Cane corso dog Price in India, History, training in 2024

Cane Corso Dog

Cane Corso dog, is also known as “KAH-Nay KOR So” is a muscular and large-boned working dog. Cane Corso dogs is a large and attractive dog breed, but this is surely not for novices. They are sometimes misunderstood, but they can make great companions. The Cane Corso is a great choice for those who want a large, athletic, protective, and can be friendly with kids.

Cane Corso dog History

The Mastiff-type Cane Corso was founded in Italy and is descended from Roman war dogs. The Cane Corso was used as a hunting dog in the early days.

However, once it was near to extinction after the Second World War. In the 1970s, only a handful of dogs were found in rural areas of southern Italy. Giovanni Bonnetti, a dog owner in his young days, brought the breed to Dr. Paolo Breber’s attention in 1973.

Cane Corso dog

Dr. Breber purchased some of the dogs and after that, he started breeding. In 1993, the United States formed the International Cane Corso Federation, and then more dogs were also brought in from Italy.

In 2003, the American Kennel Club recognized the breed, and the ICCF changed its name to Cane Corso Association of America.

Cane Corso dog Personality

According to Corso’s past history, This dog has a “vigorous temperament and is ready to face any challenges.” The Corso is a great family dog if the owner is confident and consistent and keeps the dog under control.

However, Cane Corso can become dangerous and aggressive if left to roam alone. It requires socialization and training to make it friendly from an early age. The dog is not suited for a household with people who are afraid of dogs, dislike them, or can’t manage large dogs.

The Cane Corso dog is sensitive and can understand the tone of voice. They can feel your voice and react as per your tone.

Spend time with your Cane Corso dog to help him gain confidence. You can let him play outside in a small area like a yard, kennel, or in his crate.

Like all other dogs breed, Cane Corso also needs to be socialized early — exposed to different people, sights, and sounds before he turns four months. Socialization is essential to ensure your Corso puppy is well-adjusted and comfortable with strangers, children, and other animals.

Cane Corso can become aggressive or fearful if the dog doesn’t have a lot of exposure to the world. 

Cane Corso dog Health

Cane Corso dog breeds are generally healthy, but they can be susceptible to certain conditions like all other breeds of dogs. Although not all Corso’s will be affected by all these diseases, it is essential to be aware of them when considering buying this breed.

Hip dysplasia can occur in the Corso, as well as eyelid abnormalities like entropion and ectropion.

Breeders should have current health clearances that verify the parents of a puppy are healthy. Authorizations should include an eye exam by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist, with the results registered with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Also, an OFA or Pennhip hip evaluation.

The Canine Health Information Center website can be used to confirm that health clearances have been obtained. Ask if the breeder has ever had any dogs with bloat or mange.

Cane Corso dog care

To keep your cane Corso dog healthy, You need to follow some daily routine as this working dog needs to be active every time so it would be best if you take him on a brisk walk every morning or evening. 

Take it easy with puppies. They don’t develop their musculoskeletal system until they are 18 months. Therefore, they require more exercise to burn off their puppy energy.

Give your dog a job to stimulate his mind. A Corso can be trained to herd livestock, learn tricks, and practice obedience. These activities should be done for at least 20 minutes per day. For example, you can break it up, spend 10 minutes in the morning, and then 10 minutes in the afternoon.

Cane Corso dog

But be prepared to spend a large amount for the care that is required for this dog. 

Anesthesia costs will go up if your Corso requires surgery for any reason. There are also costs associated with training classes, entry fees to dog sports, pet-sitting, or boarding while you are away.

All of these costs should be considered before you purchase a Corso, as they will be with you for 10 to 12 years.


Allowable daily intake: Cane Corso’s dog should eat between 4 to 5 cups of high-quality dry food per day.

Note: The amount of food your adult dog eats will depend on its age, build, metabolism, activity level, and size. Dogs are just like humans.

They need different amounts of food. An active dog will require more food than a dog that is sedentary. It also matters what kind of dog food you purchase. The better the food, the more it will eat by your dog.

You can keep your Cane Corso dog healthy by measuring the food he eats and giving him two meals per day, rather than just leaving it out.

