Top 10 Remarkably Low Maintenance Dogs in India

If you are a person who likes a dog companion but can’t manage their maintenance due to your busy schedule.

Then, this article serves the best dog breeds which are easily suitable to your household and are the best options for busy dog owners who need help finding dogs with low maintenance.  

Along with it, you will also get to know about the best low maintenance dogs for first time owners

Here we will Discuss the Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs 


Dachshunds are medium-sized hound group dogs who are known to have a very affectionate and lovable nature towards their owners. 

These dogs are likely to have very energetic and loyal personalities, with the greatest companionship and thinking capabilities. 

Dachshunds are easily comfortable in all types of climates according to different living conditions. Apart from this, Daschund is available in two categories – standard and miniature. 

Key Features: 

  1. Life Span –  12 – 16 years 
  2. Height ranges– 5 – 6 inches ( miniature), 8 – 9 inches ( standard ) 
  3. Weight Measures–  16 to 32 pounds ( standard),8 – 11 pounds ( miniature ) 
  4. Available in Colors– black, tan, fawn, beige,  blue, chocolate and red. 

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are among the most cheerful and sparkling dogs due to their quality of companionship towards their owners.  

French Bulldogs are a very engaging category of dogs that are suitable for almost every type of climatic condition. These dogs are very responsive and require minimal grooming and maintenance.

With a high potential and obeying nature, French bulldogs are among the most considered dogs to feed in several countries.

Key Features:

  1. Life Span – 10 – 13 years 
  2. Height Ranges – 11 to 13 years 
  3. Weight Measures– 19 – 28 pounds 
  4. Available in Colors – white, fawn, colour gradients of fawn – white and brindle 


Chihuahuas are tiny dogs with great smiles and the size of a pocket who are easily fitted in small buckets and lapies.

These dogs have a very great sense of humour with a relatively high affection and a boost of energy with themselves. 

Chihuahuas are a type of dog breed coming from a group of toys that are attentive, bright and very loyal to their owners. 

Key Features: 

  1. Life Span – 12 – 20 years 
  2. Height Ranges – 6 – 9 inches 
  3. Weight Measures – 2 – 6 pounds 
  4. Available in Colors – Fawn, Cream, white, blue, black, tan, silver, chocolate and red. 


Greyhounds are popular low-maintenance dogs which are high in terms of energy and intelligence. 

These dogs, coming from the hound breed, have a very enjoyable and joyous nature as well as are very comfortable in families and among children. 

Greyhounds love to go on walks with their owners, and they acquire an affectionate and intelligent behaviour.

Key Features: 

  1. Life Span – 10 to 13 years 
  2. Height Ranges – 20 – 30 inches 
  3. Weight Measures – 60 – 80 pounds 
  4. Available in Colors – Red,  white, fawn, black, blue and brindle. 

Brussels Griffon 

Brussels Griffons are a dog breed possessing a delightful and energetic nature.  The best part about feeding Brussels Griffons is that they don’t require too much grooming and maintenance. 

These dogs are easily suitable In low climatic conditions and have a personality towards the most joyous and loyal side towards their owners.  

Brussels Griffons are known to be a very healthy and well-mannered breed compared to other dogs. 

Key Features: 

  1. Life Span – 12 to 15 years 
  2. Height Ranges –  7 – 10 inches 
  3. Weight Measures-  6 to 12 pounds 
  4. Available in Colors – Red,  solid black, black & reddish, black and tan 

Tibetan Mastiff 

Mastiffs are a dog breed with immense and low-energy personalities who like to enjoy among families with their goofy and grateful nature.

Mastiffs show very gentle and kind behaviour towards their owners. 

Mastiffs are those who like to perform activities which don’t require much effort, and they are specifically high in adapting affection from their feeders. 

Key Features: 

  1. Life Span –  10 – 12 years 
  2. Height Ranges – 27 – 30 inches 
  3. Weight Measures– 120 – 220 pounds 
  4. Available in Colors – apricot-fawn, silver-fawn, dark-fawn brindle. 


These dog breeds, coming in the category of low maintenance and having a  large size, show a protective nature towards their feeders. 

These dogs are quite energetic with lovely smiles and affluent companions towards children and families. Apart from all this, Bull Mastiff only requires a little caring and maintenance. 

They are very comfortable spending time with their families and are considered to have very docile responses. 

Key Features:

  1. Life Span –  8 – 10 years 
  2. Height Measures – 24 – 27 inches 
  3. Weight Ranges- 100 – 130 pounds 
  4. Available in Colors – fawn, reddish brown, brindle, silver – fawn, dark – fawn. 


Poodle are the very attractive types of dogs, which are intelligent and energetic dog breeds considered among low maintenance dog breeds showing a fun and loving nature towards their owners. 

Poodles are very classy and extreme towards generating a high companionship with their feeders. 

Poodles are likely to become suitable in families and among children easily due to their friendly behaviour. 

Key Features: 

  1. Life Span – 10 – 18 years 
  2. Height Ranges – 10 – 15 inches 
  3. Weight Measures – 45 – 70 pounds 
  4. Available in colours – white, grey, brown, black, apricot and parti colour. 

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier dogs possess low maintenance and easily acquire an active and companionship nature. 

With their excellent behaviours, these dog breeds are available in different types of families.  

West Highland White Terriers can be easily trained and are among the most recommended highly companion dogs with a medium size. 

Key Features: 

  1. Life Span –  13 to 15 years 
  2. Weight Measures- 13 – 20 pounds 
  3. Height Ranges – 10 – 11 inches 
  4. Available in Colors – only white 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dog breeds, coming in the category of small dogs, have a very well-mannered and gentle nature,  easily adaptable and affectionate towards their feeders. 

Charles Spaniel’s dog breed requires low maintenance and exhibits a friendly nature towards their family. 

These types of low maintenance dogs that like to cuddle are easily adaptable to children and highly suitable in almost every climatic condition. 

Key Features: 

  1. Life Span – 12 – 14 years 
  2. Height Measures– 12 – 13 inches 
  3. Weight Measures– 13 – 18 pounds 
  4. Available in colours – black, tan, ruby and Blenheim.  


The Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs are those dog breeds which are easily suitable to almost every type of climatic condition.  

These dogs are among the best companion pets who don’t require much care and maintenance such as regular walks, proper diet and several requirements from their owners. 

If you’re looking to purchase such a small dog breed in low maintenance, then this article delivers the best information guide to purchase low maintenance dogs for families. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Which dogs are easy to maintain?

Dachshunds, Poddle, and French Bulldogs are some of the best low-maintenance dogs.  

Q-  Top 10 low maintenance dogs for first-time owners?

  • Some of the most popular low-maintenance dogs are as follows. 
  • Dachshund 
  • French Bulldogs 
  • Poddle 
  • Greyhound 
  • Chihuahua 
  • Brussels Griffon 
  • Mastiff 
  • Bullmastiff 
  • West Highland White Terrier 
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Q – Which is the best Low Maintenance Dogs?

Greyhounds,  Dachshund, Poodle and French Bulldog are some of the popular low-maintenance dogs.  

Q – What dogs are among the lucky dogs ?

Shih tzu are the dog breeds found to be lucky and easily maintained dogs.

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