Dachshund dog breed in India,dachshund price in India

Dachshund dog breed in India: The Dachshund is one of the hound variety of dog breeds and it will be much friendly. It will cost from 4k to 15k. The origin of this breed in the 15th century and its origin is Germany. The colors are black, black-tan, chocolate & tan, cream, tan, blue & tan, chocolate & cream, and tan.

The standard size 7.3 to 15kg and lifespan around 15 years. There are many varieties in these categories they are long-haired, smooth-haired, wire-haired, miniature long-haired, miniature smooth-haired and miniature wire-haired. The life span of this dog is around 15 years and the litter size 4-8 puppies. The dachshund was for hunting purposes small prey like rabbits. The dachshund was also much useful to keep our agricultural farm to protect from rats. okay, let us look about the characteristics of the dachshund.

Characteristics and appearances of Dachshund dog breed in India:

Low to the ground, short-legged, long-bodied but sturdily build and well-muscled with a bold and challenging head carriage and intelligent expressions. In spite of the shortness of limb in comparison to its body length, the dachshund should either appear crimpled, clumsy or restricted in movement and nor slim, tucked up and weasel-like.

Head: long as viewed from above and in profile, tapering symmetrically to the nose, clean and sharply chisels. the forehead is slightly arched and almost without stop more typical than, sloping to the finely formed, slightly arched bridge of the nose. the superciliary arches over the eyes should strongly prominent. nasal cartilage and bridge of noses are narrow and long. Lips slightly stretched and well over the jaw, which should be neither too deep nor too pointed, the corners of the mouth not very marked. nostrils will open. the jaws open widely and are hinged well back of the eyes with strongly developed teeth and jaw bone. strong, well-fitting canines. scissor bite and even bite are equally acceptable

Medium size, oval, set obliquely, with a clear, lively, yet friendly expression, not piercing. The color should be lustrous, dark reddish-brown to blackish-brown to all color coats. wall eyes, china blue, fish silver grey or pearl eyes, in grey or dappled dogs, are not serious faults but are not desirable.

Set high but too far forward, of moderate length but not too long, beautifully rounded, not narrow, pointed or folded and very mobile; the forward edge lies close to the check.

Fairly long, clean muscular cut, not showing any deep law, slightly arched in the nape, carried proudly.

To be able to endure the strenuous work underground, the forequarters should be muscular, compact, deep, long and broad.

Pastern joints:

Should be slightly closer to each other than the shoulder joints.

should be neither too straight nor too sloping as viewed in profile.

Tight and well-arched with tough pads.

Four of the five toes are used to tread. Tight with pronounced arch to each toe; with strong long nails and tough pads.

Categories of Dachshund dog breed in India:

There are three coat varieties they are Short haired dachshund, wire-haired dachshund, and long-haired dachshund.

Short-haired dachshund: The coat is short, dense, shiny, flat to the body, no bald patches showing, specific faults are. too fine or thin hair, leathery ends at the ears, bold patches, too coarse too thick hair in general. The tails are tapering, well but not too rich covered with hairs. somewhat longer hair on the other side is an indication of the tendency towards a partially good coat and is not faulty. A brush tail is faulty, as is a partial or complete hairless tail. The dual colored dachshunds are deep black, brown, grey or white each with rust-brown or yellow above the eyes. The one-colored dachshund is red, reddish-yellow and yellow, nail with or without shading of interspersed black hair. The dappled colors are Tiger, brindle. the color coat of the tiger shades is light and brownish grey, brown, reddish-yellow or black color.

wire-haired dachshund:
The general appearance is some of that short-haired dachshund. all colors are permitted. a white marking on the chest is permissible, however, not desirable. otherwise the same standards as for shorthaired dachshund

Long-haired dachshund;
The differentiating characteristics between longhaired and short-haired is solely the longer, silky coat. The coat is soft, shiny hair has longed under the neck, the feathering of the body and the ears and form an exceptional feathering on hindquarters and tail, should attain its greatest length at the underside of the tail. Hair should not befall beyond the lower edge of the ears; short hair and called leather edges, are not desirable. too much hair at the feet called fins is not beautiful and render dog unfit for the intended work.

Separation according to weight for show classes:

  • Male weight over 7kg, females over 6 kg in heavy.
  • light schwerer Schlagkg male weight is 7kg and females are 6 and 1/2.
  • The miniature dachshund weight over4kg and female 3 and 1/2kgs.


At the age of 15months normal size.

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