Corgi Dog Price in India & other maintenance costs

Hey! If you have a desire on adopting or buy an exotic looking Puppy, these small dog breeds might be on your list.

Selecting the type of dog breed to adopt is exciting, chiefly when you could realistically spend hours searching through photos of dogs rolling over in the grass with the cutest puppy grins on their adorable faces.

Then Corgi Dogs are exactly what you are looking for. Corgi dog is the pet owner’s first choice. Thus, to help you out becoming an owner of Corgi Dog in India, the following article will provide you with all the necessary details about these cuties.


Theories about the corgi’s origin differ among experts, but it is commonly believed that the breed dates back to around the 10th century. One theory is that Flemish weavers brought the breed’s ancestors to Wales. Some believed they are the descendants of Swedish Vallhund. They have been part of life in Wales for more than 1,000 years.

For herding, companion, and/or guard dogs, Corgis were developed in Wales. There are noticeable similarities between Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgis, and these breeds were actually crossed in the past.

Queen Elizabeth II also was a pet parent of Corgis. She had been a Corgi owner since her father gave her one in 1933. They hold a special place at Buckingham Palace.

Some Corgis are born with only a stub of a tail. Usually, Corgis had their tails docked, as this would show the dog was a working dog and exempt from taxation as a pet dog.

Size and shape of Corgi Dogs

Corgi is a strong, athletic and energetic little herder who is warm and friendly without being needy. They are known to be one of the world’s most popular herding dogs.

The size is 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder and 27 to 30 pounds, it’s a big dog in a small package.

Little but strong legs, muscular thighs, and a deep chest equip it for a hard day’s work. Built long and low, Corgi is amazingly quick and lively. They can be of various colours with or without white markings. The Corgi is a bright, sensitive dog who enjoys playing with his Howman family and responds well to training.

They are alert watchdogs, with sharp senses, and bark loudly.

Temperament of Corgi Dog

Corgis are affectionate dogs that form a strong friendship with their owners. They are clever and joyful.

They in general get on well with children and other pets; they have been known to pinch the ankles of small children. Furthermore, they are vocal dogs, and they make fine guard dogs, they do tend to bark at guests as well. They can live in small flats, but would ideally prefer to have some outside space. They don’t like to be unaccompanied for long periods, but they can adjust with training and plenty of positive support.

It’s good to give them their own company for small periods during training so that they can get used to being by themselves.

When they are so young and friendly, it’s a good idea to introduce your Corgi to other dogs, people, and livestock as well as car travel and unfamiliar noises, such as traffic.

Lifespan: 12-13YEARS

Corgi Dog Price in India

Corgis are quite an expensive dog breed, since it has an exotic appearance and are very active dog and also rare in India, its price starts from 30k to 1lakh.

The Price differs from place to place, breeder to breeder.

Depending upon the quality, size, and health of the Dog.

If you’re planning to adopt a Corgi from shelter homes in India, then you need to have strong luck, as this breed is very rare in India as well as you won’t see one as a street dog.

Though hard to get one from shelters, you might get one from breeders only if you are willing to buy one.

Corgi Dog Price in India (State Wise)

22.Allahabad (Prayagraj)₹30,000-₹55,000


Expenses related to Corgi Dog

Corgi Food Cost

Corgi dog food depends on good food. The cost of food ranges from ₹1k to ₹4k per month.

Food should be full of vital nutrients and vitamins for daily life. Homemade food will cost a little less, but it will reduce the quality of your dog’s breed.

Corgi Grooming Cost

Corgi has short-to-medium size hair covering their bodies. Due to their small size and lack of hair, they did not need to be groomed daily.

Daily hygiene of Corgi is important as they’re playful house dogs. A corgi is a dog whose body is not hairy. This type of dog is straightforward to care for because it has no hair on its body. It doesn’t require daily maintenance, and if you do, you can maintain it once or twice a week. Pembroke Welsh Corgi grooming costs ₹1k to ₹3k rupees a month.

Grooming helps in maintaining skin & hair health well, fights bacteria, and germs, and also helps in fighting against infections and diseases. Makes the dog active and well-developed.

