Kombai dog breed/Combai – Price, History in India

Kombai dog breed is mostly in Tamil Nadu in the province of India. This dog breed,is also known as Combai Boarhound they have powerful jaws, the kombai breeds dogs look similar to some of the Indian Pariah dogs, but it is stockier.

Its ears are the front in a V-shape and pendant shaped folding. The shorthaired coat comes in red or brown with a black muzzle. It has some black colouring on its feet and ears and a dark colouring along its back. A white patch on the chest is acceptable.

The more similar colours of red, brown and tan with a black muzzle are called Karuvaisevalai or Karumunjinaai in the Tamil language.

Less common coat colours are piebald and brindle. In Tamil language Piebald is called porru and brindle is called pullisaral. But in the rare case, the piebald and brindle colouring can occur in the same litter.

Kombai dog breed

History of Kombai Dogs:

Their history might go back as far as a hundred years, but it might soon end, everyone though there are efforts to maintain the breed, it is not looking good for the mighty Kombai. Kombai dogs are unlikely because they were working dogs until very recently.

Unlike in breeding for appearance, weak was not selected by breeders. They seem to live for up to fifteen years, but again, it is hard to tell Puppy.

The armies of the Marudhu Pandias, were used kombai breed dogs, who headed the revolt against the British subjugation of the Kalaiar Koil of the Sivakasi Kingdom at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Back to the fifteenth century and historically, we can trace them they are known to have been bred to hunt wild boar, deer, and bison.

Some of the kombai breed Dogs are natives of South India believe that the breed of kombai dogs existed even as far back as the ninth century.

They are popular in South India and are celebrated as not just strong hunters but loyal family pets.

Important Information about Kombai dog breed:

Life Span– The life span of Kombai Dog is nine years to 13 year.
Height – The height of kombai Dogs are 23 – 26 inches approx. 58 cm- 66 cm 5.
Weight – The weight of kombai Dogs are about 66 – 77 pounds (30 to 35 kg) kombai females are shorter than kombai males Dogs.

Temperament of Kombai/combai dog

This dog are alert, eager and Intelligent. They are also aggressive and savage. Kombai dogs are best with the even-tempered owner, displaying a natural, but gentle authority over the dog.

The kombai is good with children, and it has a natural tendency to hunt. Kombai dogs does a great job guarding its home and property. The kombai dog , is used for hunting wild boar and other big game such as bison and deer.

Diet of Kombai/combai dog breed

The diet be Start with 100gms of rice with a boiled egg plus recommended doses of calcium and other supplements as directed by the Vet.

As they grows ten to twelve-week , then reduce his feed to 3 per day with 150gms of rice and 100gms of boiled chicken included.

For the afternoon feed try giving him boiled carrots, French beans, boiled & mashed potatoes or a apple or peach after removing it’s seeds.18 to 24 weeks switch there feeding to 2 per day with two jowar bhakri (but this is not sure to get it at your place) plus 150gms of chicken & 1 to 2 boiled eggs per meal, this might sound slightly expensive diet, but we can always substitute the chicken with non-salted cottage cheese diet.

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Kombai Dog Price in India-

The Price of Kombai dog in Tamil Nadu, India  is INR 5,000 to 9,000. The Male INR 6,000 and Female INR 5,000.


This dog breed is calm, but firm, confident and consistent pack leader. Tigers were an ever-present threat as the massive growth in India’s population drove them from their forests and into contact with humans.

The Monthly keeping cost of kombai dogs as a Premium eight thousand and as a Standard Rs. Twenty five hundred. This dogs are increasingly rare mainly because they’re no longer used for their hunting roles and the need for guard dogs disappearing due to modern technology.

Few people can afford or want to keep this breed in India. They are in real danger of going extinct, Like many of the sighthounds of India. Kombais were bred with protection in mind.

They had to be tough, fierce and loyal, enough to take down a tiger or a bear, or die trying. The breed also had to guard its territory, the purpose of the Kombai was slowly lost.

They have less popularity as a breed as few people could afford to keep a dog just for the pleasure of it.

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