English Mastiff Price, appearances , characteristic and history

English Mastiff: In the list of most ancient breeds of dogs, the name of the English mastiff is also listed. This breed is sometimes referred to as Old English mastiffs, but they are purebred dog.

The dog is the perfect companion for anyone, but you will need to develop the power to accommodate their great size and don’t mind a little drool along here and there.

This dog is not for first-time dog owners. But if you are looking for a big dog with lots of love to give you, this is an ideal pooch for you.

History of English Mastiff:

Molasser is one among the most ancient type of dogs which are considered as ancestors of English Mastiffs. They are said to be originated from mountains of Asia, perhaps in Tibet or northern India.

The ancestors of this dog had been used to guard flocks against predators in those cold and high passes.

Mollassers are said to be solidly built with heavy bones, a well-muscled neck, a short muzzle, and hanging ears.

The mastiff-type dogs have been described in the human records for ages. Mastiff type dogs are said to be served as guards, war dogs and entertainment for millennia.

Characteristics of English Mastiff:

The breed we are discussing comprises of massive, powerful and muscular dogs. Like their ancestors, Mastiffs are also massive bodies with a heavy head, short muzzle, and drooping jaws.

The coat os mastiffs are coarse and moderately short. The color option you will get is fawn, apricot, and brindle.


The dog despite its big size is

still good-tempered. He is among the most loving and affectionate type dog who needs only love from their family. The dog is popular for its calm demeanor that makes this dog an ideal companion for old children. We are not recommending this breed for toddlers because of their huge size.

This breed is a bit suspicious toward strangers and is more protective of his family. Still, they bark infrequently. But a well-trained mastiff has a better knowledge of socialization and behave normally with strangers.

We can say this is a perfect combination of grandeur, courage, good nature and docility.

But the temperament of mastiff depends on multiple factors which include heredity, training, and socialization.

Well-tempered puppies are playful and curious. While selecting a puppy, you should select the middle of the road puppy and avoid who is beating up their littermates and also not who is trying to hide in the corner.


The breed is general health but still, some are prone to certain diseases. Not all mastiffs are prone to these diseases but it is essential to aware you if you are considering this breed.

Hip dysplasia, progressive retinal dystrophy, seizures, cystinuria, bloat, cancer are certain health conditions that are more common in this breed.

Bloat is a life-threatening condition and quick action is required in this case.

Before selecting Mastiff’s pup, you should thoroughly study the family history and get aware of the disease running in their pedigree.


Since this dog is large-sized so proper diet is essential for their growth. Good quality manufactured dog feed is sufficient to deliver all essential nutrients. You can also go for homemade dog feed consisting of more energy-giving ingredients, proteins and some amount of fat along with minerals and vitamins. The homemade dog feed should be given only after approval by a veterinarian.

You should always give a balanced diet to keep your dog in their best shape.


Mastiff breed is a large-sized breed and can adapt in any condition. But their performance can be an increase in a home with a fenced yard.

Nail trimming should be regular otherwise it may trouble your companion in walking. You should brush the teeth of your this mute companion at least two or three times a week.

Their ears are more prone to infection so they should be regularly checked for bad odor or any infection.


This breed does not require much exercise. One walk of 30 to 35 minutes is sufficient to satisfy this breed. As they are a large breed, they are not a good companion for jogging. Also, running can lead to joint damage. So walking is the best way to provide exercise to this breed.

Puppies of this breed are more active and playful. They need a fenced yard to play but until they reach their physical maturity by 18 months, you should limit their playing behavior otherwise they could damage their still-growing bones, muscles, and tendons. After 18 months, you can increase their exercise moderately.


Early socialization and puppy training is an important factor that decides their future temperament. We highly recommend you for crate training. This will save you from their destructive behavior and will also keep them out of trouble.

This is an intelligent breed and can be easily house trained. But proper training will help them learn to control their bladder and bowels.

The breed loves chewing and they chew anything that smells good. So you must make them learn, what is good for them to chew and what they should not chew.

They must be training in mastiff is obedience training otherwise ill-tempered mastiff sometimes becomes unmanageable.

English Mastiff Price: The English mastiff price range varies from  Rs 13,000 to Rs 18,000.

To know more about price details you can always check our dog price list.


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