American Pitbull Dog Price in India & all other expenses

Hey! These little dog breeds could be on your radar if you’re hoping to adopt or purchase an exotic-looking puppy.

Being accompanied by dogs brings delight to many people. This may be done for security reasons or as a pet because dogs make fantastic companions. People must realize the significance of keeping these pets healthy, though.

Understanding the origin of the dog and its traits that allow it to adapt to a certain environment is necessary to comprehend dog health.

Read the article below this one to find out more information about your American Pitbull Dog.

Origin of American Pitbull Dog

Over 2000 years ago, in the United Kingdom, the forebears of the Pit Bull were first discovered. Old English Bulldogs, which resemble modern American Bulldogs in appearance, were once used to breed Pit Bulls.

If you didn’t already know, bulldogs and several terrier breeds were crossed to create pit bulls. As a result, the bulldog is where their long history and roots truly begin.

The purpose of these dogs was to bull bait. A couple of bulldogs would harass and fight a bull until the animal gave up and fell over. It was a brutal sport. Nothing more than sheer enjoyment was the goal.

When this sport and other baiting games were made illegal in 1835, a new sick sport gained popularity. It was referred to as “ratting.” In a contest to see whose dog could kill the most rats, dogs were placed against rats.

Rats were placed in a pit in an attempt to prevent them from fleeing, hence the name “Pit Bull.” Dog fighting eventually replaced horse racing as the preferred sport because it was simpler to conceal from the law!

At this point, breeders started breeding bulldogs with terriers, since fighting and ratting required greater speed and agility than a bulldog could provide. The first “official” Pit Bull Terriers were created at this time.

Physical Characteristics of American Pitbull

Pit bulls were developed to be strong, agile, and watchful. These characteristics make them ideal for a wide range of jobs that call for these traits.

The pit bull is shorter than tall and has a low center of gravity. Particularly highly developed are the neck and head muscles. The ears may be trimmed or not, and the eyes are tiny (the latter are rose-shaped).

An American Pitbull Dog has tiny to medium-sized, high-set ears that may or may not be trimmed. They have medium-sized, rounded eyes that are spaced far apart. Except for blue, all hues are coveted by breeders.

Their whip-like tail is short, situated low on the body, and tapers down to a fine tip. Their nose is flat with large nostrils and can be red, blue, or black.

This dog weighs between 55 and 70 pounds, which is big for a dog his size (25 to 32 kilograms). He ranges in height from 17 to 19 inches.

Short and streamlined is the coat. Although coats with more than 80% of either white, black and tan, or liver are least desirable, any hue is acceptable.

Temperament of American Pitbull dog

Even if your American Pit Bull were shot for you, he would still make a terrible guard dog. That’s because when they’re properly educated and socialized, they often wind up becoming best friends with everyone they encounter.

Contrary to popular belief, this amiable—even silly—the breed is bursting with excitement for everyone, even strangers, and one of their deepest motivations is to delight their family.

You should be ready for plenty of sloppy kisses and a persistent shadow following you around when one of these puppies is at your side.

You couldn’t ask for a greater family friend, and their well-known affinity for kids is unquestionably a plus.

Although untrained American Pitbull dogs may show a propensity to go after small animals like cats or squirrels, aggressiveness towards people is not typical of the breed, and canine biting is no more common than it is in other dog breeds.

Once you’ve made the correct introductions, your pet may coexist happily with any four-legged family member in your house with the right amount of time and training.

The American Pit Bull breed is excellent for service or therapeutic work because of its high levels of intelligence, vigour, and endurance. They have also been employed for search and rescue operations, narcotics and explosives detection, and border patrol.

Health of American Pitbull dog

The American Pit Bull can be prone to a variety of health problems and has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. In order to help your dog live as healthily as possible, it’s critical to be aware of any health issues.

Hip dysplasia:

American Pit bulls frequently suffer from this genetic condition. They develop their hip joints incorrectly, which might result in arthritis. Bring your dog to the veterinarian for X-rays of their joints and to have their arthritis treated with medicine if they have trouble standing up or appear to be hobbling in their rear legs. Surgery may be a possibility in serious situations.

Knee Issues:

You might need to take your Pittie to the vet for arthritis medication or perhaps surgery to straighten their kneecaps if it continues popping out of place.

Thyroid disease:

If your dog’s thyroid hormone production is inadequate, you may notice signs including weight gain, excessive hair loss, dry skin, and behavioral abnormalities. You may check for this illness in your Pittie with a yearly blood test. If it is discovered that they have it, they will receive hormone replacement therapy.

