Feeding schedule of dogs : Time table to feed your dog in a day

Feeding schedule of dogs: The application of a hard and fast regimen for the feeding of the dog is quite difficult.

We always recommend the individual dog owners to maintain the dogs on the food materials ordinary prepared in the house rather than preparing special food for dogs.

Pups should be weaned from mother at six to eight weeks of age. After weaning, a combination of cow’s milk, water, egg yolk, glucose should be fed at intervals is the best substitute for the dam’s milk, Goat milk can also be used as a good substitute for pups.

After weaning, for 2 to 3 days, the pup will be crying. With the impression that the pup is crying because of hunger, never overload them with milk and biscuits. It often results in indigestion.

Feeding schedule of dogs with homemade food

MonthsNo. of times
1-26 times
2-35 times
3-44 times
4-53 times
5-72 times


Fresh bread, good quality dog biscuits, Rusk, boiled eggs, soup, porridge (Wheat flour, oats, soybean or ragi cooked in milk) may be fed in early puppyhood.

Avoid feeding the so-called “Dogmeat” available in the market as far as possible at least up to six months of age.

Feeding of boiled rice may lead to a potbellied appearance in dogs. So we recommend feeding rice only after three months of age.

It is preferred to offer the main meal sometimes in the afternoon rather than during the night since dogs tend to sleep after a heavy meal.

Cooking and warming the food after chopping it makes it more palatable and digestible.

The dog food should contain 30% meat and the rest cereals, vegetables, milk, egg, bread, etc. You can add vegetables like carrots, beetroots, etc in your pet’s diet.

You can feed your dog with chicken and fish. But don’t forget to remove bones.

For rearing a dog as a vegetarian vegetable soup, soybean meal, chapatti, idli, etc would be an ideal choice.


Feed Requirement chart(Feeding schedule of dogs)


Body weightApproximate requirement of feed in kg


Various feed for a dog is:

The feed of animal origin

Meat, milk, products, fish and fish meal, poultry and poultry products, chicken, processed byproducts. 

The feed of plant origin

Wheat, barley, oats, rice, millets, cereals by-products, pulses and byproducts, fruits and vegetables.

Feed supplements and additives

Common salt, mineral mixture, vitamin supplement, calcium syrup, multivitamins, probiotics, anti-oxidants, etc.

 A Feeding schedule of dogs (mature dogs)


S.NoBody weight (Kg)Daily Food requirement (gm.)
CerealsMeatGreen vegetables of legume podsMilk
1. 05 1005050-60100
2. 10 1505060-80100
3. 15 20010080-100100
4. 20 300100100-150
5. 25 400100100-150
6. 30 450150100-150
7. 40 500150150-200
8. 50 600200200-300
9. 60 700200200-300
10. 70 and above 800200200-300


1 or 2 eggs should be fed daily (boiled egg) if meat/ milk is not given.

Pregnant bitch requires more nutrition because the development of litter takes place in the terminal trimester.

A feeding schedule of Pregnant bitch

S.NoBody weight (Kg)Daily Food requirement (gm.)
CerealsMeatGreen vegetables of legume podsMilkBone (Skimmed)
1. 10 2005050-60100Fresh long bone of sheep, goat, cattle or buffalo
2. 15 25010060-80100
3. 20 35010080-100100
4. 25 450150100-150100
5. 30 550150100-150100
6. 40 600150100-150
7. 50 700200150-200
8. 60 and above 800200200-300


So this was a complete diet schedule you can follow for your pet. Hope this article is helpful to you. Don’t hesitate to ask any query related to your pet. Also make sure to like, share and comment on the diet schedule you follow for your dog.

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