Dog festival in china : yulin dog meat festival in china

Dog festival in china: The Lychees and Dog meat festival is also popular as the Yulin Dog meat festival. The event organizes in Yulin, a city in Guangxi province of China is an annual celebration happens during the Summer Solstice. The event is popular among Chinese where they get a chance to eat dog meat and lychees along with cat meat and also liquor.

Today in our article, we will discuss all this festival, what is it, where it takes place, why is the event occurring in a remote part of southern china gains so many controversies in recent years?

Dog festival in china
Dog festival in china

What is a dog festival?
As mentioned on the top, the Lychee and Dog meat festival is an annual 10  days festival. It is a popular event where more than 10,000 dogs are eaten. Along with dog meat, all the festival-goers also get a chance to enjoy cat meat, fresh lychees, and liquor.

Where does this event take place?

The dog meat festival takes place in Yulin, a city in Guangxi province of China. This city gives this festival a “Yulin Dog meat festival” name.

When does it take place?

The event runs from the 21 to 30 June that is considered one of the hottest week of the year.

How did it start?

The beginning of the festival is believed to be from 2009 to mark the summer solstice. The reason behind this festival is the faith among Chinese Folklore that eating dog meat during the summer months brings luck and good health. This faith makes dog meat-eating a tradition in China.

Also, people there believe in the fact that eating dog meat is beneficial to heighten men’s sexual performance and to ward off diseases.

Controversies surrounding this dog meat festival.

This dog meat festival of china has gained widespread negative coverage not only in China but also internationally.

Many activists claimed that there is inhumanely slaughter of dogs using clubs in public and they also reported that the hygiene practice there also does not fall in line with Chinese regulation.

Others reported that the dog brought in this festival are in cramped conditions. Many festival visitors also complain that they have seen some animals with collars indicating they are stolen pets.

 Is this Dog festival in china seen differently?

Eating dog meat is not illegal in China. The custom of a dog eating in China can be traced back to at least 400 years. It is estimated that around 20 million are slaughtered for human consumption.

But nowadays, many animal activists, younger Chinese citizens and also some celebrities have been raising their voices on social media to stop eating dog meat. There is also increasingly vocal about opposing dog eating festival.

Will activists win and see this event stopped?

Currently, the winning chances of activists are looking less. US activists claimed for the ban on the sale of dog meat during this festival but the news has proven wrong.

The Yulin Municipal government showed its inability to stop this festival as it does not exist as an official event.     

Animal welfare concerns

The organizers of this festival claimed that they are adopting humane and hygienic methods in slaughtering the dog. Also, they compared that eating dog meat is not different from eating pork.

However, animal welfare activists and campaigners claimed for the cruel behavior with dogs.

Also, the allegation has surfaced that the organizers tortured and boiled the dogs alive to enhance their taste. There is also a complaint that the dogs there appeared to be stolen household pets.

Why does not the government stop this Dog festival in china?

According to Chinese authority, the dog meat festival does not exist officially. Also, eating dog meat is not illegal. So the authority is unable to take any action against them. Technically the fact is correct.

The only way to stop this cruelty is by banning eating dog meat in China. There is a continuous increase in trend toward caring for animal companions in the home. Various animal activists speculate the growing opportunity to stop dog and cat meat across the country.


As every aspect has two mindsets. For this dog meat festival also, different peoples think differently.

Some peoples have a strong emotional relationship with dogs and they see them as better being then other animals. Some claimed the fact that dogs evolved alongside humans and are man’s best friend.

While another mindset considers eating dog is nothing worse than eating pork or poultry. According to the evolution of dogs alongside humans does not mean that all humans are emotionally attached to dogs. They argue with the fact that if a person consumes dog meat means they probably don’t adopt dogs as their friends.

Keeping this debate among protesters and supporters, I personally don’t support this festival. Not because I am emotionally attached to dogs and hate their consumption as meat, but because of the way they do this and where the dogs come from. I am protesting the unnecessary torture given to the animal and also many dogs seem to be kidnapped pets. Even if there were goats instead of dogs, I will protest that the same way as I am protesting dog meat festival.

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