Golden Retriever price in India, Health, appearances and history

Golden retriever in India: One of the most popular breeds of dogs in India is the Golden Retriever. U.S people mainly prefer this dog because of its friendly and tolerant attitude. Its friendly attitude and loyalty make this dog an ideal and fabulous family pet.


This breed comes under sporting dogs because of its intelligence that make this dog a highly capable working dog.

This is America’s most popular dog breed that is exuberant and comes with great beauty. The dog is mainly popular for its sporting nature and is generally used as serious workers at hunting.

They can prove as a great guide for blind peoples and are also utilized in the search and rescue team. The Golden retriever dog is a great choice because of its obedience and they have an endearing love of life when not at work.

Group: Sporting group

Height: Male:  22-24inches   Female: 20-22 inches

Weight: Male: 65-75 lb    Female: 55-65 lb

Colour: Any shade of gold and cream  Coat: Straight or moderately wavy.

Life span: Avg 10 to 12 years.   


History of Golden retriever in India:

The most important person in the history of Golden Retriever is the first Lord Tweedmouth, Dudley Marjoribanks, who is considered as a developer of this breed in the Scottish highlands.

Tweedmouth was working to develop a breed that is suitable to work in a rainy climate and rugged terrain are. He was the first to cross “yellow retriever” with a breed that is now extinct.

This breed is a result of the best documented and most fortuitous effort.

Golden retriever in india
Golden retriever in india

What makes this breed more popular??

Their athletic, and strong nature and their ability to carry heavy games over land and water make this breed more popular.

Characteristics of Golden retriever in India:

The dog we are discussing is a strongly built, medium-sized breed that has obtained a water-repellent wavy coat. The dog is popular for its dense, lustrous coat of gold.

The breed offers a great look consisting of the broadhead and its friendly but intelligent eyes, straight muzzle, and short ears. Breed fanciers complement its smooth and powerful gait carrying a feathery tail as “merry action”.

The breed loves a joyous and playful life and they maintain their puppyish behavior even in their adulthood that makes it best as a pet.

This playful and energetic dog of you will enjoy the outdoor game.

Nutrition of Golden retriever in India

A good quality dog feed according to dog age is appropriate and can provide all essential nutrients to the dog.

This breed is more prone to overweight, so always keep eyes on your pet’s diet. Treat may play a great role in training but take care to offer a treat at a moderate level. Giving too much treat can lead to obesity. Before offering human food, get knowledge of whether that human feed is safe or not.

Avoid giving cooked bones and food with a high-fat level.

Grooming of Golden retriever in India

This dog sheds more moderately regularly but sheds heavily once or twice a year. As the dog is provided with a dense double coat, so it is advised to give good brushing with a slicker brush once or twice a week. It will remove loose hairs and reduce the chance of falling hairs on your furniture.

During the heavy shedding period, you should switch to daily brushing. This breed needs occasional breeds to maintain cleanliness. Make sure you should completely dry the dog before giving a good brush.

The nail trimming should be regular.


As golden retriever comes under the sporting category so it needs plenty of daily exercises. Lack of exercise makes this dog obsessive.

They are a great companion for your long runs and morning jog.

Golden retriever


Like all other breeds, this breed also needs early socialization and puppy training. This training helps the dog to build discipline and makes dogs well-mannered.

As an owner of Golden retriever in India, you must know the bad habits or vices of dogs and correct them with love, strictness, or punishment.

Obedience training to this dog strengthens your bond with your dog and your pet only wants to please you.


They are generally healthy dogs. But before selecting the pup, you should check them for health conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia and check their eyes for juvenile cataract. Pigmentary uveitis and retinal atrophy are also more common in this breed. Also, this breed is more prone to congestive heart diseases so it should be regularly examined.

Your golden retriever dog can be allergic to a variety of substances like some food items or pollen. If you see any allergy symptoms in your pet, quickly refer to the veterinarian.

Bloat is a life-threatening condition in the dog. Give 5 small meals to pups and 3 to 4 small meals to adults. Avoid giving one large meal as it is a major cause of bloat.

If you find the stomach of your pet distended with gas and dog is wrenching or trying to vomit, quickly take your dog to the veterinarian.

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Golden Retriever Price in India:

The Price of a golden retriever in India varies from ₹12,000 – ₹25,000. Sometimes the golden retriever price in India may charge more than the mentioned price. The cost of Golden retriever mostly depends on the breeder and health of the dog. Before Buying golden retriever please check the health conditions and price of a golden retriever with different breeders.

Are golden retrievers loyal?

So, are golden retrievers loyal? Of course they aren’t, but there are a few things that you should know about them if you want to have a pet that will be loyal and faithful. One thing you should know about golden retrievers is that they are very smart animals and are known as some of the most intelligent breed of canines on the planet. They can also be very stubborn and if you don’t know how to deal with them, then they can become quite a nuisance and you’ll probably wish that you hadn’t brought your new best friend home. But on the other hand, if you are willing to learn how to handle your new dog properly then they can be one of the most lovable pets that you could ever have in your life.

How loyal are golden retrievers?

Well, some people say that they are loyal just like a dog! I’m not quite sure what that means but most golden retrievers are very loyal and very good at looking out for the welfare of others. This is a big reason why most goldens are such great family dogs. They will do anything for you and they will always be loyal, no matter what you do.

Another trait that most golden retrievers are known for is that they are extremely intelligent and inquisitive. Most people will tell you that they are great dogs for searching, however, one thing that I’m sure that you can agree with me on is that they are not good when it comes to hunting dogs. That’s where I think the differences lie, when it comes to hunting dogs they are extremely intelligent but they are not very quick. That’s just one of the differences between a golden retriever and any other breed of dog.


So this was all about golden retriever. I hope this dog is successful to make a good impression on you as the golden retriever price is not that much compared to other dogs breed in India.

Thank you.

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