German Shepherd in India – Price , History

    German Shepherd in India:  The dog breed we are talking about is a natural protector type dog. This dog is a very intelligent and so adaptable dog breed and is capable to perform just about every job known to dog.

    The German shepherd is popular for its large size. The breed belongs to herding group of working dogs.

    The breed is popular to serve in many capacities like a police dog, guard dog, guide dog, show dog and most common is shepherding dog. This dog is primarily developed for guarding purposes.

    This breed requires an active lifestyle that makes this breed ideal for companion and protector purposes.

    Origin: Germany

    History of German Shepherd in India:

    As the name suggests, the German shepherd dog breed is originated from Germany. The dog breed was developed by Captian Max von Stephanitz. He wanted to develop a breed capable to work in military and police work.

    The German shepherd is exactly what he wishes to develop that encompasses striking good look, versatility, and intelligence.

    Max Von Stephanitz was always attracted to german dogs used for shepherding. He was most fond of a dog with a wolfish appearance. In 1889, he finally created his ideal dog breed.

    The major concentration of Stephanitz was on strength, intelligence and the ability to work well and succeeded well with his new breed who can perform just many people want.

    The breed was selected as a war sentry during World War I by many countries.

    Physical characteristics

    A healthy german shepherd dog will be strong, agile, alert, well-muscled and full of life.

    The breed has a double coat. The undercoat is thick while the outer coat is dense, slightly wavy or may be straight.

    The breed has a characteristic great balance of harmonious development of the forequarter and hindquarter. The dog is deep-bodied, longer than tall and will present you with an outline of smooth curves rather than angles.

    The ideal dog will present your royal look and is stamped with a look of quality.

    Temperament of German Shepherd

    The dog is popular among people because of its very protective and devoted nature toward its family and home. The dog is a bit suspicious and aloof demeanour around strangers. The behaviour of this dog may be dominating but is generally friendly with other pets in the home.

    This breed is favourite among dog lovers because of its strength, versatility and keen intelligence while dutifully performing its tasks.


    A variety of dog food is available in the market. Before selecting dog food for your dog, you must read carefully the ingredients of the dog feed. Never give human biscuits or chocolate to your dog. Avoid giving cooked bone and diet with high fat.

    Small pieces of dog biscuits can be given a treat for training. If your dog feed has sufficient vitamins, minerals and probiotics supplement, then no need to add additional. You can add a small number of cooked vegetables and an egg in your pet’s diet. Avoid giving a raw egg as it may be harmful.

    Try to gain knowledge, which human feed is safe for your dog and which is not.


    The dog needs frequent exercise and training that keep the body and mind active. This breed can live outdoors in a cool or temperate climate but it will enjoy living with you indoor.


    The breed has a characteristic double coat that is usually easy to maintain. Just a quick brushing twice or thrice a week will be sufficient to remove loose hairs. The german shepherd breed requires a bath twice a week in summers and once in two weeks in winter.

    Never forget to trim his nails every month.


    Early or puppy training is vital for dogs to make them learn socialization. After this make your dog learn obedience that will ensure your pup grows in adaptable and well-mannered adult.


    German shepherd breed is considered a healthy breed. But still, before selecting your dog, you must check for degenerative myelopathy and elbow or hip dysplasia.

    Bloat is common and life-threatening in German shepherds. Being a dog owner, you should be careful about its symptoms and the primary treatment of bloat.

    Adopting a German Shepherd in India

    If you are planning to adopt a dog, then here we are listing you someplace where you can contact.

    1. Web: You can use a website like Petfinder and adopt-a-Pet. These websites will help you to get your ideal dog.
    2. Social media is a great way to contact dog sellers.
    3. You can also approach your local experts like vets, groomers, dog sitters and dog walkers.

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    Key questions you should ask before adopting a dog.

    1. How is the dog performing?
    2. Is the dog trained?
    3. Dog likes?
    4. How he behaves with shelter workers, visitors, and children?
    5. Dog age?
    6. How is the dog around other animals?
    7. Is vaccination done to the dog?
    8. Has the dog ever bitten or hurt?
    9. Is there any health issue?

    Some Important things to know:

    Breed Group: Herding group
    Weight: Male: 30-40kg / Female: 22-33Kg
    Height: Male: 60 to 65 cm.
    Female: 55 to 60cm.
    Life span: 10 to 13 years.
    Litter size: 4-9
    Other names: Alsation wolf-dog , Berger Allemand , Deutscher , Schaferhund

    German Shepherd price:

    The German Shepherd price in India starts from Rs 10,000/- to Rs 50,000/-. You might get german shepherd puppy at a cheap rate in some places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc depends on availability.


    So this was all about German shepherd. Hope you love the great impression of this dog. Please like, share and also comment on the dog breed you wish to tame.

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