Great Dane Dog Breed , price of a great dane in India

    Great Dane Dog Breed

    Great Dane Dog Breed: The Great Danes are large-sized German origin breed of domestic dog, Their life span is around 8 to 10 years. They are muscularly heavy strong. Great Danes are giant category breed. But they are much friendly with their owners. They are many different colours that are available in Great Danes.

    Most peoples will like the fawn colour because in fawn colour the dog muscular appearance will look much good. But you have to give proper work out to maintain their body weight. You can keep the proper fit by walking, swimming, retrieving almost dogs love these types of workout.

    The Ear cropped Great Danes will look massive than flying ears, Most of the breeders will sell the Great Dane Puppies after ear cropping. It is one of the most competitive breeds in both KCI and FCI breed standard shows. This dog breed will get costs from 12k to 30k in India.

    Head and skull:

    The head of Great Danes is taken altogether gives the ideas od great length and strength of jaw. The fore-face will looks broad. The skull will proportionally narrow so if you view whole head from above and front view it will be equalized breadth throughout. Their cheeks will be flying position and There will be some small hair patches. You can see slight wrinkles on the face. They have loose skin on the face. When they run you can watch the skin moment visually.

    Their eyes are fairly deep-set and not giving the appearance of being round of medium size and it is preferably dark. Great Danes have walls or odd eyes permissible in Harlequin colour.

    The Great Dane ears are looks triangular-shaped with medium size. They set high on the skull and get folded forward but not pendulous.

    Their teeth level jaws are strong with perfect looking appearance, so you can see the type of scissor-bite regularly. That is their upper Teeth will closely overlapping the lower teeth and set the square shape to the jaws.

    Great Danes chest will be quite broad and rib cage will be well sprung and will be reaching to their elbows.

    They have a solid coloured nose and brindle coloured dog’s nose must be black in colour.

    They have high-set, long, dry and muscular neck without pendulous throat fold. From their chest to the head will be slightly tapering with the well-developed nape.

    The Great Danes have very deep brisket reaching elbow and their ribs will get sprung, Their bellies will be well drawn up back and loins are stronger, The latter is slightly getting arched.

    They have such a thick tail and long tail. The thick at the rooks tapering towards the end reaching or it will be below the hocks.

    Coat and colours:
    They are short dense coated and their hairs will be somewhat rough. They standardization approval colors of Great Danes are Fawns, Brindles, Blues, Black, Harlequins, Bostons, Albinos.

    Weight and size:
    The minimum weight of the adult dogs is 30inches for males and 28 inches for a female. The minimum weight of the adult male is 54kgs and for female 46kgs. The dogs will consider as an adult at their 18 months.

    Characteristics and appearances Great Dane Dog Breed:

    They are very friendly, loyal and affectionate with their owners especially. They will show their powerful majestic action displaying dignity. Great Danes can get train them very easily. They have good strength and elegance with great size and powerfully proportioned to their muscular body. They have an expressive headshot especially. In any circumstance, they will show their nervousness.

    Great Dane price in India:

    The price of a Great Dane in India ranges from ₹5,500 to ₹30,000. This dog is widely available in India. But in some places, if you buy from any individual the price of a Great Dane may be less.


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