Indian Pariah Dog -Info, Price, Temperament

The Indian pariah dog, also known as the Indian wild dog or Indies dog, is a native breed of dog indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. They possess a wedge-shaped head, erect ears, and a curving tail.

It’s easily trained and even used as a protection dog and sports dog for the Indian people. It was even used during the British colonization period as an armed dog to deter any infiltration attempts by the Indians.

The Indian pariah dog breed is a very loyal dog with an unparalleled temperament. Training a single dog can be a very tedious task and with two dogs it could turn into a very daunting task, if not properly exercised and controlled. However, if properly cared for, it would be able to adjust to any living situation. It needs to have constant socialization so that it can learn to get along with other dogs and people.

Indian Pariah Dog Temperament

The Indian Pariah Dog is undoubtedly the oldest landrace of ancient domestic dogs. As such, they literally are the original indigenous breed of this nation. Consequently, many folks believe that Pariah Dog is nothing but the name for the neglected street dogs of modern India; a harmless mongrel type of no importance. This, I think, is complete nonsense!

The word Pariah originates from the word Parianus, a name sometimes applied to a variety of large wild cats of the same name in the Greek and Roman times. These large, robust animals obviously survived in India only because of their robust physique and powerful abilities as guard dogs.

The Pariah breed was created from a cross between the Indian Wolf-Cat and the domestic cat of the same name. Over time, the robust muscular body and elegant coat of these two giant cats were transformed into the robust structure and distinct coloration we know today as the Pariah. This is how the Pariah got its name.

Like many small, beautiful dogs, the Pariah has been greatly influenced by ancient races of man. Thus, it is not surprising if you find early mention of them in the Bible, in ancient Sanskrit texts, and in ancient Egyptian papyrus. We have strong indications that the Pariah Dogs served as fighters and guard dogs during ancient times.

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They were probably first bred as companions and hunting dogs. Later, they became skilled guards and watchdogs. In recent years, some Pariah dogs have even become professional hunters and have earned good market value.

Some other characteristics of this fine-looking, sweet and lovable Indian Mastiff dogs, which is also referred to as Pariah dogs, are their eagerness to please, high energy level, and eagerness to please their master.

Their loyalty is strong and they can be trusted to protect family and home. But this doesn’t mean that the Indian Pariah is a blindly aggressive dog. In fact, Pariah is a very sociable breed who is highly intelligent and responsive to training. However, it is unfortunate that their natural protection instincts have been suppressed and that they are now vulnerable and unprotected when attacked by strangers.

Indian pariah dog price

The price of an Indian pariah dog puppies in India can up to be Rs 5,000 – 10,000/-.  The price of the pariah dog might vary depend as per the places of India.

Best Thing about Pariah Dog

One of the most noticeable features of the Indian Pariah Dog Breed is their exceptional energy and enthusiasm for life. Their eagerness to please is very strong, and when working in this manner, they can get really tired but yet maintain their alertness.

Pariah dogs are highly athletic and well balanced. They have a long and sturdy frame and are quite strong with a broad chest. Their muscular development has left them with lean muscular shoulders.

The Indian Pariah Dog Breed Standard calls for a compact build with the head held high, the upper body slant towards the wind, short and stocky with a square or a slightly rounded shoulder-blade. The face is clean, square with a widely pronounced nose and pointed ears.

They have dark eyes which are almond in color and set in a deep expression. The chest and the shoulder area are marked with dark rings of hairs and an underbite. Apart from the standard colors, there are also other colors that are not part of the regular color classification, like blue and tortoiseshell.

Important facts about Indian Pariah Dog:

Height: Male 20–25 in (51–64 cm) – Female: 18–23 in (46–58 cm)
Weight: Male 20–30 kg (44–66 lb) – Female: 15–25 kg (33–55 lb)
The life span of Indian pariah dog: 10-13 years


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