Labrador Retriever Price in India – History & Price

Labrador Retriever price in india
Labrador Retriever price in india

Labrador Retrievers, fondly nicknamed Labs, are one of the most popular dog breeds in India. They are loved for their friendly nature, playful spirit, and loyalty. If you’re considering welcoming a Lab pup into your home, you’re very curious about the price. This article covers geography, age, lineage, Colours, and other factors determining Labrador Retriever price in India. Below, we will discuss breeds, care, and more about Labrador Retrievers.

Labrador Retriever price in India 

Labrador Retriever price in India vary depending on lineage, size, and region. In India, a Reputable Labrador Retriever costs between Rs.30,000 to Rs.65,000.

Labrador Retriever prices in India at different cities 

States NameCapitalLabrador retriever price
Andhra PradeshHyderabad (Proposed Capital Amaravati)Rs 2,000 to 6,500
Arunachal PradeshItanagarRs 2,000 to 6,500
AssamDispurRs 2,000 to 5,500
BiharPatnaRs 2,000 to 6,500
ChhattisgarhRaipurRs 2,000 to 6,500
GoaPanajiRs 2,000 to 6,500
GujaratGandhinagarRs 2,000 to 5,500
HaryanaChandigarhRs 2,000 to 6,500
Himachal PradeshShimlaRs 2,000 to 6,500
JharkhandRanchiRs 2,000 to 5,500
KarnatakaBengaluru (formerly Bangalore)Rs 2,000 to 6,500
KeralaThiruvananthapuramRs 2,000 to 5,500
Madhya PradeshBhopalRs 2,000 to 6,500
MaharashtraMumbaiRs 2,000 to 5,500
ManipurImphalRs 2,000 to 6,500
MeghalayaShillongRs 2,000 to 6,500
MizoramAizawlRs 2,000 to 6,500
NagalandKohimaRs 2,000 to 6,500
OdishaBhubaneswarRs 2,000 to 6,500
PunjabChandigarhRs 2,000 to 5,500
RajasthanJaipurRs 2,000 to 6,500
SikkimGangtokRs 2,000 to 6,500
Tamil NaduChennaiRs 2,000 to 6,500
TelanganaHyderabadRs 2,000 to 6,500
TripuraAgartalaRs 2,000 to 6,500
Uttar PradeshLucknowRs 2,000 to 5,500
UttarakhandDehradun (Winter)Rs 2,000 to 6,500
West BengalKolkataRs 2,000 to 6,500

Factors Affecting Labrador Retriever Price 

Labrador Retrievers vary in price depending on numerous factors. Below are some key factors that affect Labrador Retriever prices:

  • Breeder reputation: A reputable Labrador Retriever breeder with a reputation for producing healthy, well-behaved dogs may price extra.
  • Location: Labrador Retriever may cost more in different locations. The breed’s popularity and cost of living might impact the price.
  • Age: Age may also affect Labrador Retriever prices. Due to their higher care needs, younger canines cost more.
  • Gender: In some cases, female dogs are more expensive than the male dogs.
  • City and demand: Prices can be higher in metro cities compared to other smaller towns.


Labrador Retrievers are very lovable making them excellent companions for Indian households. Intelligent and eager to please, they train efficiently. But their individuality and pride might appear, so be patient and firm. Labs thrive on interacting with people, strangers included. This open personality means that they are poor watchdogs but have great fun at social gatherings or community events.


Labrador Retrievers are clever, loyal, and playful, making them popular. They’re active and require plenty of exercise. The Labrador Retriever barks loudly. Labrador Retrievers are sociable with individuals they know but apprehensive of strangers. They’re kid-friendly.

Common Health issues of Labrador Retriever 

Labrador Retrievers are usually healthy but, like any dog, can become ill. The following are frequent Labrador Retriever health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia: Labrador Retrievers and many other dog breeds suffer from this hereditary hip disease. Abnormal hip development can lead to pain and arthritis.
  • Intervertebral disc disease: This damages spine discs. It can lead to pain, numbness and control problems with the bladder or bowels. Some dog breeds with longer spines are more vulnerable. 
  • Progressive retinal atrophy: Such hereditary illnesses can destroy the retina, leading to blindness.
  • Degenerative myelopathy: A degenerative spinal cord disease may reduce you to a feeble invalid, paralyzed in bed. It is possible that the functions of either the bladder or intestines will be challenging to control.

