Cavapoo Dog Price In India – History and temperament

Cavapoo Dog Price In India: The breed has resulted in a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle crossing to form a Cavapoo. These are little to moderate dogs (15-30 lbs). Cavapoos have a smooth wavy coat that may be straight or curly. Colours can be varied such as cream, black, white, and brown.

Cavapoos are highly intelligent, friendly, and easy to train. They make great pets for a beginner as they are not demanding at all. Cavapoos make good companion dogs, as they tend to love children and associate well with other pets. In this article we will Examine the Cavapoo Dog Price In India. So Let’s get started.

Cavapoo Dog Price In India

Are you curious about the cost of cockapoo in India? You’ve found it! We at Puppiezo provide the finest Cavapoo dog Price in India, in which it ranges from ₹44,000 to ₹100,000, without breaking the bank. All it takes is a click to fulfil your dream of having a friend: our adorable Cavapoo puppies.

Cavapoo Dog Price in India at Different Locations

Location Average Price (INR)
Mumbai 25,000 – 40,000
Delhi 20,000 – 35,000
Bangalore 22,000 – 38,000
Hyderabad 20,000 – 35,000
Chennai 18,000 – 32,000
Kolkata 18,000 – 32,000
Ahmedabad 20,000 – 35,000
Pune 22,000 – 38,000
Jaipur 20,000 – 35,000
Lucknow 18,000 – 32,000


Cavapoo Dogs Background

Although the Cavapoo dog breed may have developed organically over time, in the late 1990s, Australian designer breeders began purposefully combining Poodles with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 

Cavapoo Dog Background Breeding aimed to combine the poodle’s intellect with the gregarious and more laid-back disposition of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Poodles were also used to produce a mixed breed for allergy patients since they generally shed less.

Breeders kept producing Cavapoos as the market for mixed-breed puppies grew. Some Cavapoo mixed breeds have found themselves in shelters or under the care of rescue organisations despite their origins as designer breeds. 

Size of Cavapoo Dogs

The Cavapoo breed is very young, so there are few size criteria. Cavapoos are a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Therefore, their size will vary based on the Poodle parent’s stature.

Most are between nine and twenty-five pounds in weight and between nine and fourteen inches tall at the shoulder. Nevertheless, a lot might be bigger or smaller.

Cavapoo Dogs Characteristics

Cavaloos’ popularity has skyrocketed because of their amiable and endearing nature. They’re a well-liked family dog because of their gregarious, energetic, and loving personality. Nevertheless, the Cavapoo does not enjoy being left alone and, if not raised and trained appropriately, may develop separation anxiety. 

The clever Cavapoo breed craves your approval and admiration above anything else. Because of their eagerness to please, the Cavapoos are easy to teach; cavapoos are excellent in agility and obedience since they are very athletic dogs. Because Cavapoos might be a little connected to you, teaching them how to be alone from an early age is crucial.

Cavapoo Dogs Medical Issues

Although Cavapoos are typically healthy dogs, they may be susceptible to specific health issues that affect both Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. These are some of the most typical health problems that affect Cavapoos:

  • MVD, or mitral valve disease, is a disorder of the heart that affects the mitral valve, which controls blood flow between the heart’s two lower chambers. Several symptoms, such as coughing, breathing difficulties, and fainting, can be brought on by MVD.
  • Retinal Atrophy that Progresses (PRA) is a collection of conditions that can cause eye blindness. Although there is no known cure for PRA, there are medications that can halt the disease’s development.
  • A Dysplastic Hip is a disorder when an improper fit between the hip joints exists. Pain and lameness may result from this. The standard treatments for hip dysplasia include surgery and medication.

Cavapoo Dogs Health

As with any dog, scheduling routine veterinarian examinations for your Cavapoo is essential to identify any health issues early on. You may create a care regimen with your veterinarian’s assistance to keep your dog healthy.

Cavapoos can have cardiac problems if they do not keep a healthy weight because they are somewhat prone to gaining weight. Ensure your dog gets a few pleasant, vigorous play sessions and shorter walks between at least one good half-hour to hour-long walk every day. Check their ears for dirt and bugs daily, and clean them as your veterinarian advice.

Usually, once or twice a month, trim your dog’s nails to prevent them from getting too long. There shouldn’t be a loud clicking sound when they hit the floor. Your stylist can assist you with this. 

Because smaller breeds are more likely to experience dental problems, you should wash their teeth daily. You may learn the proper technique for brushing your dog’s teeth from your veterinarian.

Cavapoo Meals

A diet designed for a small- to medium-sized Cavapoo breed with high energy levels should be created. If you overfeed them, they may gain weight, so you should keep to a regular feeding schedule and avoid leaving food available during the day.

Also, restrict how many sweets they receive. 

As with other dogs, Cavapoos nutritional needs will increase as they age from puppies to adulthood and into old age. Since there is a lot of variation in Cavapoos—such as weight and energy levels — it is advisable that you consult your vet on the best diet for your dog.


Cavapoo dogs are popular in India because they are friendly and love nature. Training is not too troublesome and they become nice family members especially when children are around. Typically, a healthy Cavapoo dog Price in India is anywhere from Rs. 44,000 to Rs. 100,000.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Cavapoo dog?

The Cavapoo breed is a crossbreed consisting of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle breeds. Their reputation is defined by friendliness, love, and intelligence.

What is the price of a Cavapoo dog in India?

This means that a Cavapoo in India sells at the price of between forty five thousand and one lakh rupees Pricing is subject to many considerations including the breeder’s level of expertise and the condition of the dog’s eyes and joints.

Are family-friendly Cavapoo dogs?

Certainly, Cavapoo dogs are for families. They are kind, tolerant, gentle, and caring towards kids. Additionally they can be trained easily and hence serve as good options for first-time dog owners.

How many walkings are enough for a cavapoo? involve a lot of physical exercise.

Cavapoo dogs are very playful and they need at least an hour for physical activity every day. These may consist of walks, fun, and runs in the yard.

Where can I get a certified Cavapoo breeder from India?

It is advisable that one researches for a reliable Cavapoo breeder on the internet instead. A good breeder should be registered with KCI and also have a good reputation. You may also get recommendations from your vet.

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