French Mastiff price in India [2023] – History, Temperament

In this post, we have mainly mentioned the french mastiff price in India as well as its history, characteristics, lifespan, etc. French Mastiff dogs are known for their imposing size and strength. Their muscular bodies are naturally strong, so it is not surprising where their strength comes from.

In the old days, they were originally used to utilize their muscular power for hauling heavy materials or to use their sheer strength to pull carts. But because of careful breeders’ efforts over time, French Mastiffs have developed into a very harmonious and friendly dog with an even-tempered personalities.

If you want to own one, there are several factors that you need to consider before making the final decision. First of all, you should take your lifestyle into consideration.

You should determine your lifestyle to see if the lifestyle would accommodate French mastiff exercises. For example, if you are constantly on the go, you should avoid getting a dog that will only require minimal exercise needs such as taking short walks or simply playing around the house.

Basic Information

  • Lifespan: 5 – 8 years
  • Origin: France
  • Temperament: Devoted, Even Tempered, Vigilant, Loyal, Companionable, Courageous
  • Height: Male: 60–67 cm, Female: 57–65 cm
  • Colors: Fawn, Mahogany, Red
  • Weight: Male: 54–65 kg, Female: 54–65 kg

French mastiff history

The history of the French mastiff dog breed can be traced back as far as the middle ages in France. They were initially used by farmers and royalty, though today they are used for different purposes such as police dogs, assistance dogs, and guide dogs.

You’re not the only one who was introduced to Dogues de Bordeaux by Turner and Hooch (1989), starring Tom Hanks and DDB (drooling, scene-stealing DDB). These beautiful dogs have been around since the 1980s. The Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the oldest French breeds. The details can get fuzzy when you look back at your Dogue’s history.

French mastiff

Dogues are an indigenous French breed that evolved over thousands of years. Do they descend from the Neapolitan mastiff or Tibetan mastiff? Are their ancestors brought to France by Roman soldiers in the first century B.C.? As war dogs and gladiators. Perhaps we’ll never know.

Their path becomes clearer once we get out of the past. There were two sizes of the Dogue de Bordeaux: Dogues (called Dogues).

The historical record of the Doguin has been wiped out in the 1700s, proving that sometimes bigger is actually better.

This is logical when you consider the enormous dogs that were used to protect the estates of French aristocrats during the late 18th century. However, the French Revolution forced them to leave their jobs when their wealthy masters were killed or imprisoned.

The breed survived the upheaval, and was able to find new uses as livestock drivers, earning them the nickname “butcher’s dogs”. The Dogue de Bordeaux was still relatively unknown in America until Hollywood made it famous. They have grown in popularity and were registered by the American Kennel Club in 2008.

French Mastiff Health

One of the first health problems seen in this breed was Aortic Stenosis. This is an inflammation of the upper part of the heart or atrium. Some experts feel that it is a genetic disease but it can also be caused by genetic defects due to the dog’s diet. Aortic stenosis can lead to heart failure and can cause the French mastiff health problems listed above.

You should give your French mastiff a health check every year to make sure that the coat is growing properly and that the skin is not sagging. If you see your dog has a grey coat, it should be trimmed every six to twelve weeks. It is also important to keep the fur saver on the molt. You can get a plastic bag and tie the dog up with it, or you can use a cloth hanger.

French Mastiff Diet

If you are considering a French Mastiff diet, you should know that weight loss is just one of the benefits that come from eating this type of dog. You will also discover that your Mastiff makes a great family pet and enjoys spending time with children and other animals. They are intelligent, loyal, and friendly dogs, but they also need to be fed correctly to keep their energy level high and their weight in check.

If your Mastiff is a natural eater, he will probably eat whatever you put in front of him. He needs a varied diet, so do not think that just by reducing his mealtimes, he is suddenly going to lose weight. This is actually quite the opposite. In fact, it can even make him hungrier, so any weight loss you experience is likely from decreased appetite.

French Mastiff Grooming

A very important part of mastiff grooming is learning how to properly care for your pet. Although this breed is an excellent choice for many people, they require special care in order to remain healthy and happy. Proper grooming includes clipping on any moles, as well as an ear cleaning and de-matting. The owner must be knowledgeable about the proper care to ensure that they do not inadvertently cause damage. Properly clipping moles and fleas are essential to prevent sickness and infections.

French mastiff

Another key to mastiff care is keeping the dog clean. Mastiffs like to chew on things, including anything they can get their fingers on. They are also capable of ripping the clothes off of you. Because of this, it is crucial that the proper steps are taken when training your new dog. It is always best to bathe your mastiff regularly to avoid infections from forming.

If proper care is not taken in the beginning stages of training, the results will be minimal. The owner will also need to understand that they do not have the right to bark at their dog when it is barking. As with other dogs, the louder a dog sounds the more dominant it is. This is why many owners have issues training their dogs.

French mastiff price in India

The French mastiff price in India starts from Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000. If you are really interested to buy this then please visit your nearest certified breeder and purchase from them or else if you can adopt one. Check the price list of french mastiff in each state of Inda

States NameCapitalFrench mastiff price
Andhra PradeshHyderabad (Proposed Capital Amaravati)Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
Arunachal PradeshItanagarRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
AssamDispurRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
BiharPatnaRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
ChhattisgarhRaipurRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
GoaPanajiRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
GujaratGandhinagarRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
HaryanaChandigarhRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
Himachal PradeshShimlaRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
JharkhandRanchiRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
KarnatakaBengaluru (formerly Bangalore)Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
KeralaThiruvananthapuramRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
Madhya PradeshBhopalRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
MaharashtraMumbaiRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
ManipurImphalRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
MeghalayaShillongRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
MizoramAizawlRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
NagalandKohimaRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
OdishaBhubaneswarRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
PunjabChandigarhRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
RajasthanJaipurRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
SikkimGangtokRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
Tamil NaduChennaiRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
TelanganaHyderabadRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
TripuraAgartalaRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
Uttar PradeshLucknowRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
UttarakhandDehradun (Winter)Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000
West BengalKolkataRs 40,000 to Rs 60,000

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Frequently Asked Question

How strong is the French Mastiff bite force?

