Boxer dog breeds price, history and other details

boxer dog breeds
boxer dog breeds

Boxer dog breeds: Are you looking for a medium-sized guard dog as well as family companions? Then you can consider the breed we are discussing here.

The dog we are going to introduce to you today is loyal, affectionate and intelligent. This breed is also popular for its good look and works ethics. The breed we are discussing is the whole doggy package that can be sometimes silly but bright and alert and always courageous.

He is famous for olden times for its great love and faithfulness to his master. This dog is an ideal option for those who want to own a high energetic, easy to groom and family-friendly pooch.

Things you must know:

Few things you must know about Boxer dogs before buying one and those are lifespan, height, weight,

Lifespan: 10 – 12 years
Colours: White, Brindle, Fawn
Height: Female: 53–60 cm, Male: 57–63 cm
Weight: Female: 25–29 kg, Male: 27–32 kg
Origin: Germany, Munich

History of boxer dog breeds:

This breed was originally bred to create a medium-sized guard dog. German Bulenbeisser is believed to be an ancestor of this breed. German bulenbeisser is descended from Mastiffs and the bulldog.

Humans used to rear Bulenbeisser for centuries to hunt wild boar, bear, and deer. This breed was assigned to catch and hold the prey until the hunter arrived. Later hunters stop keeping this breed and the next task assign to this breed is to guard and drive cattle by farmers.

The descendent of this breed, Boxer that we know today, came in existence after the 19th century.

Georg Alt, a Munich man, bred a brindle coloured Bulenbeisser bitch with the nondescript dog. One Fawn and the white-coloured male was named Lechner’s Box who is believed to be the beginning of the line that becomes popular as a boxer.

Boxers are utilized for years for different jobs like an athlete, cattle dog, Police dog, war dog, watchdog, protection dog, and guide dog for blind people.

Characteristics of boxer dog breeds:

A well-built boxer is its peak conditions will look awesome. A male boxer can stand up to 25 inches at the shoulder and the female runs a bit smaller.

The characteristic dog of this breed will be square-jawed and muscular. Beneath the tight-fitting, short coat, their muscles ripples. Their face looks furious and alert because of their dark brown eyes and wrinkled face.

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Boxer dog temperament:

Most people seeking for loving family members choose this breed as their pet. Boxer is loved by their family as they adore and will also appreciate consistent training.

They move like the athletes and are popular for smooth and graceful gait. Boxer dog breeds have earned a great reputation as a great dog for kids because of their patience and protective nature.

Somebody described this dog as a Hearing guard dog. It indicates that this is an alert dog and perfect as a home guard. They may greet strangers with a wary attitude but are generally polite with friendly peoples.

Heredity, training and early socialization are factors that affect the temperament of this dog. Puppies with nice temperament can make you proud to own a dog that is curious and playful and loves to approach people.

Selection of the boxer

If you are planning to adopt a Boxer puppy, then you must read this section carefully.

Before selecting a puppy, try to meet or gain information regarding the temperament of the parents of the puppy.

Also if you get a chance to look the entire litter, and then select the middle puppy that is not dominant over other siblings. Also, don’t choose the dump one hidden in the corner.

Read about Labrador Retriever.

Boxer dog training

It is easy to train a Boxer dog because they are very intelligent dogs. Because of their high intelligence and athletic aptitude, Boxers can be a great companion all around the year. Boxers are an excellent combination of clownish, energetic, high intelligence, strong dog with a beautiful affectionate personality. Not to mention that their ruggedly athletic good looks!

Because of their high energy level, Boxers love to run and play a lot. When you first bring your boxer home, begin house training by making his living area as positive as possible. Keep the room tidy and well kept. Offer your Boxer dog training rewards for good behaviour that you want him to display. If you do not have much time to spend with your Boxer dog training, you should consider buying him a toy that motivates him and offers a safe way to play. Some good choices are rubber ducks, ropes, and flags.


This breed does well on a high-quality manufacture dog feed. You can also go for veterinarian approved homemade dog feed comprising of a balanced amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrate along with all essential minerals and vitamins. You can formulate your homemade dog feed with meat, boiled eggs, vegetables, milk, and cereals. Don’t forget to add all the essential salts and vitamins

Some dogs are prone to overweight. So keep eye on the calorie consumed by your companion.

Also consult your veterinarian for the feed used for humans, if they are safe for your pet or not.


The dog is featured with a short and shiny coat which requires very little grooming. Proper brushing with rubber curry brush once a day is sufficient to maintain the best look of your pet.

This breed tends to be clean so it requires a bath occasionally. Like all other dogs, regular trimming of nails and brushing of teeth is essential.


This breed is highly energetic and playful, so it needs an ample amount of exercise. They should never allow running loose.


Like all other dogs, this breed also requires early socialization and puppy training. This training is the best way to channel their energy positively. With proper training, this dog can excel in a variety of canine sports like agility, obedience, and herding.


The boxer breed cannot tolerate both the high and very low temperatures. They should always be kept inside as a beloved family member.

Before selecting a puppy, you should ask if any condition like hip dysplasia, a heart condition, thyroid deficiency, degenerative myelopathy, and certain cancers run in its family.

Boxer dog price

The price of a Boxer dog in India starts at the cost of Rs 10,000/- to Rs 60,000/-. But sometimes you might get at a cheap rate depends upon the availability and the breeder. So whenever you buy one please buy from a certified breeder whether you buy in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or any part in India. Breeders also give boxer dog for sale you can look out for that opportunity.


The boxers are brilliant for their performance as service, assistant, and therapy dogs. They can do well in roles like drug detection and search and rescue.

I hope there is a good impression of this breed.

Thank you


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