Belgian Malinois Price in India – history & facts

Belgian Malinois Price in India

Belgian Malinois Price in India are well-suited among Indian families. Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized dog breed known for herding. These dogs originated from Malines in Belgium. Due to their intelligence, physical activity, and loyalty, these dog breeds are well-suited for various tasks such as herding and rescue operations. 

Belgian Malinois Price in India

A typical Belgian Malinois puppy in India will cost you between Rs 60,000 to Rs 85,000. Belgian Puppies with a dog family history and from reputable breeders are the most expensive. Puppies that cost more in these dog breeds might be exceptionally well-trained, athletic, or have a great temperament.

Belgian Malinois Price in India at different locations 


Factors that affect Belgian Malinois Price in India 

Reputation of breeder: Rich or solitary pugs could provide more expensive puppy breeds. This is due to the potential higher cost of living and breeding enterprises in metropolitan areas. 

Age: Compared to mature or older Pugs, puppies are sometimes more costly. It makes sense since nobody desires a dog whose potential is unrealized.

Breeding history: Generally, a pug puppy with prize genes or a history of winning in dog shows would sell for more money than one without.

Preventive and Maintenance Advice

You can care for and maintain your Belgian Malinois with the following methods. 

  • Choose a reliable breeder: You should trust a dog breeder if they promise healthy puppies and take all necessary precautions to keep them safe.
  • Provide a nutritious diet for your dog: Belgian Malinois should only be fed the best foods suitable for their age, activity level, and way of life.
  • Give your dog regular exercise: These dogs require a lot of training because of their energy, speed, and impulsive behaviour.
  • Get your dog checked out regularly: You should visit the vet as soon as your pet exhibits symptoms of illness.

Belgian Malinois Characteristics 

  1. Temperament – Well-trained, energetic,  highly collaborative
  2. Colour – Tan, mahogany, black-tipped fawn
  3. Origin – Malines, Belgium
  4. Height – 22 to 26 inches
  5. Weight – 40 to 80 pounds
  6. LifeSpan – 12 to 14 years

Belgian Malinois Nutrition & Diet 

A balanced diet is essential for Belgian Malinois’s nutritional needs. There are numerous factors that these dog breeds require in terms of food and maintenance. 

Belgian Malinois are good in freshwater environments and have a good metabolism.  Thus, nutritious meals with appropriate care are rarely needed. Protein- and fat-rich diets are highly likely by Belgian Malinois.  

Typical Health Issues in Belgian Malinois 

  • Hip dysplasia is a painful and lame hip joint caused by a dislocation of the ball or socket of the hip. 
  • Another condition that affects the elbow joint similarly is elbow dysplasia. Moreover, this may result in pain and lameness.
  • Slow-moving Retinal Atrophy (PRA): Complete blindness could result from this progressive condition. 
  • Blindness may result from cataracts caused by an opacification of the eye’s lens. Surgical removal of cataracts is an option.

Pros and Cons of Belgian Malinois 

Pros: – 

  • Highly trained dog breeds 
  • Do not shed much 
  • Conformable among Indian families 
  • It can be used for several purposes 
  • Shows a protective and loyal nature toward their feeders 

Cons: – 

  • Requires good care and maintenance. 
  • Suspicious around strangers 
  • Fall ill it doesn’t get good food diet
  • Likes to stay for much longer time outdoors 


Belgian Malinois are the best companionship dogs because of their enthusiasm, intelligence, and loyalty. Belgian Malinois price in India makes excellent working or companion dogs for people with hectic schedules. People purchase.  Belgian Malinois should be properly cared for before they are brought home.


What is the price of a Belgian Malinois puppy in India?

According to the news reports and information from the dog clubs, Belgian Malinois price in India starts from 60,000 and goes up to 85,000 in normal conditions. Also, a well-established Belgian Malinois price may charge higher due to their appearance and personality. 

Where can I get a Belgian Malinois puppy in India?

  • You must follow some steps and methods to get Belgian Malinois puppies in India. 
  • Do some research about Belgian Malinois breeders in India 
  • Check for referrals on dog clubs 
  • Categorize some information about the people feeding and keeping these dog breeds.  

What is the price of Belgian Malinois dog breeds in India?

The cost of feeding Belgian Malinois dog breeds in India depends on the type, requirements, and lifestyle of Belgian Malinois. Furthermore, the monthly fee for these dogs is food,  health care, and maintenance, which cost you between 5000 and 10000. 

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