Beagle price in India and other information.


    Group: Hound

    Height: 13-16inc

    Weight: Male: 22-25 lb/Female: 20-23 lb

    Life span: 12-15 years

    The dog we are going to introduce you is cheerful, affectionate. Beagle is the most affectionate breed and will be your best friend. They are good for your company but don’t depend on them to protect our house.

    The creature we are talking about is small, compact and hardy. They are an active companion for you and best friend for your kids.

    Dogs are generally cheerful but being a hound, it can be sometimes stubborn. But patience and creative training will manage it easily.



    History of Beagle

    The breed we are talking about is said to have existed for hundreds of years and is among breed ideal for families.

    Hounds are said to be ancestors of Beagle. The ancestors of Beagle were used by hunters in packs on foot in England.

    This breed is popular in rabbit hunting. But this breed also has been used to hunt a variety of animals like Jackals and wild pigs.

    Most of the beagles are today used as a lovable pet but still, there are some used in packs for hunting.


    The breed we are discussing is affectionate and comes with an adorable face that can melt anyone’s heart. Along with the adorable face, this breed is perfect for your family as it is generally lovable and offers you happy and great companionship. Thus it is considered best for the family dog.

    Beagle is an intelligent dog and it loves companionship with other dogs and people thus making it good with other pets in your house. Beagle may get restless and destructive if you leave it alone for too long.

    You can get two varieties of a beagle. One is those standing under 13 inches at the shoulder while the other variety is between 13 to 15 inches at the shoulder.

    Both the varieties are sturdy solid and you will get pleasant colour options that are lemon, red and white and tricolor.

    Beagle breed is clever, curious and energetic and it requires plenty of playtimes.

    Dog fancier described this breed as “merry”. Because of their adorable face, it has been the most popular hound dog among pet owners in America.


    They are sweet, gentle and funny and will make you laugh with their cute activities. This breed requires early socialization. This will make them grow into a well-rounded dog.


    Beagles can grow well on high-quality dog feed available in the market. You are also having the option to try a home-prepared dog meal. You can prepare your dog meal comprising of Milk, boiled egg, some vegetables, meat and also cereals under your veterinarian supervision.

    Consult your veterinarian about the human food that is safe for your pet or hazardous for your pet.

    This breed is more prone to over-weight so keep an eye on your pet’s diet. Treat are essential for their training. But excess of treatment may result in obesity. So offer a treat to your dog in moderate.

    Make clean and fresh water available to your dog every time. Also if you have some issue about your dog’s weight, then don’t wait to consult with your veterinarian.


    Beagle generally shed moderately the whole year but it becomes heave shedder after winter.

    Weekly brushing with a medium bristle brush is sufficient to remove loose hairs. You don’t need to bath it much often. They generally require a bath only when they get into something particularly messy.

    Like other breeds, the beagle also needs regular nails trimming. Untrimmed nails may lead to problems in walking and running and can trouble e, you this cute creature.


    The cute hound dog is energetic and needs at least 1-hour daily exercise. They love the company so you need to take your pet out for exercise. If it is left alone for a long time, it will turn into destructive. You can leave it with another dog also.

    They tend to escape so the exercise area should be fenced with at least 5 feet tall wall.


    Like all other dogs, early socialization and puppy training are important to teach your pet discipline.

    Beagle is generally not so good learner and will not respond to harsh training. You need to be patient and try for positive reinforcement.


    Beagle is more prone to hypothyroidism, epilepsy, luxating patella, and hip dysplasia. Eye disorder is also very common in the beagle.

    Regular check-ups of your dog will lead to a healthy life. Ears of your pet should be check weekly.


    Beagle price in India

    Beagle is an amazing dog and you can get it at a cheap rate as the beagle dog price in India ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000/-. You might get it at less price if you buy a puppy in India.


    So it was all about the beagle. I hope now you are impressed with this little, cute, compact and naughty creature. Please like, share and comment on the dog breed you love the most.

    Thank you

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