Can dogs eat Arugula & is it safe for dogs

Can dogs eat Arugula? Arugula is healthy for dogs to consume in moderation. The advantages of this cruciferous vegetable for your dog have been well-documented. Let’s weigh the benefits of giving your dog Arugula against any potential drawbacks.

Arugula is an excellent salad green that has a peppery, bitter taste. As you take some arugula out of the fridge, you may wonder if it would be a perfect addition to your dog’s diet or make a pleasant snack.

To ensure your dog is healthy enough to eat Arugula, you need to know that cruciferous vegetables, like Arugula, can be harmful to dogs, especially those with thyroid issues.

But have no fear! I’ll tell you how to circumvent this issue for your dog to enjoy the Arugula’s excellent nutritional advantages.

Can Dogs eat Arugula, and Is It Safe?

Arugula is dog-friendly! As it turns out, moderate consumption of Arugula is OK for canines. As it turns out, Arugula provides your dog with a calcium boost and even protects them from cancer.

Arugula’s Health Benefits for Dogs

Arugula, like other cruciferous vegetables like kale, is packed with nutrients. Arugula, in contrast to the lettuce you’d find on a salad, is filled with sulfur compounds and chlorophyll, which, when consumed, bind to toxins in your dog’s body and facilitate their elimination.

Antioxidants, vitamins B, C, and K, and minerals like magnesium and potassium may all be found in Arugula. The antioxidants and anti-cancer properties of Arugula have been studied, and it has also been found to benefit the skin and bones.

Arugula is classified as a Cruciferous vegetable. Arugula’s bitter, the peppery flavour may come from the glucosinolates found in this group of crops. Sulfur is a component of these compounds. 

When your dog digests, glucosinolates are converted into many helpful chemicals, including Sulforaphane. According to single research, Sulforaphane has shown some encouraging results in treating canine osteosarcoma.

Considering Your Dog’s Thyroid and Arugula

All cruciferous veggies share a common problem you must be aware of.

In large enough quantities, Arugula can interfere with the thyroid. Historically, goitrogens have been linked to the development of goitres in dogs, a condition characterized by neck swelling caused by an enlarged thyroid. So, can dogs eat Arugula?

Dr Jean Dodds, a veterinarian, claims that eating cruciferous vegetables has far more advantages than harms.

You should prepare any goitrogenic veggies before giving them to your dog, even if cruciferous vegetables are the most acceptable source of essential nutrients. Because of this, the goitrogens are improved for the thyroid.

Of course, as with any cuisine, consuming too much of it can lead to gastrointestinal distress, so moderation is key. When trying out a new dish, look for symptoms like nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhoea.

Can dogs eat Arugula with thyroid issues?

To a lesser extent, Arugula can cause goitre, but it can alter the thyroid in big enough doses. Goitrogen is a chemical that can grow your dog’s thyroid gland. 

Before you freak out, know that the amounts of goitrogenic characteristics in greens like Arugula are negligible. Weighed against the goitrogenic risks, the antioxidant and nutritional benefits win out.

Preparing Arugula So That Your Dog Can Enjoy It

Here is my best advice if you are still hesitant to feed your dog cruciferous vegetables:

The already minor effects of goitrogens in cooked cruciferous vegetables will be reduced even further. If you follow the easy instructions below, you may improve the flavour and get your dog interested in eating it.

You may safely give your dog arugula or arugula salad in tiny amounts. But if you need to feed a lot of people, here’s what you should do:

  • Warm up a quarter cup of water in a pot and bring it to a boil.
  • Add a teaspoon of coconut oil and 1/4 cup chopped Arugula to a skillet.
  • For the first three minutes, stir it every so often.
  • For optimal nutrient retention, blanching the vegetable is your best bet.

Will Your Dog Even Like Arugula?

However, what remains to be seen is whether or not your dog will like eating Arugula now that you know it’s safe for canines to do so. Arugula’s bitter flavour may put off some canine palates. That’s why I add cooked Arugula and other tasty things (like beef liver) to my dog’s regular diet.

While the nutritional components in Arugula are excellent for your dog, the bitter flavour may put them off. Compared to other types of lettuce, Arugula stands out for its distinct flavour. If your dog doesn’t like the spicy taste, it may refuse to eat it or even spit it out.

Different Is Better

As a general guideline, feeding your dog a balanced diet that includes meat and veggies is best.

In no way is this piece promoting a diet consisting solely of Arugula. Variety is crucial for your dog’s health and well-being and is an integral aspect of a holistic approach.

A dog’s diet should be rotated often to ensure that it contains a wide range of nutrients, prevent harmful toxin accumulation, and flush out toxins from the environment.

Plus, your dog will love playing with his new toys. After all, no one likes eating the same thing every day.


It is crucial to monitor the specific vitamins and minerals your dog consumes when feeding it a customized diet that includes greens like Arugula. Additionally, it is common for dogs given homemade food to be deficient in essential nutrients. 

For this reason, supplementation is advocated by scientific consensus. Adding supplements to your dog’s diet can offer peace of mind that your dog is getting all he needs to thrive on the wholesome, home-cooked food you’ve been providing.

A Few More Cautionary Vegetables

In addition to radishes, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, and radishes are cruciferous vegetables. Feeding any of these to your dog should be approached with the same degree of care. Potential dangers can be minimized by eating them in moderation and by boiling them beforehand.


Can dogs eat Arugula? If you’re looking for nutrient-dense food to augment your dog’s diet, Arugula is a great option. The advantages of eating Arugula significantly outweigh any risks. However, use caution if your dog has iodine or thyroid-related disorders.

To maximize the health advantages for your dog, follow the instructions to boil the Arugula gently. So this is all about Can dogs eat Arugula, hope you liked it please don’t forget to share.

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