Corgi Training Cost

The average training session for dogs ranges from ₹5k to ₹10k  and will include all training activities and treats on the trainer menu.

Corgi is a vicious dog that can harm children if not trained. For that reason, this dog requires good training.

You need to hire a good and qualified trainer to train your dog properly. As a result of training, the dog must obey the words and commands of its master.

Advantages of training: The dog obeys the orders of the owner. The dog will be very loyal to the owner, The dog will protect you from thieves.

 Registration Cost

Pet registration in India has become compulsory and mandatory for every parent who has a pet in India. To ensure the pet’s safety, this is very important. The average cost of registering a dog is around ₹2k a year, prices change from time to time.

Insurance Cost

The average cost of insurance for Corgi dogs in India ranges from ₹200 to ₹10k  per month. The charge for insurance depends on the insurance policy purchased by the dog owner.

Corgi Vet Cost

The average cost of a Vet for a Corgi in India ranges from ₹2k to ₹3k per Vaccination. If you take good care it won’t cost you much.

Corgi dogs are not prone to illness, but if they become sick, they recover very quickly. The vet cost of the Corgi dog is deducted depending on the Veterinarian of your city and how much he charges you.

Final Words

In this above article, you have been informed about the price of Corgi dogs in India. The price of dogs in India keeps on increasing and decreasing, and every city has different prices.

All the good wishes for adding the Corgi to your family and becoming a happy parent of a cute CORGI!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do corgi dogs shed a lot?

Because of their thick coat, which has two layers of hair, corgis do shed a lot. Throughout the year, this breed of dog sheds, with peak shedding seasons occurring twice a year.

Do corgi dogs bark a lot?

Yes, Corgis have a reputation for excessive barking. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi are the two breeds. It depends on a number of things, however, some might not bark as often as others.

Do corgi dogs have tails?

While some Pembroke Welsh Corgis from remote areas are born with naturally short tails, the majority frequently have their tails docked between 2 and 5 days of age due to historical custom or to meet Breed Standard requirements.

Can corgi dogs swim?

Both the Cardigan Welsh corgi and the Pembroke Welsh corgi like swimming, however, neither breed is a good swimmer. This is caused by the triangular chest, lengthy body, and abnormally small legs. It is therefore better to allow them to splash around in shallow water.

Can corgi dogs live outside?

Like other dogs, corgis like being outside, but they shouldn’t be left there continuously or for lengthy periods of time alone. Although they may like being outside, they will let you know by barking that being outside with you, their devoted parent, is the best place to be.

Can Corgis survive in India?

Corgis do well in Indian climates, yes.

They are more comfortable in cold climates, but they are also less sensitive to India’s frequent heat and humidity. Corgis are generally simple to handle, which is one of the reasons they make excellent pets.

Do corgis need another dog?

Corgis may get along well with any other canines in your home with early socialization. Although it could take some time, they will eventually become acclimated to living with other dogs or cats. Corgis, though, can become violent with unfamiliar canines and won’t back down from a battle.

Are corgis dog friendly?

Since corgis are inherently energetic, they may exercise their impulses and herd the family, including kids and other pets, if they are not properly trained or exercised. She wants to please her family and, with the right socialization, she could be able to make friends with others.

Why corgi is the best dog?

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is regarded as one of the friendliest little house dogs and makes a devoted and devoted family companion. They are renowned for their intellect and energy at work as well. Many Pembrokes participate in canine sports, including obedience, conformation, agility, and herding.

Are Corgis suitable as family pets?

This breed is extremely loving, and devoted, and loves spending time with its family. Additionally, corgis require constant human contact to prevent destructive behavior, making them ideal for households with kids or stay-at-home mothers.

Are corgi dogs aggressive?

Although corgis are not inherently aggressive dogs, some situations may cause them to lose their cool or act violently. Pembroke Welsh Corgis have a history of being a little aggressive among dogs and cats they don’t know, according to a prior study.

Are corgi dogs expensive?

Since they frequently require pricey vaccines and other medical care, corgis are recognized as being more expensive breeds (this is in the first year of ownership).

Are corgi dogs hypoallergenic?

