Can Dogs Eat Potatoes – fully explained

Can dogs eat potato

Can dogs eat potatoes?

Do dogs have a special diet that allows them to eat potatoes? It’s actually more of a common-sense question than a real question with an answer. We all know dogs can eat anything we’d eat, so they can eat potatoes too. They’re basically a herbivore; they eat plants as well as meat. If you were wondering if dogs could eat potatoes, then the answer is yes.

Are potatoes safe for dogs?

Plain, white potatoes are completely safe for dogs to consume in small quantities. However, if you’re giving your pooch potatoes, be sure to bake them in olive oil, or add some other ingredients such as salt or butter to limit the number of fats they contain. Other vegetable family members from this family including the potato, tomato, and peppers are great sources of essential carbohydrates.

Dogs can eat potatoes, but the problem comes when they ingest an excessive amount. This can lead to two health problems: dilated cardiomyopathy and fatty liver. Dilated cardiomyopathy is a result of an excess of the potassium-exorbitant mineral called calcium. Potatoes are a great source of potassium, which is necessary for regulating muscle contractions. So, too is another mineral, magnesium, which is also vital to maintaining muscle tone.

Effects of feeding potatoes

Fatty liver, however, is caused by an excessive intake of the chemical called cholesterol. Dogs can eat potatoes, but the excessive intake of fats in the form of yams, liver flukes or colanic acid may lead to fatty liver disease. The only problem with the above explanation is that dogs can eat potatoes, but a raw potato is the most likely to cause this condition. When a potato contains both soluble and insoluble fibre, the chances of getting ingested chemicals increases, especially if the dog is already being offered large amounts of gravy or vegetables with high fibre content.

Solanine is a toxic substance that can be found in a number of different foods. It’s present in high levels in raw potatoes, kidney, fish, meat and poultry products, and can also be found in a wide range of other foods such as corn, peas, beans and other vegetables. While it’s not toxic to humans, it’s a great incentive for dogs not to go for a healthy balanced diet. Dogs should never be fed anything with a concentration of solanine higher than one part per million, but it is safe for your dog to consume potatoes and raw potatoes if you insist.

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Dogs should be fed a healthy well-balanced diet. If you suspect your canine companion isn’t getting all the nutrients he needs from his diet, gets him to the veterinarian for a professional opinion. Keep in mind that any drastic changes to a dog’s diet can have long term effects on his health, so make sure your vet is aware of any plans you might be considering changing his diet. While veggies are good, don’t overdo it!