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Maltese dog price in India – Appearances , History

Maltese Dog

The cute Maltese dog we are talking about belongs to a toy breed. This playful, charming, and adaptable creature has been sitting in the lap of Luxury since the Bible was a work in progress. In this post, we will discuss mainly the Maltese dog price in India and other details.

This cute toy companion is popular for its show-stopping and floor-length coat. This dog keeps a friendly nature with all other dog breeds. The creature is gifted with a look of Haughty nobility because of its glamorous white coat.

This dog is featured as a sprightly and vigorous dog which is not only a great companion but is also used as a therapy dog. This dog also loves participating in competitions like agility, rally, obedience, and tracking.

Maltese dog history

It is among the most ancient toy breeds and has a history that can be traced back at least two millennia. This dog is immortalized by artists, poets, and writers of Greece, Rome, and Egypt in their early great culture. Even Aristotle also mentioned this tiny creature.

Despite his evidence in history, still, we know very little about the exact origin of this Maltese dog. Peoples have different faith regarding their origin. Some believe his origin in the isle of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea from Spitz. While others claimed its origin in Italy. Some claim his origin from Asia and they also believe that this is a tiny dog that played a major role in developing many of the smaller Asian dogs.

By the 15th century, the dog found a secure place in the heart and arms of French aristocrats. By the end of the 16th century, this tiny creature stole the heart of noble and royal ladies.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the breed survived the fall of the Roman Empire and the dark ages, when it was nearly destroyed because of a disastrous attempt to make it be the size of a squirrel.

Later breeder saves it by mixing it with poodles, miniature spaniels, and others. It results in several new breeds.


This affectionate toy dog weighs less than seven pounds. A long, straight, and silky coat cover a compact body that moves with a smooth and effortless gait.

Most Jada personalities can also be conquered by its irresistible face with dark and big eyes and black gumdrop nose.

The dog is characterized by slightly rounded skulls embellished with a black button nose and brown eyes. They look impressive with their dropped ears. Exposure to a lot of sunlight can fade their nose and turn them look pink or light brown. This characteristic is often referred to as a winter nose.

Maltese dog temperament

This cute Maltese dog is hardy and adaptable. This breed is low-shedding which makes it perfect for dog lovers with allergies. They also live long and loves to make new friends. Sometimes they can become willful and stubborn but they respond to reward-based training.


Commercially prepared dog feed is sufficient to deliver all essential nutrients to this dog. But you can also prefer homemade dog feed comprising of meat, cereals, milk, egg, vegetables, etc under the supervision of your veterinarian.

You should also consult your veterinarian for the human feed that is safe for your tine companion.

Treat is an essential aid in the training of this breed, but excess can lead to obesity. So try to limit your treat. This dog is more prone to being overweight, so keep eye on your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level.


The Maltese dog is ornamented with a long, silky, white coat that is eye-catching and glorious. The coat of this breed is low shedding. But you should provide them with daily gentle brushing to prevent skin mats and tangles.

This dog has fast-growing nails. Overgrown nails can trouble this tiny organism trouble in walking. So regular trimming of nails is essential to keep your companion comfortable.

This breed is more prone to dental caries and other dental diseases. So regular tooth brushing is highly recommended.


They are an energetic breed but require occasional exercise. An only daily walk and bouncing in a fenced yard, or even in-home is sufficient to keep this breed healthy.


This is an intelligent breed and has been being a companion to humans for centuries. Early socialization and puppy training will make them the most sociable and affectionate dogs of your dream. They can be stubborn but can be easily managed with reward-based training methods.


This compact organism is a healthy breed with few health issues. They usually live long. Some health issues like luxating patella and heart anomalies run in this breed.

Before selecting a Maltese puppy, you should better consult your veterinarian and go for a bile test to rule out congenital liver issues.

Like all other toy breeds, Maltese dog also requires regular dental care. You should regularly brush your teeth with a toothpaste specially formulated for a dog.

Maltese dog price in India

Maltese dog price in India ranges from Rs 50,000 – Rs 60,000. This cute dog is not widely available in many parts of India so before buying check out with your nearby pet shop.

Maltese dog price in India (Statewise)

States NameCapitalMaltese dog price in India
Andhra PradeshHyderabad (Proposed Capital Amaravati)Rs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
Arunachal PradeshItanagarRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
AssamDispurRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
BiharPatnaRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
ChhattisgarhRaipurRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
GoaPanajiRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
GujaratGandhinagarRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
HaryanaChandigarhRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
Himachal PradeshShimlaRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
JharkhandRanchiRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
KarnatakaBengaluru (formerly Bangalore)Rs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
KeralaThiruvananthapuramRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
Madhya PradeshBhopalRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
MaharashtraMumbaiRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
ManipurImphalRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
MeghalayaShillongRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
MizoramAizawlRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
NagalandKohimaRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
OdishaBhubaneswarRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
PunjabChandigarhRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
RajasthanJaipurRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
SikkimGangtokRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
Tamil NaduChennaiRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
TelanganaHyderabadRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
TripuraAgartalaRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
Uttar PradeshLucknowRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
UttarakhandDehradun (Winter)Rs 50,000 - Rs 60,000
West BengalKolkataRs 50,000 - Rs 60,000


This tiny creature is adaptable, affectionate and usually lives well into the double digits. All this makes it perfect for the family dog.

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