inu Temperament – A Brief Overview

    The Akita Inu Temperament is one of the few working breeds that can mix both the temperament of the Terrier and that of the Herding Dog. This means that this dog has a good temperament and also has the necessary drive to perform. This combination means that the Akita Inu Temperament is somewhat fearless.

    However, this does not mean that this dog is an easy breed to take care of. Like many other working dogs, they need a very good owner who is willing to take on the responsibility of training and exercising proper discipline. The Akita Inu Temperament can be quite a handful as well.

    There are mixed reports about how this dog breed should be treated by its owner. Some people say that it is best to leave the Akita Inu Temperament alone, but others swear by them as loving companions. It seems that the Akita Inu Temperament can be quite a handful, but it also has a strong herding instinct that can make it a very loyal dog.

    However, this type of dog needs to be trained in order to become a reliable pet. This means that if you want to own an Akita Inu Temperament, then you need to train it properly.

    One of the key things that cause the Akita Inu Temperament to be such a good companion for the family is its protective nature, which makes it a perfect match for most homes.

    However, these dogs do have a tendency to bark at strangers. So, for those with Akita Inu Temperament as their family, it is a good idea to keep the barking of the Akitas under control, which can be achieved with the help of a shock collar.

    History And Characteristics:

    That Akita Inu is also known as Akita-ken, Asian Akita, and big Asian dog. These dogs arose in the mountains of Northern Japan, at that Akita prefecture. These Akitas are among the oldest of japan”s indigenous dogs and this ancestry has stayed unchanged for centuries.

    Their relative is the Matagi hound, which is the canine accompanying the conventional season hunter of Northern Japan.

    This breed turned into widely recognized after the history of Hachiko, the Akita that got to people’s care worldwide, resulting in the official statement of this breed as a Japanese National Monument in 1931.

    They seem intense and driven, which suits their stubborn personality.
    They have a wide dark front with a lighter (rather white) mask. Bones are powerful with the scissors or level bite at a strong bone.

    Akita Inu Price in India:

    The Akita dog breed price completely depends on the breeder. But the price somewhat varies in the ranges of Rs 1,50,000 to Rs 4,00,000. You can check out the prices of other dogs in India.

     Some important points:

    1. If you are a new owner then you might need to give extra effort to train an Akita.
    2. Akita Inu is very playful and active in nature.
    3. Regular exercise is very important for this breed and they might gain some weight if they don’t do.
    4. Their life expectancy is almost the same as the other dog like 12 years to 14 years.

    Feeding Rules for Akita dog breed:

    1. You will need to feed a minimum of 3 times a day.
    2. If possible feed dry fruit that is of good quality.
    3. Never feed poor quality food to your dog.


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