Cavapoo Dog Price in India & all other expenses

The Cavapoo, a mix between a tiny poodle and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, is described as being like teddy bears, cute, soft, and intelligent. These canines easily fit into any household because of their cheerful attitudes. They are also a fantastic option for allergy patients because of their low-shed coats!

The Cavapoo breed is a loyal friend that is always ready to play with the children or cuddle on the couch. Let’s look into this designer/hybrid breed to find out why they are more and more in demand as both household pets and service dogs.

Origin of Cavapoo

The Poodle is a water dog that excels in flushing and bringing in waterborne birds. They have great intellect and are good swimmers and hunters. Europeans valued them as hunters and enjoyed using them in family photographs since they were seen as a higher kind of dog.

In ancient Rome, Cavaliers were raised as lap dogs for nobles and as companion animals. King Charles the First adored them so much in the 1700s that the breed was named in his honour. They arrived in the United States in the 1940s. In 1995, the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel was approved as a breed by the AKC, making it the organization’s 140th recognised breed.

Following the popularity of the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle, Cavapoos first appeared in Australia in the 1990s. Despite being a more recent designer breed, they quickly rose to become one of Australia’s most well-known dogs. Although the International Designer Canine Registry authorized the crossbreed for registration in 2009, the AKC does not recognise hybrids as breeds.

They proved to be an ideal combination for family-oriented dogs because of their low-shed coats, high intellect, devoted, friendly demeanor, and vitality. The best part was that those with dog allergies could handle them with less symptoms. They were also simple to train and got along well with all family members, even other four-legged pets.

Physical Characteristics of Cavapoo

The wide eyes of a Cavapoo dog are velvety, warm, and welcoming, like molten chocolate. Above a small, short snout with a black button nose on the tip, they are recessed. A Cavapoo receives its long, silky, flopped ears that frame her face and occasionally tufted fur around the lips that makes a fuzzy little mustache from her Cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle parents.

The ultra-fluffy, wavy curls of a Cavapoo’s coat are soft to the touch. Although both of her parents offer a wide range of hues, it is doubtful that she will be tricolored like a classic Cavalier King Charles.

Cavapoo colors, on the other hand, are frequently in a variety of solid tones, such as black, gray, red, brown, tan, beige, and white. Some Cavapoo pups have reddish-brown fur when they are born, but as they become older, their coats change to a different hue! The nose, the tips of the ears and paws, and the chest of a Cavapoo may also have a varied hue.

A Cavapoo’s height and weight range from 9 to 14 inches and 8 to 25 pounds, respectively, depending on whether she is a miniature or toy poodle. Despite the fact that she isn’t quite a little toy breed, she will always be a lapdog who says “If I fit, I sit”!

Temperament of Cavapoo

Breeders of the Cavapoo have created a cross between the hypoallergenic, non-shedding Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the tiny poodle. This implies that a Cavapoo can be your devoted BFF and provide you and your family with lovely attention. It is perceptive to human emotions and recognizes when you require additional canine affection straight immediately.

One of the brightest dog breeds is the poodle, and the Cavalier King Charles is also fairly intelligent. Because of this heritage, your Cavapoo should be simple to train but will require ongoing positive reinforcement to mould her behavior and deepen her attachment to you.

When the Cavapoo puppies are at 8 weeks old, some breeders may start teaching them the fundamentals, but you’ll have a much better-behaved dog if you continue her training with puppy kindergarten and other behavior lessons after she has her shots at 10–12 weeks.

Use it as bonding time and add a tricks or skills session afterward to keep her interested and receptive, since she requires a reasonable amount of daily activity. She will enjoy the spotlight and the chance to demonstrate her skills! Cavapoos have a lot of positive energy and are intelligent, making them excellent therapy dogs.

Due to their intense bond with people, Cavapoos are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for an extended period of time. It normally gets along well with cats and other dogs, especially if it was socialized as a puppy, but the mere presence of these animals in the home won’t make it less attention-seeking.

Unwanted habits like incessant barking, gnawing, and digging might become the default for a worried Cavapoo.

Health of Cavapoo

Typically, cavapoos live around 13 to 15 years. They will be less likely than their parents to experience health issues because they are a mixed breed. This is because the genetic contributions of both parents have been blended, resulting in “hybrid vigour,” which is the better performance of all biological systems. Nevertheless, the following health problems may be more common among Cavapoos:

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), also known as progressive rod and cone degeneration (PRCD), is a set of degenerative eye illnesses that can cause blindness in canines. It is yet unknown what causes this genetic, inherited illness.

The most frequent signs and symptoms are night blindness, aversion to stairs, a desire to explore unfamiliar spaces, or even just walking outside in low light. PRA affects both eyes and has no known treatment. While there is presently no cure for PRA, there are certain modifications that may be made to a dog’s surroundings to enhance quality of life, such as moving the furniture around.

