Bichon Frise Dog Price in India – History & Facts

Bichon Frise Dog price in india
Bichon Frise Dog price in india

Cute and active white Bichon Frises. Watching these lovely dogs antics and friendliness is enjoyable. More than adorable, Bichon Frises. They learn fast and are clever, making teaching simple. They reside in modest or significant houses with their folks. You must know the Bichon Frise Dog price in India before buying one.

Bichon Frise Dog Price in India

The price of a Bichon Frise in India depends on its location, owner, pedigree, and age. Bichon Frise Dog Price in India typically costs between Rs.20,000 and Rs.60,000.

Bichon Frise Dog Price in India


Factors that affect the price of Bichon Frise 

  • Breeder’s reputation: Most of the time, a good breeder who has a history of raising healthy, well-bred Bichon Frise will charge more for their pups.
  • Location: Where you live can change how much a Bichon Frise costs. Prices may be higher in places where people want the breed a lot.
  • Coat colour: It’s possible that Bichon Frise with less common coat colours, like peach or grey, will cost more than those with white coats.
  • Health issue: It might cost more for Bichon Frises to have been checked for genetic diseases and have a clean bill of health.


The Bichon Frise is amiable, lively, and kissy and loves humans. Many call them “happy-go-lucky” dogs because they are lively and joyful. Bichon Frises are clever and trainable, making them good first-dog pets.


They like being the focus of attention. Friendly, energetic, and loving of people and animals. Kid-friendly and fantastic pets. Bichon Frises may grow uneasy when left alone; thus, there may be better breeds for extended trips.


Bichon Frise dogs are lovely and fluffy, yet they have a golden heart and plenty of activity. These canines can transition from hectic to peaceful cities. Their playfulness makes them good with youngsters, adults, and other pets. Whether walking in parks on chairs, Bichons happily embraces new behaviors with a wagging tail and enthusiastic yelp.  

Common health issues of Bichon Frise 

  • Dental Issues: Unfortunately, Bichon Frises have small mouths, which can cause gum disease and tooth damage.
  • Petella luxation: Within this situation, the kneecap moves out of place, leading to pain and soreness.
  • Eye Problems: Cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) are common eye problems in Bichon Frises.
  • Hip dysplasia: As a result of this genetic disease, the hip joint does not form properly, which causes pain and makes it hard to walk.

Care tips of Bichon Frise 

You should know how to care for a Bichon Frise whether you intend to adopt or keep one. Follow these tips to keep your Bichon Frise happy and healthy:

  • Grooming: To avoid mats and tangles, Bichon Frises require frequent brushing of their thick, curly coats. They should be brushed daily and groomed professionally every six to eight weeks.
  • Training: Bichon Frise is clever and learns rapidly with praise. Raising a Bichon Frise requires patience and consistency.
  • Socialization: Bichon Frises are amiable and enjoy humans. Introducing them to humans and other dogs early helps prevent anxiety and aggression.
  • Nutrition: Bichon Frises require a balanced diet to keep energetic. Quality dog food that matches their nutritional demands is preferable.

Maintenance Bichon Frise Dog Price in india

Here are some preliminary estimations of Bichon Frise care costs in Indian rupees:

  • Grooming: Bichon Frises require regular brushing, bathing, and haircuts. Depending on where and what treatments are given, professional grooming might cost INR 1,500 to INR 4,000.
  • Veterinary costs: Regular checkups and other preventative care may detect and address health issues early. It might vary, but routine vet care costs at least INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 per year.
  • Pet insurance: Bichon Frise owners may get pet insurance to cover unexpected medical bills and other expenses. What pet insurance covers and the dog’s age affect its cost.
  • Training: Smart Bichon Frises require socialization and training to prevent behavior issues. Training organizations charge varying charges, but basic behavior instruction costs INR 5,000–10,000.

Pros and cons of Bichon Frise dog 


  • Bichon Frises are kind and cute. They appreciate being held and acknowledged. Happy and lively, they make great family dogs, especially for kids.
  • Bichon Frises shed little; therefore, allergy patients may own them. Although their hair doesn’t tangle, it needs constant brushing and style to be healthy and fluffy.
  • Flats and yards may house Bichon Frises. Daily play and walks are essential for their mental and physical health, but they don’t need much activity.  
  • Bichon Frise is interested but unprotective. They growl at strange sounds and people but don’t fight. Their sociability makes them great pets and friends.


  • Daily brushing eliminates mats and tangles, and professional grooming every 4–6 weeks keeps them looking good. Some owners complain it’s too slow and expensive.
  • Bichon Frises bond with people. Untrained and reconditioned youngsters may develop separation anxiety and dislike being alone.
  • Bichon Frises are healthy but may have allergies, ear infections, teeth problems, and tear scars. Their health depends on regular vet appointments and preventative care.
  • Intelligent dogs may be stubborn learners. Continuous positive reinforcement is needed for Bichon Frise’s training.


Many factors determine Bichon Frise price in India; thus, it’s impossible to estimate. The breeder, dog’s lineage, location, and personality should be considered. The initial investment is hefty, but you’re getting a lifelong cuddly pal. Do your research and be a good dog owner regardless of price.


How much hair does Bichon Frise shed?

Bichon Frises shed little despite their fluff. Their smooth, curling coat sheds little hair, making them perfect for allergy sufferers and lazy cleaners. But they still need regular brushing to avoid matting and maintain healthy hair.

Is Bichon Frise easy to train?

Intelligent and eager, Bichon Frises are appreciated. With incentives and praise, they’re easy to teach. They learn rapidly and like training since it motivates them.

How much exercise does Bichon Frise need? 

Bichon Frises need plenty of exercise to be healthy and happy despite their limited energy. Everyone should walk or play in the park for 30 minutes daily. They like indoor fetch and learning.

 Is Bichon Frise a apartment dog? 

Bichon Frises may live in apartments. Their calm and small stature make them perfect city dwellers. They have small gardens and bark less than other breeds. Keep their minds and bodies active with frequent walks and play.

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