Bully Kutta Price in India – History & Traits

Bully Kutta is a very contentious dog mastiff. It has a large bone with a muscular appearance, a pointed tail, and a big head. Bully Dog’s eyes are moulded like almonds and ears raised yet are always cropped. They have looked like bulldogs, possess loose fur particularly all over the jaw and the neck. It is chiefly white but mixtures of different hues are furthermore not uncommon.

Bully Kutta precisely interprets the heavily furrowed dog. The phrase Bully arrives from the original term of the Hindustani and Punjabi languages “Bohli” which implies largely furrowed. The word “Kutta” tells a dog in the Hindi- Urdu vocabulary. The Sindhi dog demonstrates the mastiff and is significant for its strength and size. The tail curves and is lengthy and bushy with the fur being long and heavy.

Bully Kutta is a large dog that raised in the Indian subcontinent, going back to the 16th century. They are functioning dogs utilized for hunting and defending. The Bully Kutta Dog is prominent in the Punjab area of India and Pakistan, involving Delhi and Haryana and also Tamil Nadu.

The Bully Kutta is a category of the breed that can be named an Alauntee because the Bully dog was produced by crossing the actual dog type known as the Alaunt with Celtic fighting dogs.
Other names of Bully Kutta are Indian mastiff, Pakistani bully, Sindhi mastiff, Pakistani mastiff, Indian bully.

Bully Kutta traits ( Height, weight, Lifespan, type)

The weight of a Male bully kutta dog is 70-90 kg and a females’ dog weight is 60-70 kg. The Height of Male Bully kutta is 76-86 cm while female dogs’ height is 75-80 cm.
The Bully kutta is found in different hues like brindle, black, white, red, harlequin, and fawn. The litter size is 1-8. And the lifespan of a bully kutta dog is 6-12 years.

History of Bully

The Dog was initially founded in the Indian mainland, a dogs’ area of medieval India. It is called the Beast from the East. This dog was a special pet of the ruling classes in Thanjavur. The Mughal ruler Akbar possessed a Bully dog, that he utilized for hunting.

On 28 May 1864 in London, the Second International Dog exhibit was held at Islington Agricultural Hall that displayed the Indian Mastiff in between different dog breeds. Initially built as a large game catch dog, it has been used for wrong things for the earlier several years for the harsh athletics of dog battle in it’s born countries, India and Pakistan.

The Bully Kutta dog is a category of the breed that can be named an Alauntee because the Bully dog was produced by crossing the actual dog type known as the Alaunt with Celtic fighting dogs.
For the initial time, the Alaunt was named Mastin. And from the Mastin, the term Mastiff was originated. Therefore creating the Alaunt the initial Mastiff.

Bully Kutta Dog’s Temperament

Bully Kutta’s dog is intelligent, aware, responsive, enthusiastic, and aggressive. This dog is a large size, so because of that it can be difficult for the owners as well as the outsiders, and are likely not nice with kids and other dogs and pets. The bully dogs are not advised for apartment life as they want a large area. Therefore, they are not referred for a person who has never kept a dog.

Nonetheless, powerful socialization is advised to take supervision of such circumstances. They have a gait identical to Tiger or lion. This dog has a tough understanding of smell and sight, so it is a nice caretaker dog that will not only safeguard its area but moreover the master and his equity. But, the puppy necessities sufficient instructing to improve the relationship with its owner. These dogs dribble and are inclined to dozing the whole day.

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Bully kutta dog Diet

This Strong, athletic, muscular bully kutta dog requires an amount of your awareness in its daily diet. The bully kutta puppy of age 8-12 weeks old needs 4 times a meal every day. Reduce the amount of diet according to age. Give 3 meals a day to the puppies that are 3 and 6 months old and give 2 meals to those puppies that are 6-12 months old, and accordingly, after 1 meal is sufficient.

In diet, you should give the best quality dry dog nutrition with bottled food, water, or porridge are advised. For an equal diet, give 40% flesh, 30% vegetables, and 30% starch. Limb flesh like kidney, the liver is mainly what your bully dog requires.

Bully kutta price in India

The Bully kutta price in India ranges from 5000 to 20,000 i.e US $75-300. They are rarely available in India but you can easily get them in Pakistan.


There are several things discussed here that you must know before buying this bully kutta dog. Read the entire article carefully and you will know everything regarding this breed i.e its appearance, height, weight, type, life span, price, diet, temperament.

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