The corgi breed does not tolerate allergies. This breed of dog is likely to set off your immune system and result in allergy symptoms if you are sensitive to dog dander. It is a hefty shedder, after all.

Are corgi dogs smart?

Corgis have active minds.
They are clever and simple to teach, much like the majority of herding breeds. In fact, Stanley Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs ranks them as the eleventh smartest breed. Corgis are excellent at agility, obedience, tracking, and herding, of course.

Are corgi dogs welsh?

The Welsh Corgi is a tiny breed of herding dog that has its roots in Wales (/kri/ or Corgi, plural Corgis, or rarely the etymologically coherent Corgwn; /krun/). The Welsh words cor and ci, which are mutated to gi and signify “dwarf” and “dog,” respectively, are the source of the term corgi.

What’s a corgi dog look like?

Both Welsh corgis have fox-like heads and upright ears. They are petite, short-legged canines. The Pembroke has pointed ears and a short tail, whereas the Cardigan has long ears with rounded ends. Both are capable farm dogs that make excellent protection dogs and friends.

What were corgi dogs bred for?

Welsh people have always employed Pembroke Welsh Corgis as herding dogs, household pets, and farm protectors. These canines are still skilled herders today.

What are corgi dogs mixed with?

These companions—the Corgi bred with Huskies, Australian Shepherds, Poodles, and Chow Chows—acquire some of the greatest traits from both of their parents. Corgis are a delightful dog breed that most people can’t help but enjoy. They are affectionate, intelligent, and attentive.

Is corgi dangerous?

In general, corgis are not aggressive dogs. However, they may become hazardous, especially as adults, if their innate hostility is not handled, controlled, and corrected with suitable and sufficient training. Early on in life, it’s crucial that you educate your corgi on appropriate behavior.

Is Corgi a lazy dog?

They don’t live on the sofa. Going back to genetics, corgis were developed to herd animals and labor in fields all day. As a result, they have a lot of energy, and some of them are (nearly) impossible to exhaust.

When do corgis stop being puppies?

Some Corgi puppies grow as they age, and some start to settle down when they are between one and two years old. However, temperament is more complex than simply age. It is based on their level of training, level of activity, and amount of stimulation.

When do corgis come into heat?

Once they reach sexual maturity, corgis, like other “unfixed” female dogs, will experience their first heat. Both Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigans Welsh Corgis commonly experience this between the ages of 9 and 11 months. Some corgis might go into heat before 9 months, while others might wait until after 11 months.

How much corgi dog cost?

Due to the scarcity of this breed in India, corgis are an expensive breed of dog to possess. It might range from 30,000 to 1,000,000 Indian Rupees.

How big is a corgi dog?

Adult Pembroke Welsh corgis range between 23 and 28 pounds and are between 10 and 12 inches tall (10 to 13 kilograms). They reach their adult size around a year old, however, some continue to grow until two or even three. Corgis have double, short coats that are waterproof.

Are corgis high-energy dogs?

Cardigan Welsh corgis are clever, somewhat energetic, and activity-loving dogs, much like any other herding breed. If reared with children, other dogs, and other pets, they get along well with them but watch out for their sporadic inclination to herd others.

Are Corgi good for first-time owners?

Although they are often gregarious and amiable dogs, they require much early socialization to become truly at ease and trustworthy. They are extremely intelligent, quick, and skilled in dog sports like agility. If this is your first dog, training MUST be a priority for you!

Is a corgi a medium or large dog?

The Pembroke Welsh corgi is a short-stretched, sturdy-built herding dog that ranges in size from small to larger. The Pembroke is well known for its low-set body, huge upright ears, and stubby tail. It is also known for being a great companion.

Does Corgi have separation anxiety?

Corgis are friendly creatures who adore receiving attention from their owners. Although corgi pups are extremely lively and mischievous, it is typical for them to have separation anxiety when their parents go away or are otherwise not paying attention to them.

Are Corgis hard to potty train?

A few weeks should be enough time for your Corgi to be successfully potty trained if you are persistent and consistent with his schedule and training. Revert to his toilet training schedule’s fundamentals if there are a few hiccups along the road so that the behaviour is reinforced.

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