Pitbull dog price in India – Average cost to consider before buying

Pitbull dog price in India
Pitbull dog price in India

Through this article, we will discuss the Pitbull dog price in India and if you want to keep it in your home then how much will be the maintenance cost, etc. Pitbull dog price in India starts from Rs 9,000/- to Rs 20,000/- depending on the quality and place from where you are buying them. But this is not enough, you need to know more about this dog before buying. So go through the post to know more about this dog breed.

The term ‘pitbull’ is a common moniker for a breed of dog that originated in North America. During the early stages of its growth, this dog breed was created by crossing bull-baiting dogs with terriers. Due to their calm demeanor around children.

Their competitiveness, persistence, and courage, among other qualities, make them attractive competitors in agility, weight lifting, and obedience competitions. Sometimes they are obstinate, but they respond very well to their confident owners who know how to enforce acceptable behavior guidelines.

Pitbull dog price in India

In India, pitbull dog price in India starts from INR 9,000 and INR 80,000, depending on the breed (i.e. its parentage and pedigree scrutiny).

The purest of breeds has a premium price tag. Male puppies are always more expensive than their female counterparts. Somewhere Pitbull dog prices in India may be less but don’t buy from such places before knowing about the purity of the breed.

Pitbull dog price in India varies Because there are a lot of pitbull breeders available in India, it is a very hard task to ensure that these dogs are purchased only from certified and reputable pet breeders. Pitbull dog prices in India in mills may be less but  Avoid buying these dogs from mills at all costs. Before adopting or purchasing a Pitbull dog, the following are the two most important factors to consider:

  • Examine the parents and ancestry of the pitbull puppy in question by checking their health certificates. It’s crucial to avoid getting saddled with a puppy who has genetic or other ancestor-related disorders.
  • Have a complete and definitive understanding of the puppy and adult dog’s nutrition structure. This knowledge is extremely valuable since you must feed it from the beginning. Because there are so many different dog food brands on the market today, purchasing food from a reputable pet retailer online is essential.

Information on the Pitbull dog breed

Before knowing about Pitbull Dog Price in India, you should know about the history of the Pitbull dog breed so that you can understand it easily after buying.

In a less civilized age of American history, dogfighting was a very popular and also legal sport. At the dog fight clubs, prominent officials and wealthy people could readily be found betting on dogs. Pitbulls were frequently seen in dogfights. As a mix between bulldogs and terriers, these dogs were developed for dog fighting.

These dogs were popular with both farmers and families. They were frequently utilized in the hunt for hazardous wild bears and pigs, and they adored humans. Sergeant Stubby (a pitbull) was a World War I warrior who was regarded as the most decorated canine in American military history.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized pit bulldogs for registration in 1936, and the canines were given the moniker Staffordshire terrier.

Factors that affect Pitbull dog price in India

Understanding the Pitbull price in India will assist you in making financial decisions. In this article, we provided a full summary of all the costs associated with owning a Pitbull in India. Before you buy a Pitbull, we recommend that you educate yourself about the breed.

Pitbulls are powerful and huge canines. You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking to acquire a Pitbull Terrier and make a budget. We are both dog enthusiasts and dog breeders at barks.

Our experience working with dog breeds in India has given us a thorough understanding of the pet industry in the country. We understand the costs of owning a pet because we’ve had one for decades. We also know how much time, work, and money it takes to breed dogs in India as renowned breeders.

The price of a Pitbull puppy in India currently ranges from 25,000 to 35,000 rupees, depending on a number of criteria. Aspects such as

Puppy quality for show vs. puppy quality for pets – The lineage of a Pitbull puppy determines its quality. Top Pitbull lines’ litter will be much more expensive than unknown Pitbull lines’ litter.

The reputation of the breeder– A huge breed like a Pitbull requires mental stability. Assume you purchased your puppy from a puppy mill. If you buy a dog from a reputable breeder, your chances of getting an uncontrollable dog are substantially higher.

Location – The cost of owning a Pitbull varies drastically from city to city in India.

The Pitbull dog price in India also varies according to the breeder, pedigree, puppy quality, and region. Breeders in India utilize a base price range of 25,000 to 35,000 rupees. To arrive at their ultimate pricing, they add in living expenditures, dog food costs, and other maintenance costs.

Choosing the appropriate breeder is the most important element to consider when purchasing a Pitbull in India. Reputable breeders ensure that their puppies meet their breed’s criteria. They also ensure that their Pitbulls are in good mental health.

Never purchase a Pitbull from a puppy mill or a pet store. An aggressive Pitbull is not something you want in your house. Pitbulls are not recognized by the Kennel Club of India (KCI). Pitbulls will not be able to be registered with KCI. The breeder is the only way to learn about the Pitbull’s pedigree. If you want to buy a Pitbull in India, make sure you buy from a trustworthy breeder.