Ans: Usually it depends on the age of the mastiff but an average French Mastiff bite force is 556 PSI.

Is a French Mastiff a dangerous dog?

Ans: This dog is less aggressive compared to other dogs so which makes them less dangerous but if you don’t train them properly they may become problematic for you or your kids. So we suggest early socialization and proper training you should give this dog.

Final Words

The French Mastiff is a large, muscular dog with a sleek coat and distinctive black mask. This dog breed is not only the largest but also the heaviest. The average weight of this dog is more than 200 pounds.

French Mastiffs are often called “gentle giants“, big dogs who are well-known for their size, reputation and intuitive understanding of threats. A well-bred and well-socialized Mastiff will protect the human family whenever any danger will be there.

The Mastiff could be the right dog for you if you are physically able to handle a powerful dog that may outweigh you, are gentle and loving, but not aggressive, and can tolerate a lot of slobber.

This is not the right dog for you if you plan to keep him in your backyard to protect it or consider him a status symbol due to his appearance or size. Mastiffs are protective and won’t stand for any property line or defend a few bricks or boards. It’s his family that he protects. You need to make him part yours. If you leave him alone in your yard, all you will get is some holes in your lawn and a dog who is bored, lonely, and sad and has a destructive potential that’s being ignored.

The Mastiff is easy to get along with when it comes to daily concerns. Although your French Mastiff will alert you to any visitor at the door, he is a quiet and peaceful member of the household. He sheds a lot, so it is worth brushing his coat a few times per week. He does slobber but it’s not something he can do well with. It can usually be managed by a quick wipe after he has had a meal or a drink of water. If you are against dog slobbering, don’t buy a Mastiff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are French Mastiffs good dogs?

One of the oldest French dog breeds is the Dogue de Bordeaux, often known as the French Mastiff. They are wonderful family dogs and are kind and sensitive.

Are French Mastiffs good family dogs?

The French Mastiff may be the ideal breed of Mastiff for families. You should also take into account the other Mastiffs we described when picking your future family pet because they are equally protective and quiet.

Are French Mastiffs good guard dogs?

The French Mastiff is another name for it; the word “dogue” in French means “Mastiff.” The Dogue has a strong exterior yet a very kind nature. On the other side, the breed excels as a guard dog because of its extreme devotion.

Is a French Mastiff a dangerous dog?

But take care—they are among the deadliest canines on the planet due to their utter overpowering size, power, and strength. The greatest method to get a warning bite or a ferocious canine attack from a dog is to go up to them and smother them in affection, even if they have no history of aggression.

Is French Mastiff aggressive?

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a watchful and courageous guardian by nature, although it is not at all thought of as an aggressive breed. Although this enormous dog breed may go to great lengths to protect its family, in general, they are placid, friendly, and even silly at times.

Can French Mastiff survive in India?

The Dogue de Bordeaux does not tolerate heat very well. If the weather is hot and humid, this dog needs a lot of attention from its owner and protection.

Is French Mastiff good for first-time owners?

Due to this stubbornness, as well as the breed’s height and strength, early socialization and training are essential, which is why Dogues aren’t a good breed for novice dog owners. Dogues de Bordeaux is brachycephalic, which means that their cute, short snouts have been squashed in.

Is the French Mastiff breed offered in India?

A French Mastiff may be purchased in India in three distinct pricing ranges: Basic, KCI Registered, and Show Quality. All dogs and pups that are not registered with any kennel club, including KCI, fall under the basic category.

How much do French Mastiff puppies cost?

(Rs 25,000–Rs 30,000) is an estimated price that varies depending on the dog and the locality.

What French Mastiff is the oldest ever recorded?

The Dogue De Bordeaux Society of America’s research indicates that the breed has a 5- to 6-year lifetime. The record’s oldest dog was twelve years old.

Why do Mastiffs live such brief lives?

With a lifetime of between 9 to 11 years, the Mastiff is susceptible to minor health issues including osteosarcoma, elbow dysplasia, and cystinuria, as well as more serious disorders like canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and stomach torsion.

Are Mastiffs smart animals?

Mastiffs may be rather obstinate while being bright and eager to please their owners. It may be difficult to persuade someone to take action if they are terrified, perplexed, or if their delicate sensibilities have been damaged, even by harsh words.

French Mastiff nature

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a watchful and courageous guardian by nature, although it is not at all thought of as an aggressive breed. Although this enormous dog breed may go to great lengths to protect its family, in general, they are placid, friendly, and even silly at times.

Does the French Mastiff bite?

One of the biggest dog breeds is the Dogue De Bordeaux, usually referred to as the French Mastiff. Compared to some of the other breeds on our list, these dogs are less energetic. However, they pose a hazard to anything harmful because of their 556 biting force PSI.

Size of French Mastiff

Males may reach an adult height of 27 inches and a minimum weight of 110 pounds, while females can grow to an adult height of 26 inches and a minimum weight of 99 pounds.

BullMastiff or French Mastiff, which is larger?

Bullmastiff is smaller and lighter than French Mastiff. Although the French Mastiff was developed in France, it is unknown where the BullMastiff was developed, other than in Europe. Both breeds have a short coat, but the French mastiff is silky and velvety while the Bullmastiffs are rough and thick.