Cane Corso Dog Grooming and Coat Color

Corso’s have a short, stiff coat and a light undercoat. It can be either black, gray or red, and may or not have a brindle design. A good vacuum cleaner is essential to remove the dust bunnies from your coat twice a year.

You should begin to bathe your Corso regularly if you intend to do so. As a puppy, clean him every week and teach him to take “Bath” so the puppy can willingly go for a bath every day. To sweeten the deal, give him lots of praise and rewards.

To remove tartar buildup from the teeth of your Cane Corso, brush them at least twice a week. If you want to prevent bad breath and gum disease, daily brushing is even more critical.

Ears should be checked for redness and bad smells every week to rule out an infection. To prevent disease, use a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser to clean your dog’s ears. Do not insert anything in the ear canal. Instead, clean the outer ear.

When your Cane Corso is a puppy, you should start making a habit of brushing and inspecting his teeth. Take care of his paws as dogs can be susceptible to their feet. Also, make sure you look in his mouth. You’ll make grooming enjoyable with praises and rewards. This will help you prepare for when your dog is an adult.

You should inspect your dog’s skin for any sores, rashes, or signs of infection, such as redness, tenderness, or inflammation, on the skin, nose, mouth, eyes, and feet. Clear, dry eyes should not show any redness or discharge. A weekly eye checkup can help you identify potential health issues early. 

Cane Corso dog Temperament 

The Cane Corso dog is a kind of breed that is confident, assertive, and intelligent. Dogs of this breed are loyal and stable, with an even temperament. It is easy to train them. Dogs naturally tend to take over, so the owner should establish the leader role and take control.

Dogs will test boundaries. Cane Corso can be a good companion with children and can work well with other dogs if supervised. And always remember your Cane Corso needs to be active to stay healthy and fit.

Cane Corso will enjoy long walks or running with his owner so try to do that. This breed is a great protector and can be very friendly with its owners. However, they can sometimes act suspiciously or aggressively towards strangers.

Cane Corso Price in India

A Cane Corso price in India starts from Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000. The price of a Cane Corso male or female can vary depending on which one you choose. The final price will also be affected by the color of your fur.

Cane Corso dog
Cane Corso dog

Cane Corso Price in India(State-wise)

States NameCapitalCane Corso price
Andhra PradeshHyderabad (Proposed Capital Amaravati)Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
Arunachal PradeshItanagarRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
AssamDispurRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
BiharPatnaRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
ChhattisgarhRaipurRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
GoaPanajiRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
GujaratGandhinagarRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
HaryanaChandigarhRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
Himachal PradeshShimlaRs 5,000 to Rs 20,000
JharkhandRanchiRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
KarnatakaBengaluru (formerly Bangalore)Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
KeralaThiruvananthapuramRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
Madhya PradeshBhopalRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
MaharashtraMumbaiRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
ManipurImphalRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
MeghalayaShillongRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
MizoramAizawlRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
NagalandKohimaRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
OdishaBhubaneswarRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
PunjabChandigarhRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
RajasthanJaipurRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
SikkimGangtokRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
Tamil NaduChennaiRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
TelanganaHyderabadRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
TripuraAgartalaRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
Uttar PradeshLucknowRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
UttarakhandDehradun (Winter)Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000
West BengalKolkataRs 60,000 to Rs 80,000

Maintenance cost for Cane Corso

Although the Cane Corso’s coat is short, it is double-layered. It is important to note that the climate in which the dog lives will play a significant role in the length of its undercoat. You will be amazed at the Cane Corso’s year-round shed. However, springtime is also when Cane Corsos embody the Fall Season because they shed a lot.

Normally, a Cane Corso should be brushed once per 7 days. However, you should brush your Cane Corso every day during shedding season. To remove dead hair and dirt from your Corso’s body, use a medium bristle brush. Rubber grooming mitts are also a good option.

They’re efficient and can help with new hair growth. The Cane Corso, like all other breeds, needs to have its nails trimmed on a regular basis. You can expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000 depending on the quality of your groomer’s service. So the monthly maintenance cost for this breed we can estimate is approximately Rs 3000 – 6000.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a Cane Corso a good family dog?

