Boerboel dog price in India , Appearances, Health, Characteristics

Boerboel dog

Boerboel dog: The first look of this breed will make you think this large and intimidating dog excellent for a guard dog. Yes, you are correct, but along with great guard dogs, this is also equally popular for being a loving, calm and family-friendly dog.

This breed is popularly known as Farmer’s dog and also known as South African Mastiff, South African Boerboel or Bole.

This breed is discerning guardians of home and family and loves to stay with family. Sometimes they become dominant but are bright and eager to learn.

History of Boerboel dog

To help farmers in South Africa, this gigantic protector is bred specially to defend homesteads from hyenas, lions and another wild animal. The breed derived its name from Dutch/ Afrikaans word.


This sleek-coated avenger has no-nonsense quality. They can stand as high as 27 inches at the shoulders. Their weights are almost equal to a standard human weight.

This massive breed has a blocky head and powerful jaws and is featured with powerful muscles from neck to rump.

Personality of Boerboel dog

The large looking breed we are discussing is generally docile and easy to groom. They are perfect for those looking for healthy and easy to groom breed as it has few health issues.

But we don’t recommend this breed for first time owners. This dog is confident, territorial and has a habit of pulling and chewing. Only an assertive experienced owner can handle this breed.

This breed is usually devoted to protecting the people and places he loves. Training is essential at an early age; otherwise, the pup will turn into the dominant adult.

They are intelligent, playful and eager to please. You can handle this breed easily by assigning them some task> task can either be tough farm work or can be guard duty. You can also keep this dog busy practicing for a competition where they can get an opportunity to show off their agility and strength.

The breed is preferred as they love human company and are generally overprotective towards human’s kids.

They are great guards but are welcoming and polite toward those they have met and trust.

This breed is trustable and can be easily trained. They love to spend time with their adored humans.

Nutrition of Boerboel dog

Commercially manufactured high-quality dog feed is sufficient to deliver all essential nutrients to the dog. You can also prefer homemade dog feed prepared under the supervision of your veterinarian. You can make homemade safe dog feed with meat, milk, boiled eggs, vegetables, and cereals. Make sure to add all essential minerals and vitamins.

They may get obsessed, so keep eye on the calorie consumed by your dog. Treat is a good aid in training but up to a limit. Excess of treat may lead to obesity.

Also, learn about human foods that are safe for your dog. Consult with your veterinarian for the human food before presenting it to your dog.


The breed possesses a short, dense coat that sheds a moderate amount. Only brushing with a soft-bristle brush once a week is enough to remove all loose hairs and can maintain the best look of your dog. Proper brushing also results in better hair growth and keeps your dog glossy.

Long nails lead to trouble for your dog in walking. Regular nail trimming is mandatory for this dog.


When we talk about training, this gigantic massive dog will need an assertive trainer who can use positive reinforcement and can positively channel their energy.

This breed is a territorial and protective type breed and we do not recommend it for novice dog owners. This breed will not thrive unless you keep it as an integral part of your family.

Their puppies are easy-going and pliant. This makes new dog owners thinking the dog will remain the same. But in actual, consistent training from an early age is essential before that qualities fade and the dog turns into dominant.

Patient consistent training along with early socialization is the best way to prevent aggression.


You should provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation to this breed. In case, it gets boring, it will turn into destructive. Vigorous playing sessions, a long walk, and other mentally stimulating games can keep them busy in the activity they need.

This breed along with daily exercise also needs mental stimulation and interaction with their owners. This breed enjoys participation in competitions like rally, obedience, agility and weight pull. They also perform well in protection sports.


They are generally healthy. But health conditions like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, heart diseases and eyelid disorders like ectropion and entropion may run in their line.

Also, their ears should be regularly checked and you should regularly brush their teeth.


I hope this breed is impressive enough to steal your heart. IF you are an experienced dog owner and wish you own a lovely massive dog, then you must consider it.

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