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    If you are looking for an Indian Dog Breed then the Bakharwal dog is really a good option for you. To know more read the full article you will get to know a lot of things about this dog breed and also about Bakharwal dog price.

    The warmth of love, we can sense with anyone around us, or better known as an appeal. But we all have that one person we talk to and then all our trouble disappears just like that.

    A touch from them, a sweet paw coming towards you just you can give them some love, licking your hand, for some food. What do you think about why a street dog, cat, or any other animal would come to you. Just for little care.

    One such breed of dog would love you like the way you are. They wouldn’t look for your face, rather they look for your soul. Many of us never heard about this breed in our own surroundings.

    Helping nature is within us only we just need to know, who is in need it could be anyone, any human, or any animal, they just need little.

    They won’t say you just have to understand their actions. Humanity is rare, by helping some animals feed them, won’t degrade you.


    This breed of dog is found in north Indian regions. The breed of this dog is mostly found in the Pir Panjal Ranges of India in ancient times.

    Bakharwal dog breeds are known as Indian working dogs. From ancient times these dogs were bred by Bakharwal and Gujjar nomadic tribes as being their guardian dog and a protector.

    As being your protector this always makes sure that no one would be in trouble or make sure you’ll be safe whenever you’re around him.

    bakharwal dog


    Earlier times this breed was obtained by crossing wolf and Molosser sheepdog and this crossing of breed happened approximately 300 years ago.

    But still, this topic is being the most talked topic for any debate. This breed was originated from Jammu & Kashmir by two nomadic tribes Gujjar and Bakarwals.

    This breed has always been a protector for these tribes, they always treat them as their family members, they hold special places in their lives.



    The category of this dog, which stands on some factors, some of its main factors like an average male height is 61-76cm and average females also have the same height as males.

    The weight of a fully grown Bakharwal dog is up to 70-90 kg. The colours which they are normally seen are black tan, sable, red, white, fawn, pied, and brindle. An average female can give birth to 3-4 litter once a year.

    Bakharwal dog lifespan:

    The average lifespan of this breed is 6-12 years. Surrounding yourself with their cute puppies will always feel that your family is complete and you do not need anyone, your perfect family with them.

    Bakharwal dog temperament

    Some of the famous attributes of this breed, which is known for its behaviour, loyalty, courage, protectiveness, serious, ferocious, rugged.

    The characteristics which they show towards humans and even know how to treat a person if someone is not harmful to them.

    Like many dogs show this behaviour towards anyone, but you just need to win their hearts, after that see what magic and what peace you feel inside your heart.

    Bakharwal dog diet

    Some food materials are mixed with water, canned food, or broth too. They take top-quality dry dog food which ensures balanced nutrition in their day-to-day.

    The nutrition level is taken in proper amounts and with higher nutrition levels in them. The food plays a very important role in making them tough, making their muscles stronger, and helping to increase their body posture and strength.

    Bakharwal dog price in India

    The average Bakharwal dog price starts from Rs 2,000 to 6,000. Hardly anyone has proper knowledge about this breed, but people in ancient times who have this dog knew the importance of having them in their family and treating them as family members. So if you want to purchase a dog then this will be a great choice as the Bakharwal dog price in India is very low compared to other Indian dog breeds.

    Price never matters for those who want the company and want a friend in any animal. You can’t always measure someone’s life with money.

    In our surrounding people go for walks, go for long rides and at times they meet street dogs, but they never want those dogs to bring them or treat them as their family members.

    In a percentage ratio out of 100 people 1% do this work, cause they really care for them, they know how they’ve been dealing with problems, some shelter homes work, but not all can contribute to saving them.

    Across many census street dogs have been abandoned just because they have no proper place to stay, they drink contaminated water, and carry a number of infections, with them.

    Just not this situation in a pandemic, people were abandoning their pets, just because they were afraid that they might not get affected.

    Like how we can be so small or think so small feeding a stray dog and giving them little care, you won’t lose your dignity.

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    This dog breeds basically one of the amazing breeds in India and needs a lot of care and love. This dog breed is a little bit sensitive so you need to give extra attention.

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