Alabai Dog Price in India – History & facts

Alabai Dog Price in India

The Alabai dog is famous in India for its size and protection. Consider space, attitude, and experience while buying. Care costs include food, cleaning, health checks, training, and toys. Alabai dog price in India depend on where they are acquired and the owner’s reputation.

Alabai Dog price in India

Alabai Dog price in India is up to 1,50,000 rs but usually costs 60,000–90,000 rs. That makes it expensive, and everyone needs support.

Alabai dog price in india at different cities

Different cities  Price 
Mumbai  20000-70000 Rs 
Delhi  30000-100000 Rs 
Kolkata  30000-80000 Rs 
Bangalore  38000-98000Rs 
Kerala  35000-80000 Rs 
Chennai  35000-90000 Rs 


Various Factors That Affect the Price Of Alabai Dog

Location: Where you acquire the Alabai dog affects its pricing. The breed may be scarcer, raising the price. In other regions, it may be cheaper due to easier availability.

Breeder Reputation: How famous the Alabai dog owner is might also affect its price. Reputable breeders that produce quality pups charge extra.

Bloodline:  An Alabai dog’s lineage may also affect price. Cheaper dogs may be from mixed lines, while those from star families are more costly.

Age: The age of an Alabai dog affects its pricing. Puppies typically cost more than adult dogs, which sell rapidly due to great demand.

Alabai Dog Appearance

Alabai dogs have fine-to-medium hair. It comes in white, black, and brown tones. Brindle may be solid or multicolored. The physique is large and robust. Strangers at your house might be unnerving.

Alabai Dog Temperament 

Alabais are confident and protective since they were raised to defend livestock. Their protectiveness may be cruel. While defensive, they may make terrific family pets if trained and educated.

Alabai Dog Characteristics

  • height =  26-31 inch 
  • weight = 41-61 kg 
  • origin = Central Asia 
  • Coat color = any color 
  • lifespan= 12-15 years 

What to consider before buying an Alabai?

  Before purchasing an Alabai, consider these factors.

  •  Space: Thinking about space is crucial. This large dog requires plenty of room. If your yard or residence is large enough, go for it. However, apartment dwellers should refrain from acquiring this breed. Instead, consider other tiny dogs.
  • Children: This dog is not recommended for families with little children. Because of their size, these dogs may damage tiny children when playing; therefore, constantly watch them. They are terrific pets for older kids.
  • Busy lifestyle: Like any other dog breed, Alabai can also suffer from separation anxiety when you leave them for an extended time. So, it is vital to spend time with them. Suppose you have a busy life and can not give time to your pet. Simply don’t buy this dog.
  • First-time pet owner: Having never owned a dog makes training this one difficult. This dog breed is not for first-time dog owners. 

Maintenance Alabai dog price in india

These pets cost the following to maintain.

Food: Alabai dogs cost 500–5000 rupees a month to feed. Giant breeds require plenty of food.

Grooming: Cleaning your pet requires 200–5000 rupees in equipment.

Health checkup: Even though they seldom have health issues, they require vet visits every three to four months. The cost depends on vet fame. High-end vets may charge more than neighborhood or private vets. 

Training: Big dog is territorial and unfriendly to humans and dogs. Because of this, proper training and education are crucial. Train your dog for 2000–20,000rs. 

The Alabai has many benefits, making it an excellent pet choice.

  •  They will defend their family and home at any cost.
  • One of the world’s most adaptive and robust dog breeds.
  • This makes them good workers and animal guardians. 
  • They are powerful and instinctively seek to defend their family and territory.

Alabai Dog Health Issues

  • Hip Dysplasia: Genes may cause hip dysplasia in large breed dogs like the Alabai. Failure to develop the hip joint may cause this condition. This may cause arthritis and other issues.
  • Allergies: Alabais dogs may develop skin allergies and other health difficulties. Fleas, food, and outside pollutants are typical allergies.
  • Heart Disease: Alabai dogs with cardiac issues may develop heart failure and other catastrophic problems. Regular veterinarian visits may detect and prevent cardiac issues in Alabai dogs.
  • Eye Problems: This dog breed is more prone to cataracts and PMA. Regular vet visits may detect and prevent illnesses.

Alabai Dog Care Tips

This breed of dog gets cataracts and PMA. Regular vet visits may detect and prevent illnesses:

  • Exercise: Alabai dogs need plenty of training due to their energy. Fun activities like walks or runs may help your Alabai dog stay fit.
  • Diet: Feed your Alabai dog a varied diet. Please feed and hydrate your dog. Never give your dog leftovers. It may cause abdominal bloating and pain.
  • Grooming: Alabai dogs require frequent brushing to maintain their coats clean and knot-free. Bathing and brushing your dog regularly is crucial. Trimming his nails and washing his ears prevents infections.
  • Regular Check-Ups:  The health of your Alabai dog depends on routine vet visits. Checkups, vaccines, and dental cleanings must be done regularly.


Consider your price, room, and lifestyle before getting an Albai Dog price in India. Excellent dogs require space, competent owners, and continual training. Even though they are good guardians, prospective owners should consider the expenditures of feeding, grooming, health tests, and training. Due to allergies and hip deformity, they need regular veterinarian treatment.


How much does an Alabai dog cost in India?

 Among other considerations, location and breeder reputation impact pricing, varying from 60,000 to 90,000 rupees.

Are Alabai dogs suitable for apartments?

No, we do not advocate keeping these dogs in an apartment since they are enormous and require plenty of area to run.

Can Alabai dogs coexist with small children?

Their size may be dangerous for more minor children, but older youngsters would benefit most from possessing them.

Is Alabai a good choice for first-time dog owners?

First-time dog owners will need help teaching these massive, territorial canines.

What are common health issues in Alabai dogs?

These animals may develop hip dysplasia, allergies, heart illness, and eye issues, so annual checks are crucial.

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