Beagle Dog price in india – History & Facts

Beagle dog price in India
Beagle dog price in India

Beagle’s joy and charm captivate you? It may be your next great adventure to bring one home. Before snuggling with a puppy, read how much the Beagle dog price in India. This active friend’s price depends on lineage, breeder, and location. Let’s examine the factors determining a Beagle dog’s cost so you can make sensible decisions as you begin your adventure with this gorgeous breed. Below in this article, we will discuss more about the Beagle Dogs. 

Beagle Dog price in India

Depending on breed purity and parentage, Beagles cost between Rs 15,000 and Rs 40,000 in India.

Beagle Dog price in India in different locations 


Factors affecting the price of Beagle in India 

  • Age: Like most things, beagle newborns cost more than mature dogs. With a smaller dog, cuddling must be traded for housetraining.
  • Location: Big city or well-known dog breeders may charge more than miniature or solo breeders. Remember that you’re paying for more than the dog. You pay for the breeder’s reputation and competence.
  • Reputation of breeders:  A well-known breeder with healthy, well-behaved pups would usually charge extra for a Beagle. Peace of mind and a healthy dog are valuable.
  • Health problems: Healthy beagles cost more than unhealthy ones. Remember that a healthy dog is a happy dog, worth the additional money.
  • Coat Color: Although all Beagles are attractive, tri-colors and rarer coat colors may be more popular and cost more. A dog may be cheaper if you don’t mind a less common hue.


Beagles are medium-sized dogs that resemble American foxhounds. However, beagles are smaller and have skulls that are larger than snouts. Its large eyes and ears dangle down. The pencil-sized animal lifts its tail high. Their most common hues are white, brown/red, and black.


Intelligent and attentive, beagles may be obstinate. Training them is simple. However, teaching them may be difficult, particularly for first-time dog owners. The fragrance is powerful and attracts their interest, so they follow it.  


This dog is adaptable and joyful. It can hunt in the morning, be your kids’ greatest friend in the afternoon, and cuddle with you at night. Beagles thrive with other dogs throughout the day as pack hounds.

Common health issues of Beagle Dogs 

  • Ear infections: Beagles’ attractive floppy ears block airflow. This increases their risk of long-term infections. Check for swelling, scent, mucous, and itching. Cleaning and vet appointments should be routine.
  • Obesity: Beagles love to eat, but their little bodies can’t tolerate much. Overweight beagles may develop diabetes, heart disease, and joint and respiratory issues. To keep your Beagle fit, feed and walk it regularly.
  • Allergy: Beegles often scratch and hurt their skin due to diet and environmental allergies. Discuss allergy testing and treatments with your vet to identify and avoid pet allergens.
  • Cherry Eye: The third eyelid typically protrudes and affects the white area of beagle eyes. Though not necessarily unpleasant, it may appear awful and bother the eye. Treatment options include surgery or medication.

Care tips of Beagle dog 

  • Vaccination: Your puppy’s vaccines are crucial, so discuss them with your doctor when you bring him in. Wait to do it before walking them in the park or anywhere.
  • Accessories: Before bringing a beagle baby home, you need a dog bed, leashes, collars, food, and water bowls, toys (particularly chew toys), hair brushes, nail grinders or scissors, and more.
  • Feeding:  A nutritious lunch containing protein, carbohydrates, and fats is crucial. Fruits and vegetables help, too. Feed them chicken, meat, fish, curd, rice, buttermilk, etc. 
  • Grooming:  Care for a beagle is easy due to short garments. Brushing them twice a week keeps their fur clean and shining. Bathe them once or twice a month, but only a little.  

Maintenance Beagle dog Price in india

  • Insurance cost: If your puppy becomes ill, you may require pet insurance, depending on where you reside and its age. Pet insurance costs 10,000–50,000 rupees annually.
  • Veterinarian cost: Keep your Beagle puppy healthy by taking it to the vet periodically. Depending on your needs, medical visits cost more or less.
  • Feeding cost: Beagles require nutritious food. This might be 1500–3000 Rs each month, depending on whether you sell premium or basic dog food.
  • Grooming Cost: Beagles need frequent grooming, which may require a groomer. An experienced groomer costs 1,000–3,000 Rs. Where you reside and how well-known the groomer is might affect cleaning prices. 

Pros and cons of Beagle Dog


  •  They are very energetic and like to play and get along well with kids.
  • Beagles are generally easy to take care of.
  • Their friends include other dogs and cats.
  • They are very adorable and cute dogs.
  • They can live in small apartments because they are medium-sized dogs.


  • Separation anxiety makes it hard to leave them alone for long periods. When left alone, they may howl or do something terrible.
  • Dogs called Beagles howl loudly and deeply.
  • Beagles can sometimes be stubborn, making training them a little more challenging. 
  • Allows you to dig in your garden or backyard.


Dog lineage, breeder reputation, and locations affect beagle dog price in India. It may be difficult to justify the expense, but a healthy, responsible Beagle is worth it. So find reliable breeders, check the dogs’ bloodlines, and prepare for a lifetime of wriggling! The joy a Beagle offers is priceless.


Can first-time dog owners buy Beagles?

While adorable and lively, beagles may be independent and noisy. Strong-scent dogs may pull on walks and smell a lot. Beagles are great pets, but consider how much exercise, training, and care they require before obtaining one.

How much running do the Beagles need? 

Strong beagles were bred to hunt. One to two hours of rigorous daily exercise may be done via walks, games, and cerebral activities. Remember that bored Beagles might misbehave!

Does the Beagle dog bark a lot?  

Beagles’ powerful baying wail is well-known. They may bark at a mouse or fresh scent. Regular training and exercise reduce barking.

Are Beagles escape artists?

Due to their keen ears and independence, beagles get away with everything. Their tiny bodies and keen senses allow them to detect intriguing scents for kilometers. Your Beagle needs strong leashes, tight fences, and careful attention to be safe.

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