 Ans: This breed is often referred to as a “herd” dog, which makes them great companions for small families. They have an extremely high prey drive and are extremely hostile to anything they consider a threat to their freedom. They also have a natural inclination to protect their owners and these traits make them excellent guard dogs.

How dangerous is a Cane Corso dog?

Ans: The Cane Corso dog has a very high prey drive and is considered to be a highly aggressive dog. These dogs are famous for being fearless and having a very headstrong temperament. They often have a rather hostile and surly behavior. Because of this, they can sometimes be very unpredictable and somewhat dangerous.

How strong is the Cane Corso bite force?

Ans: The average Cane Corso bite force is approximately around 700 PSI which is definitely more than many other dogs.

How much does it cost to buy a Cane Corso?

Ans: The cost of Cane Corso depends on where you buy from, You can get it anywhere from Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000 in India.

Do Cane Corso dogs shed a lot?

A low to moderate amount of hair is shed annually by a Cane Corso’s short, coarse double coat. With the exception of shedding season, which normally happens in the spring and fall, when you could notice a spike in shedding

Do Cane Corso dogs make good family pets?

Cane Corsos, who are bred to be guard dogs, may make terrific family dogs with the right socialization. Due to its size and the way it behaves, the Cane Corso is ideally suited for a family with older children.

Do Cane Corso dogs drool?

You shouldn’t worry too much about it because they only drool a lot under specific circumstances. The typical Cane Corso has jowls that are tighter and less pronounced than those of other Mastiff breeds. Jowls are those loose flaps of skin and lips that dangle on each side of a dog’s mouth.

Can Cane Corso dogs swim?

Even though they are not very good swimmers, Cane Corsos like swimming. However, a big factor in determining whether they’ll enjoy swimming or not is how frequently you take them swimming. If kids swim with the entire family, they’ll likely like it (or at least some beloved members).

Where do Cane Corso dogs come from?

The Neapolitan and Cane Corso mastiffs, endemic to Italy, are derived from the canis pugnacious, a breed of Roman combat dog. These two are descended from the canis pugnacious, a prehistoric Roman military dog.

What do Cane Corso dogs look like?

In every way, Corsos are identical to mastiffs: they are enormous and impressive, clever and loving, and fiercely devoted to their owners. Adult Corsos have an imposing height, standing at around 27 inches tall, weighing between 80 and 120 pounds, and possessing a huge, square head and deep chest.

How long do Cane Corso dogs live?

Male Cane Corso Italiano dogs live an average of 9.25 years (IQR 6.97-11.00) while female Cane Corso Italiano dogs live an average of 9.33 years (IQR 7.00-11.31)

How big do Cane Corso dogs get?

Corsi is frightening creatures that have huge head, alert looks, and muscles showing beneath their short, stiff coat. They are approximately 28 inches at the shoulder and frequently weigh more than 100 pounds.

Large Italian dog breeds include the Cane Corso, often known as the Italian Mastiff. The name means “Guardian” or “Protector,” and they are excellent livestock guardians. A Cane Corso weighs between 88 and 120 pounds on average.

A mature female Cane Corso typically weighs 88 to 99 pounds, and a mature male Cane Corso can weigh up to 110 pounds.

Is Cane Corso available in India?

You may find them in large, well-known pet stores. However, it has been observed that the best places to discover multiple trustworthy breeders to find of Cane Corso are in bigger metropolises like Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai.

Can Cane Corso survive in India?

The Cane Corso can withstand extremely high temperatures. It can survive well in a nation like India. For themselves to dwell, the breed needs a large place.

Is Cane Corso legal in India?

The American Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Rottweiler, Neapolitan mastiff, Boerboel, Presa Canario, Wolf dog, Bandog, American Bulldog, Fila Brasileiro, and Cane Corso breeds are prohibited under the order, which became effective on November 15 and is still in effect.

Is Cane Corso friendly?

The Cane Corso is extremely devoted to and friendly toward its own kind. This is not the kind of dog that makes friends with everyone it meets. In fact, they don’t care what other dogs or people outside of their family think of them. They are fiercely devoted to and protective of their own family, nevertheless.

