Labrador Retriever dog breed – History, price

    The Labrador Retriever is one of the most friendly and loyal dog breeds. They are not suitable for guarding and watching purposes. This breed comes under the sporting and gun dog category. Their origin of Labrador retriever is the united kingdom and Canada.

    This breed will be much friendly and playful with children. Labrador Retriever is easily adaptable and they are the first intelligent dog breed because they can observe commands easily. Labrador Retriever love to retrieving and swimming.

    Labrador Retriever

    Labrador Retriever

    They have wonderful sniffing power, so they are working as service dogs in bomb squads and drug detections. They are also therapy dogs and they search and rescues. It is such a wonderful dog breed for family companion and also for field works.

    The extraordinary versatile combo allows Labrador retriever to the excellence of guarding services and therapy that can help to narrate the blind peoples to reach their place correctly.

    The well-trained labrador will give you proper signs with the modulated barking sounds. And biddable temperaments. has excellent tempered nose Their expected life span is around 12-15 years. The litter size is 5-10 puppies. The Indian market price is around 8-15k.

    The appearance of Labrador Retriever Dog Breed:

    They are medium-sized, compact, powerful and athletic. Labrador Retriever has a broad structured skull and its structure will be broad and deep through the chest and ribs.

    They have a water resistible hair coat and have a good barking sound temperament, The sound-making temperament will be much essential to the characteristics. Labrador Retriever has such strong and powerful lions and hind-quarters.

    Standard size and weight:
    The proper standardized height for a male is 57-62cms and for females 54-60cm. The approximated standard weight of the male is from 28-35kgs and for females around 25- 34kgs. This standard size will be compact to analyze the powerful and active Labrador retriever.


    The distance from the withers to the elbow will be approx equal to the distance from below to ground and the length from the point of shoulder to the point of rump will be very slightly longer than the height at withers. The Labrador retriever is a well balanced ideal dog.

    There are a kind and gentle expression of this breed that will much deliver from their tempered broad skull. They have a broad skull and flying cheeks and they have medium length and powerful the muzzle.

    Their skull and muzzled will be equal in the parallel lines and it will approximately have equal lengths. They have wide noses and well-developed nostrils.

    Their eyes are medium-sized with excellent impressing intelligence looks and have good temperament. The shape of the eyes is almond-shaped. The eyes colours will be dark brown or hazel.

    They have medium-sized and flying ears. It will be hanging close near to the head.

    They have such a great structure of jaws and strong teeth and it has scissor bite.

    They have such a clean, strong, medium and medium lengthed neck. It will be set into the well-placed shoulders.

    Their shoulders are long and sloping. They have well-boned fore-legs and will be straight from the elbow to the ground When you have viewed it from either front or side.

    Legs and feet:
    They have medium-sized legs but not short and their feet are looks compact, round and medium-sized with well-arched toes and well-developed pads.

    The Labrador retriever pasterns look strong, short and slightly sloping from the perpendicular.

    Their chest will look good in width and depth; has well-sprung ribs and their briskets end to the elbows, straight and topline. Their loins will be wide, short-coupled and strong.

    They have thick tail towards the base, straight, gradually, get tapering towards the tip and it is medium-lengthed and free from feathering. The tail will perfectly round shape appearance.

    But is gets clothed thickly around with thick and dense coat and it giving rounded tail that means ‘otter tail’. I f the is happy the tail wagging will be around 35-degree angle with the back. The tail extension in the top-line and balances the dog

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    Colours and coats:

    They have a short-haired straight coat and the dense without feathering and it has a hard feel to the touch and soft to rub. The available colours are cream-white, light-fawns, dark-fawns, rich-black and dark-chocolate.

    There are permissible small white patches will present in some dogs it is not considered as a fault and the yellow range from light cream to fox red with the shading variations will be get shaded on the ears, underparts, hocks and down to the back. The chocolate colour range from the side hedge to dark-chocolate colour.

    Labrador retriever movement will be free, effortless, powerful, covering the adequate ground with the good reach and drive; it will be straight and true in both front and rear. It will be tending to coverage at the higher speeds.

    Labrador retriever price

    Labrador retriever price in India ranges from Rs 5000 – 30000/- depending on the quality of the retriever. If you are wondering whether the price is worth then believe me it’s definitely worth the money.

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