Care tips for Labrador Retriever 

  • Grooming: Labrador Retriever’s thick, double-layered coats shed a lot. Regular brushing prevents mats and tangles. Baths should be rare because they will wash away their coating of natural oils.
  • Exercise: Although small, Labrador Retrievers are active and have to run daily. Walk your Labrador Retriever daily, and let them play in the field or fetch to keep them healthy and happy. 
  • Training: Training Labrador Retrievers is easy because they are intelligent and like to obey their masters. In training, the use of positive feedback prevents gnawing and digging. 
  • Socialisation: Nice animals; Labrador Retrievers need early socialization. Bringing your Labrador Retriever into contact with new people, animals, and places can help avert shyness, fear and aggression.

 Maintenance cost of Labrador Retriever

Depending on age, health, and lifestyle, Labrador Retriever care may be expensive. With a Labrador Retriever in India, you may anticipate the following costs:

  • Food: Labrador Retriever’s monthly nutritious dog food costs from ₹1,000 to ₹3,500.
  • Grooming:  Professional grooming services for pets go from ₹1,500 to ₹2,500 a month, including brushing, bathing, and nail trimming. Cleaning at home reduces this expense significantly.
  • Medical Care: Regular vet visits for inspections, immunizations, and parasite prevention might cost ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 a year. Unexpected illness or accident expenditures may mount up rapidly.
  • Training: Dog training and behavior sessions might cost ₹10,000 to ₹20,000 annually. If you teach your Labrador Retriever at home, these costs won’t apply.

 Facts about Labrador Retriever 

  1. Wales bred Labrador Retrievers as herders. Since they were short, they could quickly nip cattle and other animals’ heels.
  2. There are two varieties of Welsh Labrador Retriever: Pembroke and Cardigan—more people like the Pembroke Labrador Retriever.
  3.  Long bodies and tiny legs distinguish Labrador Retrievers. 
  4. Big ears make Labrador Retrievers adorable. Many nickname them “bat ears.”
  5. Smart Labrador Retrievers can solve difficulties. Because of their rapid learning abilities, toy and agility dogs make use of them.

Pros and cons of Labrador Retriever 


  1. Labrador Retrievers are very clever dogs.
  2. Labrador Retriever love of food might help you train them.
  3. Labrador Retriever little canines are energetic.
  4. Labrador Retriever personality is diverse, protective and lively.


  1. Labrador Retrievers won’t quit and demand their way.
  2. Labrador Retrievers may gain weight fast, so monitor their diet and weight.
  3. Labrador Retrievers require mental and physical stimulation due to their activity. If not, kids may misbehave or grow bored.
  4. Labrador Retrievers dislike solitude.


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Breed, size, colour and location determine Labrador Retriever price in India. Some breeders may charge slightly more for female puppies. Intelligent and loyal, Labrador Retrievers need regular grooming, exercise, and training. When you are scoping out a new breeder, make sure to inquire about their mating methods, health clearances, and guarantees. You can visit the breeder’s facility to meet pups and parents.


What is the price of a Labrador Retriever puppy in India?

In India many things can affect the price of a Labrador Retriever puppy such as: The breeder’s reputation, whether pedigree, and the puppies coat color. On the whole, you should be prepared to spend anywhere from ₹25,000 to ₹75,000.

What is the price difference between male and female Labrador Retrievers?

Generally, there is no significant difference in price between male and female Labrador Retrievers. Nevertheless, some breeders may ask a few more dollars for female puppies.

What’s cheaper, buying a Labrador Retriever at the pet store?

Labrador Retrievers sold in pet stores It is generally not a good idea to buy a puppy from a store like this. Many pet store puppies come from puppy mills, which are large-scale breeding facilities that put profit before the health and welfare of the dogs.

What other costs are involved in owning a Labrador Retriever?

Besides the price she paid to buy the puppy, there are other expenses involved in owning a Labrador Retriever. Food, vet care, pet insurance, grooming and training are a few of the costs.

Where should I go to find a reliable Labrador Retriever breeder in India?

Here are a few ways you can look for a good Labrador Retriever breeder in India. Talk to your veterinarian or search the Internet for advice. You can also contact the Labrador Retriever Club of India for breeder referrals.


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