Are Cane Corso dogs aggressive?

Cane Corsos have a tendency to be violent because of their possessive, territorial, and protective temperament. Cane Corsos do not like other dogs or humans that are unfamiliar to them. However, they can become more even and dependable in temperament with constant training and socializing from a young age.

Are Cane Corso dogs dangerous?

Although the Cane Corso never behaves violently without cause, its strong protective instinct might lead it to unduly guard its family and its habitat. It is listed as a hazardous dog in several areas because of this.

Are Cane Corso dogs hypoallergenic?

Cane Corsos do not have hypoallergenic fur. All dogs have saliva and dander, which cause dog allergies. So in theory, a hypoallergenic dog does not exist.

Are Cane Corso dogs intelligent?

A superior defender, the aggressive and self-assured Cane Corso is intelligent, trainable, and of noble demeanor. The Corso is a breed that has roots in ancient Rome, and its name approximately translates from Latin to mean “bodyguard dog.”

Does Cane Corso’s dog get a hip problem?

Health issues with the Cane Corso might be a problem, especially if you aren’t picky about where you buy from. Hip dysplasia, eye issues including entropion or ectropion, demodectic mange, and a propensity for stomach torsion, often known as bloat, are among them.

Does Cane Corsos compete with pit bulls?

However, a dog’s strength must also take into account the rest of its body in addition to the strength of its jaw. The Cane Corso triumphs once more in this aspect! The Cane Corso is not only bigger, but it is also stronger and could easily dominate a Pit Bull in head-to-head combat (not that anyone wants to witness dogs fighting, of course!).

Why does Cane Corso smell?

The most frequent causes of a Cane Corso’s offensive odor include skin conditions, ear infections, gland infections, poor oral hygiene, inconsistent bathing, and rolling in stinky objects on purpose.

What are Cane Corso dogs good for?

noble, wise, devoted, and powerful. These are some of the most typical descriptors for the Cane Corso, an ancient-bred Italian mastiff. Over the course of their lengthy history, Corsos have served as guardians, agricultural laborers, war dogs, large-game hunters, and more due to their massive stature and protective instincts.

Are Cane Corsos safe dogs?

Despite the usually good health of Cane Corsos, reputable breeders check their stock for diseases including hip dysplasia, idiopathic epilepsy, Demodex mange, and atypical eyelids. Bloat, an unexpected, potentially fatal gastrointestinal illness, is more likely to affect large and deep-chested breeds.

Why are Cane Corso’s ears taken off?

By helping to prevent ear infections, multiple appointments to the vet, and antibiotic treatments for your dog, cropping your Cane Corso’s ears can not only help prevent injuries but also lead to a better life for your dog.

Why Are Cane Corsos’ Tails Chopped Off?

Tails are docked solely to stop harm. Cane Corsos are “catch and hold” hunting dogs, which means they have the propensity to bite each other when they are playing and keep biting. It is essential to give them as few handles to bite into as you can since else, they could damage each other.

Cane Corso vs. Dogo Argentino: Which is superior?

It is hard to determine which breed—the Cane Corso or the Dogo Argentino—is superior. Even while these two breeds have a lot in common, they also differ greatly. Based on their physical attributes, dispositions, and temperaments, the Cane Corso and Dogo Argentino have particular requirements.

Cane Corso dog vs german shepherd

The largest of the two breeds is the Cane Corso. He stands an inch higher than the German Shepherd on average. But at his biggest, he may weigh up to 20 pounds more than them. The German Shepherd seems considerably more athletic, whereas the Cane Corso is stockier and squarer in appearance.

Cane Corso dogs and cats get along well?

Although we frequently hear tales of cats and dogs fighting, in our eleven years of rearing the Cane Corso breed, we have never had any issues.

Cane Corso dog vs rottweiler

The Cane Corso and Rottweiler are comparable in many respects. The key distinction is that Rottweilers are more animated and outgoing. The ideal owners of Rottweilers are those who have a lot of time and energy to devote to their dog, as well as those who have small children living in the home.