Chippiparai dog in India – History, Price in 2021

    The Chippiparai dog is a sighthound from Tamil Nadu located in southern part of India. It is always said as the greatly competent and obedient among Indian native dog breeds.

    This dog has normal facilitated sighthound traits with lengthy legs and a thin and supple structure created for speed. Chippiparai dog breed is generally white-colored however it can be found in different colors also.

    It is often found in the areas like Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, and Madurai. Chippiparai dogs is ancient dog breed that is preserve by the local people. This breed is used by the people to chase small animals, especially hare.

    Because of its understanding  ability and obedient behavior the Chippiparai dog has been strongly instructed as police dogs.

    Chippiparai dog History

    The origins of the Chippiparai dog are supposed to be related to a breed of Egyptian hound remembered as Saluki, who is moreover named the Royal Dog of Egypt.

    Likely, these sighthounds attended their owners, who could have been visitors, attackers, or skilled warriors to India; and afterward grew with other local dog breeds. It is similarly a sighthound like Saluki and its big bodily similarity with Saluki brings the relation in the middle of two an extra possibly one.

    Chippiparai dogs earlier made a portion of the king’s escort, committed to maintaining the great outstanding activity of the earlier times i.e. hunting.

    Their perception of vision and speed prepared them a suitable companion for hunting trips. In that period, hounds were likewise used as assets that were dealt with in the form of gifts with gems, clothes, elephants, and many more.

    With the beginning of British ruling, the way their people and produced products, their hounds similarly earned preferential care.

    After also India got independence, the situation of the Indian dog breeds went on deteriorating, and presently have reached to the level that several once a dedicated dog is currently trying for their living.

    One of the things of British rulers was to create the Indian people think poor regarding who they are and what they possess, therefore it came to be manageable for Britishers to create their confident domination.

    Accordingly, every western element appeared to be detected and behaved toward as largely special to everything prepared local or born.

    Chippiparai dog’s traits (height, weight, lifespan, and type)

    The breed has normal facilitated sighthound traits with long legs and has a thin and supple structure created for speed.

    The Height of the Male Chippiparai dog is 63 cm (25 inches) average and the height of the female Chippiparai dog is 56 cm (22 inches) average.

    The weight of a Chippiparai male dog is between 28 and 30 kg whereas the weight of a Chippiparai female dog is between 25 and 28 kg.

    The lifespan of this breed is 13 to 14 years.

    Chippiparai dog’s Temperament

    Chippiparai dogs are loyal, understanding, intelligent, and devoted dogs. They are recognized for their faith as regards the family.

    This dog has been strongly instructed as police dogs because of its understanding and obedient behavior. They are a bit distant in starting but as time passes the dog comes to be friendly. It is also tempered dogs but always stuck to one person and therefore remains devoted to the owner for their lifetime.

    In some situations, the dog also becomes extra defensive regarding the owner or the person they love, being skeptical, and also apart from others. The Chippiparai dogs are not favorable with different tiny creatures and they were used to hunt. They can kill other tinier pets in the family.

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    Chippiparai dog price

    The average Chippiparai dog price in India is Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000. You can get this dog in Tamil Nadu in cheaper rate.

    Chippiparai dog food

    High-protein mixtures will be decent for this skinny, strong dog. Some of the brands which supply high-protein dry foods are Royal Canine, Blue Buffalo, and Victor.

    Chippiparai puppies will require less food than an adult dog,  according to age, nearly two cups of dry food each day, halved into three meals till six months whereas Adult Chippiparai’s will require three cups of dry food each day, halved into two meals.


    There is numerous stuff discussed here that you must know before buying this Chippiparais dog. The breed has eyes set in like a manner as to provide them a 270° distance of vision- largely extra than maximum different varieties.

    However, the initial aspect that people note is the dog is too skinny, but there is nothing to worry they have not hungered.

    Their weight is not from body fat but Greatly of their strength is from their bones and muscles. Read the entire article and understand the Chippiparai dog’s height, weight, lifespan, breed, temperament, diet, and price in India.


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