Skin Infections:

Your American Pit Bull may be susceptible to zinc-responsive dermatosis, a form of skin infection, if it is deficient in zinc or is unable to absorb it. Veterinarians can recommend a regimen of zinc to add to your dog’s diet in order to treat the symptoms, which can include lesions on the nose and foot pads as well as red, seeping skin around the face.


American Pit Bull is somewhat more prone to experience Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a hereditary genetic condition that renders them legally blind. When they are between 3 and 5 years old, the first signs such as dilated pupils or night blindness start to appear. Although a genetic test may be done, the ailment is not unpleasant but it also cannot be cured.

American Pitbull dog price in India

All around India, you may find American Pitbulls. This breed may cost anything from ₹35,000 to ₹100,000. It is advised to purchase these puppies from reputable retailers or breeders, or even better, from litters that were home bred.

American Pitbull Dog price in India ( City wise)

Jaipur ₹25,000 – ₹80,000
Pune ₹25,000 – ₹80,000
Bangalore ₹35,000 – ₹90,000
Hyderabad ₹25,000 – ₹70,000
Punjab ₹15,000 – ₹50,000
Mumbai ₹55,000 – ₹90,000
Uttrakhand ₹15,000 – ₹60,000
Chennai ₹30,000 – ₹90,000
Kerala ₹25,000 – ₹60,000
Delhi ₹20,000 – ₹80,000

All Expenses of American Pitbull Dog

Food Cost

The Pitbull owner’s biggest ongoing cost will be dog food.
This enormous breed of dog can get by on homemade food, but it might not be enough to let it grow to its astonishing proportions.

For high-quality dog food for Pitbulls, the monthly cost may range from Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 8,500 in India.

Veterinary Cost (Health Cost)

A pitbull puppy should be seen by a vet before being brought home.
The veterinarian will give you a general sense of all the medical costs you’ll rack up while caring for the puppy. They will provide you with advice on the price of immunizations, deworming, neutering, and other procedures.

Vaccination cost

It’s crucial to ask the breeder about the dog’s immunization schedule before purchasing a Pitbull puppy.
Every puppy needs shots, and Pitbull breeders typically give their babies shots before selling them.

The doctor offers you a vaccination card that will help you remember the puppy’s immunization regimen and ensure no shots are missed. In India, vaccination injections range in price from Rs. 750 to Rs. 1500.

Since it is not advised to breed huge, dangerous dog breeds, neutering a Pitbull is safer. Additionally, spaying the puppy aids in preventing health problems for it. Spaying might cost anywhere from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 12000, depending on the region.

Grooming cost of American Pitbull Dog

Pitbulls have a single short coat that doesn’t need to be groomed. They are simple to maintain and do well in India’s hot, humid environment.
However, some dogs need to be bathed more frequently than once per month. The typical monthly cost for grooming a Pitbull may be around Rs. 150, which covers the cost of grooming brushes, shampoo, conditioner, dog nail cutters, and towels.

Other Expenses

All dogs enjoy rewards, and training a Pitbull and promoting good behavior are best done this way. Commercial dog treats are pricey in India.

By utilizing homemade goodies like cheese, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, cooked meat, and vegetables and experimenting with what the Pitbull likes, these expenditures may be reduced. Giving handmade snacks helps reduce treatment expenditures, but there are still fees associated with them.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the American pitbull known for?

The majority of pit bulls are kind, patient, and gentle with all of their family members (with the very likely exception of other pit bulls). There are exceptions to every breed, of course. Pit bulls were raised to be brave and competitive, to keep going no matter what the situation.

Are American Pitbulls dangerous?

No, American Pit Bulls are not inherently violent or dangerous. However, just like any other breed of dog, they can develop these traits if they are subjected to abuse, mistreatment, lack of training, or careless owners. Pitties can be socialized and trained to not display these characteristics.

Are American Pitbulls protective of their owners?

Yes, Pitbulls are especially likely to become protective and aggressive when they feel threatened by their families. However, it’s unlikely that a typical Pitbull would be able to solve a significant problem.

Are American Pitbulls aggressive?

Pit bulls are among the most violent dogs, according to previous studies and the information we’ve looked at. However, each investigation has demonstrated that some breeds are more violent than others. Boyer’s main argument, however, was that they are commonly believed to be harmful.

Are American Pitbull good pets?

When American Pit Bulls are nurtured and taught with respect and expertise, they make wonderful companions. A well-bred APBT is patient with children, clever, trainable, affectionate, playful, expressive, loyal, and adaptable despite their reputation for violence.

Are American Pitbulls smart?

Although it may be difficult for some to believe, American Pit Bulls may not make the best security dogs because of their too-amiable nature toward strangers. Since they are incredibly intelligent and excel at playing and picking up new abilities, many owners train them for dog sports like Canicross or Agility.

Are American Pitbulls easy to train?

