Chihuahua Dog Breed in India- History, Health, Price

    Come let’s know some details about Chihuahua dogs in this article.

    Dogs are always considered to be a great pet and therefore keeping the dog as your pet is very popular in the world. The most important thing about dogs is that there exists a variety of species or say breeds in dogs and thus people have a choice from a wide range and variety of dogs to keep as their pet.

    It is interesting to know from the internet that there are about 340 dog breeds recognized by the World Canine Organization, and some of the popular breeds among them are Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Bull Dogs, Chihuahua, Rottweilers and many more.

    Today we are going to discuss specifically on the Chihuahua breed which is a rare yet popular breed at the same time. As we move ahead, we will be discussing Chihuahua breed entirely and also the Chihuahua price in India and some of the FAQ’s asked by the people who are already having Chihuahua as their pet or they are looking to make Chihuahua as their pet.

    Chihuahua at a Glance:

    • Breed Group: Companion dogs
    • Height: 7-9 Inches
    • Size: 2-6 Pounds
    • Life: 10-18 years
    • Origin: South America
    • Health Problem which may occur: Shivering, Weak Jaw
    • Coat: Double Coated generally/ smooth and long
    • Behavior: Friendly
    • Training need: Basic training would do


    History of Chihuahua:

    Try searching for the world’s smallest dog on the internet and the result you will get is Chihuahua. Yes, it is true the Chihuahua is considered to be the smallest breed of dog in the world. The name of this beautiful specie of dog originates from the state Chihuahua of Mexico.

    There are many theories about its origin but mostly it is concluded that this breed originates from the southern part of America when there existed Toltec civilization.

    At that time the similar-looking species was known as Techichi which had exactly the same characteristics which the Chihuahua has.

    Nature & Personality:

    The nature and behavior of Chihuahua depend on their genes and therefore because of their small size these are delicate and endangered. These dogs are considered to be a complete family dog or apartment dogs who love people around them.

    With erect ears and shiny eyes, Chihuahua’s spread cuteness and alertness at the same time.  These are considered to be Charming and graceful dogs which are very balanced by nature.

    They are very loyal and prove their companionship towards their owner, also these dogs are overprotective towards their near and dear ones.

    Everyone in his life requires some kind of teachings and training thus the same goes for Chihuahua also. These require very little training and they prove to be an intelligent pet.

    Size & Health:

    Chihuahua’s are generally compact looking and fast-moving dogs. With their graceful appearance, they catch everyone’s attention. The weight range of a male and a female Chihuahua ranges from 2-6 lbs.

    The average height of this specie can be considered as 7-9 inches and are bred for companionship generally. These are not very healthy looking but some of their features are interesting such as erected ears and shorter bodies.

    Health is the main concern in Chihuahua’s as these dogs are prone to different disabilities and infections. These dogs require a good vet as these are infected with eye infections, overweight problems, and many more.

    It is also seen that Chihuahua’s are constantly affected by shivering and thus extra care is needed to be taken during winters and cold weather.

    A good quality dog food and proper vaccination at times can save your pet from getting infected from any disease.

    Grooming Chihuahua:

    It is being a small dog that requires grooming at timely intervals. The coating of Chihuahua’s can be different and therefore different grooming is required.

    The smooth and long-coated Chihuahua requires brushing occasionally with regular hot water bath Trimmed nails and good dental hygiene is also a must-do activity in their case. The ears are erected and therefore removing excessive wax should also be practiced as a part of your Chihuahua grooming session.

    Chihuahua Price in India:

    Chihuahua’s are not that much expensive globally but always remember that a dog’s pricing depends on its quality. The weight, fur quality, and coat are some of the important aspects which determine the cost of a dog.

    Chihuahua’s are generally available at a cost of around $300 globally, but in India, you can find it roughly in Rs 3000-5000. It is because in India Chihuahua’s come in different mixed breeds also and due to atmospheric conditions, they adapt themselves which decreases their price.

    Chihuahua’s are not readily available on the pet shops and stores and therefore one has to pre-book or pre-order if he wishes to have one. The breeder generally imports it from other countries and gives you the best quality Chihuahua.

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    Frequently Asked Question:

    Q1. Why Chihuahua is aggressive?

    Ans: Chihuahua is just pretended to be aggressive as they want others to know that they are also dangerous in their own kind. If you do things that they don’t like they become aggressive.

    Q2. How to pronounce Chihuahua?

    Ans: The name should be pronounced in a little Mexican accent and therefore the Indian style in which we can pronounce the name is Chi-va-va. In some parts of the world, it is also called Chi-hoa-hoa.

    Q3. What is Chihuahua?

    Ans: Chihuahua is the name of the world’s smallest breed of dogs. These dogs are graceful and charming and also, they have a unique look.


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