Luxating Patella

The kneecaps frequently slide or luxate in tiny dog breeds and crossbreeds. It is caused by a kneecap deformity or injury and causes the kneecap to leap sideways out of alignment.

Every time this happens, a luxating patella produces discomfort and lameness, with dogs holding up the afflicted limb. Surgery is an option, however the majority of the time, anti-inflammatory medications are used to treat the symptoms of this condition’s inflammation instead.

Congenital Heart Problems

One of the congenital cardiac conditions that Cavapoos may have is mitral valve disease. When the left ventricle of the heart pumps blood to the body, it generates a lot of pressure. The valve may become worn out as a result of this contraction, which will eventually cause it to leak. The murmur that may be auscultated during the consultation with the veterinarian is connected to this leak.


The cost of a cavapoo dog price in India starts from ₹30,000 to ₹1,00,000. Prices may change according to criteria like gender, age, lineage, etc.

Compared to other breeds like the Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, etc. The Cavapoo is frequently imported from outside of India, which contributes to its high price.

Maintenance Cost and all other expenses

Food cost

Dog food will be one of your most frequent expenditures. Don’t choose the first bag of dog food you see at the store, though. We advise you to select a healthy and high-quality infant formula.

A nutritious diet is really one of the greatest and simplest strategies to maintain your dog’s health for many years to come. High-quality dog food typically costs between ₹3,000 and ₹4,000per month, give or take.

Grooming cost

Cavapoos are considered to be high maintenance puppies who require frequent grooming because of their gorgeous, fluffy coats. You may have to pay ₹4,000 to ₹8,000 every time you take your dog to the groomer.

These expenses might pile up really rapidly if you take into account the fact that your Cavapoo needs haircuts every 6 to 10 weeks. However, grooming your Cavapoo at home might save you a considerable sum of money.

However, you will need to spend money on high-quality grooming equipment, such as dog clippers, dog-safe scissors, etc. Regardless of whether you take your Cavapoo to a professional groomer or not, a high-quality brush is something that every owner of a Cavapoo needs.

Vet and Vaccination cost

You should keep up with your puppy’s vaccine schedule and preventative treatment for worms, fleas, ticks, and heartworm during their first year at home. In addition, when your dog reaches puberty, you’ll probably need to take them for a spay or neuter procedure.

These costs might reach ₹1,00,000 throughout the first year. Vet appointments might cost up to ₹41,000 a year in the coming years.

Other costs

Cavapoos need a variety of toys to play with and chew on. Toys for dogs can cost anywhere from ₹2,000 to ₹3,000, or even more if you choose one of the interactive models that engage the brain.

For walks and training, a suitable leash and collar are essential. You may choose a high-quality leash and collar that is pleasant to wear even for extended periods of time with a budget of ₹ 1,000 to ₹3,000.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Cavapoo dogs swim?

Despite the fact that Cavapoos are good swimmers, it is important to keep an eye on them to make sure they are not getting exhausted because toy breeds can lose energy more quickly than bigger breeds. As a result, they might only be able to swim briefly. We advise gradually exposing them to the water in a shallow location.

Are Cavapoos indoor dogs?

Cavapoos might be the perfect pet for an apartment. They are quiet dogs that are neat, don’t require a large yard, and don’t take up much space. You must carefully review your apartment’s dog policies before adopting a dog, including the weight restrictions, the permitted number of pets, and the cost of pet rent.

Can Cavapoo survive in hot weather?

Cavapoos struggle in the sweltering summer heat. Heat sensitivity is a trait shared by both of their parent breeds, and most Cavapoos also have flatter noses than Cavaliers. Even though a healthy adult Cavapoo should be able to walk in temperatures up to 85°F (30°C), it is better to limit their physical activity on hot days.

Personality of Cavapoos

They react well to training and are adaptable enough to fit into most lifestyles because of their pleasant demeanor, intelligence, and flexibility. They are the perfect breed for new dog owners. Cavapoos are active and energetic tiny creatures.

Is Cavapoo dogs hypoallergenic?

Due to their Poodle ancestry, Cavapoos are occasionally touted as hypoallergenic dogs. However, dander, the dead skin cells that all dogs shed, rather than a specific type of dog coat is what actually causes allergies (and people, for that matter).

Is Cavapoo a good dog?

Due to their loving and sociable disposition, Cavapoos are wonderful family companions. They adore interacting with others and have fun playing at home or at parks. They get along well with small children and other pets and are incredibly sociable and versatile canines.

Are the Cavapoo calm dogs?

