5 Best non shedding dog breeds that you can make your companion

Dogs are the best companion pets which people love to keep in their families. They bring positivity and help their feeders to get out of loneliness and negativity. 

But we often plan but don’t buy dogs due to their shedding smell and odour, which doesn’t suit our families. 

All different categories of popular dog breeds are covered in this article. Among others, 5 best non-shedding dogs are mentioned below as follows 

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers frequently known as yorkies are the type of small size dogs which enjoy human company. These dog breeds do not shed and even do not smell.

Due to their non-shedding characteristics, these dogs are among the most popular dog breeds. 

Features which Yorkshire exhibits are, affectionately, adaptability and suitability to children of small ages and among different families.  Yorkshire are very portable dogs due to their size, you can carry them wherever you want. 

Yorkshire shows a trustful and helpful nature towards their company and greatly enjoys cuddling around their owners.  

They do not even bark or shout at other animals. They show very friendly behaviour to other different pets and animals. These best non shedding dogs for families have a fine hair texture which requires human maintenance and care. 

Life Span  13 to 16 years 
Weight  4 to 7 pounds 
Height  7 to 8 inches 
Color availability  Blue – tan , black – tan , blue – gold and black-gold

Bichon Frise 

Bichon Frise are among the most popular non-shedding dogs due to their cuteness, cherry and energetic nature. 

Bubbly Bichon Fries with white colour are most considered companion dog breeds because they don’t smell at all. 

Bichon Frise highly likes to spend more of their time with their owners, they are not those types of dogs who love to stay alone  or be for  less time with their owners.  

These playful best non shedding dogs for first-time owners love to do several types of physical activity and curdle around their owners. Their small size makes them very great pets for cosy little spaces.

Bichon Frise requires good maintenance and care, their hair especially requires proper grooming from time to time. 

Bichon Frise are generally dog breeds with good health. They are easily adaptable to different climatic conditions.  

Life Span  14 to 15 years 
Weight  12 – 18 pounds 
Height  9 – 12 inches 
Color availability  white , white – buff , white-cream and  white-aprocot  


Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are the type of non-shedding dogs which are perfectly suitable for different types of families and children. 

Boston are highly engaging and energetic nature dogs whose weights are less than normal dog breeds. These dogs are easily maintainable and groomed. 

Due to their courageous behavior sometimes Boston is also used for hunting. 

Boston terriers don’t require much effort to get trained, they are among great learner dog breeds. Their obeying nature and loyal personalities are those which make them the best companion pets for families.  

Boston is also used in several missions and by police because of their high sense of smell and keen eyes towards the focus. 

These most popular non-shedding dogs are easily adaptable to different weather and climatic conditions and often like to go on long walks with their owners. 

Life Span  11 to 13 years 
Weight  15 to 25 pounds 
Height  15 to 17 inches 
Color availability  white , black , brindle and dark brown 

The Poodles

The poodles come in mainly three varieties standard, miniature and toys. All these three categories of Poodle are smell-free. They are highly collaborative and very anxious about their owner’s instructions.  

All three poodles have their specific size and height but they all possess the same characteristics suitable to their feeders. 

These dog breeds require maintenance and grooming on a weekly and monthly basis with proper health care and nutrition.  

Poodles exhibit loyal and lovable behaviour towards their owners. These best low shedding dog breeds are highly loving dogs among children due to their cuteness.  

Poodles are very affectionate and athletic and feel joyous to do physical activities. They are easy to train and categorized among USA’s top famous pet dogs. 

Life Span  12 to 15 years 
Weight  Toy – 7 to 10 pounds 

Miniature 10 to 15 pounds 

Standard – 40 to 60 pounds 

Height  Toy  –  9 to 11 inches 

Miniature 11 to 14  inches 

Standard – 18 to 24 inches 

Color availability  Black , white , apricot , red , brown , silver,  blue , cream , sable and silver . 



These dog breeds are known for their distinctive no-smell odour and hunting skills. 

Basenji are very alert and energetic dogs which are easily suitable for apartments and families. These dogs are among the 5 best non-shedding dogs and are among the favourite dogs of children. 

Basenji are intelligent dogs which are highly responsive to different situations and instructions. They like to spend sufficient time with their feeders. 

Minimal care and grooming requirements make basenji different from other shedding dogs which do not bark much.

Basenji adapt to every type of climatic conditions and are considered to be the greatest dog breeds  in terms of health and wellbeing. 

Life Span  12 to 16 years 
Weight  22 to 24 pounds 
Height  16 to 17 inches 
Color  Brindle , black , white – black- brindle Tricolor.  



Dogs are known as the best companion pets because they help their owners in different aspects and purposes. There are several varieties of dog breeds found in different parts of the world. Some dogs don’t have odor problems and some have so much odor in themselves.   

After reading this article you’ll get a brief idea about categories of 5 best non-shedding dogs which can be considered to keep as pets. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the 5 best non-shedding dogs?

Here are top odor-free dogs – 

  • The poodles 
  • Bichon Frise 
  • Yorkshire 
  • Boston terrier 
  • Basenji 

What are the best non shedding dogs for families?

Bichon Frise, Yorkshire, Poodles and some others are some of the best non shedding dogs for families.  

What are the most popular non-shedding dogs?

The most popular non-shedding dogs are poodles, Yorkshire,  basenji, Boston terriers and bichon frise. 

What are the best low-shedding dog breeds?

All categories of poodles, bichon frise, Yorkshire are among the best low-shedding dog breeds.

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