Due to their intelligence and responsiveness, American Pit Bulls are a breed that is reasonably simple to teach. The APBT can do very well in a variety of fields that call for a high degree of aptitude. Socialization is a crucial component of APBT training.

Are American Pitbulls good for first-time owners?

Pit bulls are undoubtedly misunderstood and demonized, but they may also be challenging to own, so let others know you’re considering adopting one, ask questions, and conduct fair research. They are not advised for novice dog owners.

Why are American Pitbulls banned in India?

Reports indicate that pit bulls are responsible for about 45% of recorded dog bite incidents. The most erroneous dog breeds are thought to be quite hazardous. Today, India and many other nations across the world have outlawed the teensy dog.

Are American Pitbulls hypoallergenic?

Pitbulls do not cause allergies for a number of reasons. Pitbulls shed less frequently than other dog breeds like Golden Retrievers because they have a single coat and short hair. They still have dander and other allergies on their skin, though. Additionally, they frequently drool and can spread allergies across public spaces.

What is the price of an American pitbull in India?

Depending on the type of dog, one can readily buy pitbull pups in India for anywhere from INR 9,000 and INR 80,000. (i.e. its parentage and pedigree scrutiny).

Are American Pitbulls friendly?

A loving family dog and friend. lively and affable in nature. willing to satisfy and people-oriented. Friendly, persuadable, and intelligent.

What does an American pitbull look like?

Pitbulls often have blocky heads, ears that frequently protrude out sideways, and broad jaws that give them the appearance of smiling. Even though it is unnecessary and only for cosmetic reasons, some owners get their ears clipped. Depending on the breed or combination, Pitbulls can be short and stocky or tall and lanky.

Are American Pitbulls guard dogs?

Pit bulls just love people too much to be effective guard dogs, but if someone threatens “their” humans, they may step in to protect them. Pit bulls get along well with kids. Pit bulls are a devoted, sociable breed that enjoys being a member of the family. Both adults and children find them to be loving.

How long do American Pitbulls live?

The Pit Bull breed has an average lifetime of 12–14 years and is typically healthy. They may experience allergies and hip dysplasia, two frequent ailments.

What are the common death causes of American Pitbulls?

With that warning out of the way, these are the situations that are most likely to result in a Pit Bull dying too soon: car crashes (this is a big one, so keep your dog on a leash or safely in the house or yard at all times) arterial stenosis malformed valves.

Do American Pitbulls shed?

Although they do shed, it is frequently less than other dogs with longer hair. Pitbulls often shed very little all year round. Both the winter, when they put on a thick coat, and the spring, when they lose that coat, are when they shed the most.

Are American pitbull and bulldogs a good mix?

The kid maintains a healthy build and sturdy features while inheriting the best qualities from both of its parents. Along with the positive qualities come some negative ones, but the Bulldog/Pitbull mix’s positive attributes and skills unquestionably outweigh the negatives.

What breed of American pitbull is black and white?

The American Bully and American Staffordshire Terrier have black and white coloring more often than the other varieties of Pit Bulls, although it is acknowledged as a component of the breed standard across the board.

American pitbull vs Labrador

In actuality, most Pitbulls are larger and more muscular than other dog breeds, notably Labrador Retrievers. Their necks are muscularly developed, and their heads are strikingly wide. However, despite being considerably thinner than Pits, Labs are just as physically fit.

American pitbull vs Lion

Any of the huge Panthera, including a Lion, Tiger, Jaguar, or Leopard, have little chance against a Pitbull. It’s feasible for a Pitbull to inflict some harm on a Puma before the Puma ultimately seizes control of the dog’s neck and kills it.

Are American pitbull and bulldogs the same?

Due to their exceptionally amiable and appealing nature toward people, these two dog breeds are mostly utilized as family dogs. In the US, both dog breeds are quite well-liked. The fundamental distinction between a pitbull and an American bully is that the latter is a variety of the former.

How common are American pitbull attacks?

Pit bulls are “responsible for the largest percentage of reported bites across all studies,” according to recent research by the American Animal Hospital Association, followed by mixed breeds (21.2%) and German shepherds (17.8%).

Why do american Pitbulls go crazy?

Pitbulls typically run erratically in circles to burn off surplus energy when they have the zoomies. Pitbulls receive zoomies as well to reduce tension. Frenetic random activity phases are what are considered to be normal canine behavior (FRAPS).


Despite the fact that owning a dog is expensive, having one as a pet is a lot of fun. One should always be able to keep their pet in good health since they are excellent companions. Finally, pet owners should always be prepared to provide for their animals.

The information in this post should be quite helpful to you in ensuring the wellness of your dog, therefore I really hope you find it to be of utmost significance.

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