Cavapoos can easily adapt to a variety of habitations. They may easily adapt to a range of living conditions because of their modest size and quiet nature. To prevent them from barking and upsetting the neighbors, dogs require regular exercise and lots of attention. Daily playtime of 30 minutes keeps children occupied and content.

Are Cavapoo dogs healthy?

Like other breeds, Cavapoos are prone to some health issues. This is merely something to keep in mind; it doesn’t indicate that your dog will definitely develop any certain condition.

Do Cavapoo dogs shed?

Because it is part Poodle, a Cavapoo is not likely to shed, but there is a risk that it may. Unlike dogs who do shed, a Cavapoo’s fur will continue to grow, thus it must be trimmed regularly to prevent overgrowth. Although a Cavapoo does not shed, its fur still has to be brushed once a week.

Do Cavapoo dogs bark a lot?

It’s not common knowledge that Cavapoos bark. Nevertheless, because each dog is unique, some may bark more than others. The amount of socialization a dog has may also influence how much barking they produce.

Do Cavapoo dogs smell?

They don’t smell bad, therefore if yours does, it could be because the hair is overly long and has dirt stuck in it. Trimming and bathing on a regular basis can fix this. Additionally, inspect the ears because the Cavapoo is prone to ear infections, which can cause an unpleasant odor.

How big do Cavapoo dogs get?

A Cavapoo’s height and weight range from 9 to 14 inches and 8 to 25 pounds, respectively, depending on whether she is a miniature or toy poodle.

How to groom a Cavapoo dog?

The Cavapoo inherits the curly, long-growing coat of the Miniature Poodle parent. You should anticipate giving your dog a fast brushing every day and bathing and blow-drying him every two weeks unless this hair is maintained short. Instead, many owners choose to keep their Cavapoos’ hair short, like the Poodle teddy bear cut or a puppy cut.

What do Cavapoo dogs eat?

However, due to their propensity for gaining weight, Cavapoos should consume a diet rich in physiologically suitable proteins, good fats, pulverized bones, and vegetables for maximum health and performance.

Are Cavapoo dogs hyper?

When you get home to be with them, the Cavapoo might become a little hyperactive and start running around the house with joy. They want to sit on your lap just as much as you do, and they will accept as much care as you can give them without being worn out.

Are Cavapoo dogs yappy?

No, Cavapoos don’t bark much. They don’t bark much, but when they do, it’s to let their owners know when someone is around.

Are Cavapoo dogs good with cats?

They get along well with dogs and cats but have a strong need for human company. Due to its constant activity, the Cavapoo requires minimal exercise, yet a pleasant stroll will keep your dog healthy and socialized.

Are Cavapoo dogs high maintenance?

The Cavapoo is known for requiring extensive grooming. To keep their coats looking their best, they require more than a weekly brushing. They don’t smell bad, therefore if yours does, it could be because the hair is overly long and has dirt stuck in it.

Cavapoo dog vs cockapoo

The offspring of a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle is known as cockapoos (or cockerpoos). On the other side, Cavapoos are the result of crossing a poodle with a cavalier King Charles spaniel. The Cavapoo is a smaller dog compared to the cockapoo, which is somewhat bigger (not by much though).

The Cockapoo is normally a bit larger than the Cavapoo, which is a tiny dog breed that is around 12 inches tall. Nevertheless, it is common to encounter Cavapoos that are larger than Cockapoos, so this aspect is probably not one of your top worries when picking a puppy.

Is Cavapoos good for allergies?

The common consensus is that Cavapoos are hypoallergenic canines.

They are a hybrid between a toy or tiny Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Due to their pleasant personalities and hypoallergenic coats, these hybrid dogs have experienced a spike in popularity.

Do Cavapoos have favorite people?

This breed of dog has a strong bond with its family and likes to spend time with them. A Cavapoo is not a fan of being left alone for long periods of time every day, therefore before getting one, you must decide if your lifestyle would work for one.

How many times should a Cavapoo be taken for a walk?

Because they just need a little activity, Cavapoos are the ideal breed for many different types of owners. One daily walk is advised in order to maintain the breed’s health. Small Cavapoo Wilma is happy with her daily stroll of 30 minutes.

How often should you bathe a Cavapoo?

You should bathe your dog more frequently as his coat becomes longer and as your surroundings get dustier or muddier. You only need to give your dog a wash every 4-6 weeks if you keep him in a shortcut. You can wash him as frequently as every two weeks if his hair is long and your yard is dirty.


Cavapoos are terrific dogs for a range of individuals; they are not the little ball of hair that you see on the Internet and they demand a lot of care.

For couples, they work well. And as long as they are active, eager to play with their Cavapoo, and willing to take them outside to expend energy, they are fantastic for single people.

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