Pitbull Dog Price in India – History & Facts

Pitbull dog price in India
Pitbull dog price in India

Are you really into exercise? Do you want a dog that seems to exercise for hours every day? You seem to desire a Pitbull. Only a few canines are as robust and muscular as Pitbulls. Strong buddies are devoted and kind to their loved ones. If a pit bull loves you, it will give you everything. We help you discover the best Pitbull Dog price in India. Parenting a pit bull is thrilling.

Pitbull Dog price in India

A healthy pure pit bull Dog price in India ranges between INR 15,000 and INR 80,000, depending on age, kind, and owner.

Pitbull Dog price in India in different locations 


Factors affecting the Pitbull price in India 

Pitbull prices vary on several factors. Dog prices vary greatly based on location, breeder, and other variables. However, some typical factors may alter the price:

  • Bloodlines and pedigree: Pitbull prices depend on their lineage. Well-known dogs with a champion or working credentials cost more. Gene enthusiasts frequently link them to values.
  • Medical clearances: Reputable breeders examine their dogs for common hereditary illnesses. Vet-cleared dogs may cost more since they are less likely to require medical care.
  • Reputation of Breeders: Respected breeders that prioritize canine health, well-being, and ethical breeding charge more.
  • Demand and supply: Demand and supply determine prices. Prices might rise when there aren’t enough Pit Bulls, which are popular.

 Common health issues of Pitbull dog 

 Pit bulls have health issues like other breeds. Pet owners should know about these issues to keep them healthy. Certain Pitbulls will not have these health issues. 

  • Hip dysplasia: This hereditary illness causes hip stiffness and discomfort. Weight control, exercise, and excellent breeding may reduce the risk.
  • Allergies: Pit bulls may be allergic to numerous things, including food. Consult a vet immediately if your pet is burning, red, or experiencing gastrointestinal issues.
  • Skin issues: Due to their short coats, pit bulls have rashes, hot areas, and infections. Regular cleaning, proper bathing, and shampoos may prevent these issues.
  • Breathing issues: These dogs, like other brachycephalic breeds, have flat mouths that make breathing difficult. In hot weather, remain indoors, avoid exercise, and keep calm and ventilated.

Care tips for your Pitbull puppy

Regular exercise, mental stimulation, and constraints keep Pitbulls healthy. Consider the following to provide your pet with the most excellent care:

  • Grooming: Pit bulls shed a lot and have short hair. Regularly using a rubber or soft bristle curry brush will help de-matt, distribute oil, and maintain coat health.
  • Bathing: Pit bulls should be washed every one to three months or when soiled. It should work with warm water and a gentle dog wash. Too much salt water bathing pulls away natural oils, causing dry skin.
  • Nails trimming: Cut your pit bull’s claws every two to four weeks to prevent them from obstructing his walking.
  • Ear cleaning: Clean and check their ears regularly to avoid ear infections. Use a dog-specific ear cleanser and a cotton swab or soft cloth.

Pitbull exercise and training guidelines 

Athletic and intelligent pit bulls require frequent training and exercise to be healthy and happy. Consider the following while training and playing with your Pitbull: 

  • Obedience training: Start educating your Pitbull dog immediately. Tell them to “heel,” “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” Praise and awards are effective positive feedback.
  • Socialization:  Early good socialization is essential for pit bulls. Before settling somewhere, they must visit many people, animals, and places.
  • Physical activity: Lively, enthusiastic dogs. Kids need 30–60 minutes of daily exercise. Long walks, playing, and enjoying hobbies are essential. 
  • Mental simulator: They think about puzzles, training, and problems. 

Nutrition and Diet for Pitbull 

Pitbulls need a regular food regimen to be healthy. Balanced diets boost energy, strength, and fur luster. Food and nutrition tips: 

  • High-quality food: Your pit bull’s diet should depend on age, size, and activity level. Choose high-energy, meat-based alternatives. 
  • Potion control: Consider your Pitbull’s age, weight, and activity level while following the dog food container’s instructions. 
  • Balances nutrition: Check their food’s fiber, carb, fat, vitamin, and mineral composition. Talk to your doctor about finding the right dietary balance. 
  • Freshwater: Always give your Pit Bull fresh water to rejuvenate. 

Maintenance Pitbull Dog price in India

  • Food: A Pitbull needs a balanced diet. In India, food costs 1,500 to 3,000 rupees a month.
  • Medical Care: Maintaining regular doctor’s checkups, vaccines, and preventive measures is crucial. Medical care expenses vary by country, from 5,000 to 10,000 rupees in India.  
  • Grooming: Monthly cleaning costs in India range from 500 to 1,000 rupees. This includes brushes, shampoos, and salon appointments.  
  • Training and socialization: Take your pit bull to training programs and social gatherings to enhance its behavior and health. Consider setting away ₹2,000-₹5,000 annually in India and $100-$300 in the US.

Some facts about Pit bull dog

  • Pit bulls include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and American Bully.
  • Because of their strength and determination, they were initially bred to fight bulls and other dogs.
  • Pit bulls are mistrusted, yet well-trained ones make great pets.
  • Strong, their short coat is multicolored and patterned.
  • Pit dogs are clever and learn well from excellent training.


Pedigree, owner, and location determine Indian Pitbull Dog price in India. A healthy, well-bred dog costs more, but its personality and history decide its price. Remember that Pitbulls are great, but you must study and care for them. Consider health, fitness, and training before adding one to your family. Pit bulls are loving pets when trained and cared for.


Is Pitbull an aggressive dog? 

Pitbulls are aggressive, yet socialisation, training, and environment can transform any breed. The research doesn’t indicate that Pitbulls are more aggressive than other dogs. All dogs need responsible care and training.

Is Pitbull a kid-friendly dog? 

Pit bulls are great kids’ pets when trained. Their energy and desire to please make them great family pets. All dogs, regardless of breed, must be supervised around kids.

What are the common misunderstandings of pit bulls? 

Pit Bulls are ferocious or deadly. Media misrepresentation fuels this belief. Remember that breed-based judgment is unfair.

Does Pit Bull care differ from that of other dogs?

Their short coat needs minimal grooming if combed frequently. They need frequent walks and activities but not hours of intense exercise due to their average energy. Like all medium-sized dogs, they require attention.

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