Is Pitbull the right dog for you?

If you’re thinking about getting a Pitbull for your home, we recommend thinking twice about it. The majority of first-time dog owners struggle to choose the correct dog breed for their household.

The Pitbull Terrier is a mix of Bulldog and Terrier breeds. These dogs are powerful, huge, and dangerous. Pitbulls are popular security dogs in India. Remember, the Pitbull is the world’s most dangerous dog. They are responsible for 284 human fatalities. This is not a breed for everyone. In our Pitbulls in India piece, we encourage our viewers to read and comprehend the ramifications of having a Pitbull.

We’ve seen some dog owners buy a Pitbull without properly comprehending the breed. When in full attack mode, a Pitbull is unstoppable and unyielding. With its speed and strength, this dog has the potential to injure people and other pets severely and fatally.

Pitbull dog breeds are so dangerous, some countries have laws prohibiting people from keeping Pitbull dogs as their pets. But don’t worry Pitbull dogs are not covered by any breed-specific regulation in India. The absence of law does not suggest that you should purchase a Pitbull.

Pitbull dog price in India & Info

Height 45 cm-53 cm (Male),   43 cm – 46 cm (Female)
Weight 20 kg – 80  kg (Male),      28 kg – 40 kg (Female)
Lifespan 13 to 14 Years
Temperament  Affectionate, Stubborn, Intelligent, Clownish, Obedient, Friendly
Puppy Price   ₹5,000 – ₹20,000
Popularity Moderate
Grooming Very Less (Once a week brushing required)
Common Health Issues Elbow & Hip Dysplasia, Demodex Mange, Demodicosis, Demodectic Mange, and Cerebellar Abiotrophy


Attention – Though, to a certain, extend pitbull dog is friendly in nature, the breed is not meant for everyone. It is a known fact that Pitbulls are the most dangerous dogs and can attack humans. In fact, pitbull dogs are also responsible for human deaths that are caused by dog bites.

Pitbulls command a high price due to their reputation as a fearsome and powerful dogs. Furthermore, these canines are scarce, which leads to a price increase. Pitbull dog prices in India.

The following are some of the most popular Pitbull breeders in India.

  • Shops that sell pets
  • Profiteering breeders or puppy mills
  • Brokers, often known as intermediaries, are those who act as a link between two
  • Breeders who are reputable

From where to buy a Pitbull dog in India

When purchasing a Pitbull from a pet store in India, be sure to check the following items.

Insist on meeting and communicating with the dog breeder.

Never purchase a Pitbull puppy straight from the store. Always meet the puppy’s parents and the dog breeder.

Meet the parents of the dog.

Keep in mind that all pet stores don’t sell bad-quality puppies. However, we believe that purchasing a puppy directly from the breeder is the best option.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills and Pitbulls are not compatible. This is not the place to get your puppy. Puppy mills are easily identifiable. These are individuals that buy Pitbulls in bulk from dodgy breeders and then sell them for a low price. The bargains offered by these puppy factories will be too good to pass up for naïve customers. You are most certainly dealing with a puppy mill if someone gives you a Pitbull for less than $10,000.


Brokers are crucial in the sale of Pitbulls and in establishing the Pitbull dog price in India. There are honest brokers and dishonest brokers. Top brokers will take you to the breeder personally. They are open and honest, and they will lead you in the right direction. A 10 percent to 15% commission is usual for a dog broker. That’s why Pitbull dog price in India depends on brokers also.

If you’re going to buy a Pitbull puppy through a broker, make sure you meet the breeder first.

Certified Breeders

When it comes to picking a Pitbull dog, buying a Pitbull puppy from a reputable breeder is the best option. The Pitbull dog price in India may be a little bit higher on a reputable breeder but Reputable breeders look after their dogs and make sure that their Pitbulls are placed in loving homes.

As I said early, Purchasing a Pitbull from a reputable breeder will cost you more money, but the extra money is well worth it. Furthermore, reputable breeders will not sell their puppies to anyone who is willing to pay for them.

Remember that Pitbulls are not registered with the KCI in India. Before purchasing a Pitbull dog in India, you must conduct an extensive study.

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Cost of Feeding a Pitbull Dog

After ending up with the Pitbull dog cost in India, you have to watch out for the feeding price of the Pitbull dog. We suggest you watch out for the feeding expense of every dog breed, as well as this makes you surprised that the Pitbull dog consumes much more compared to other dogs. Feeding expense depends on the body size or weight of the breed.

The average, Feeding price of a Pitbull dog is around Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 8,500. Pitbull consumes homemade food but if you want him to be really healthy and balanced you need to feed him good high-quality foods also.

Pitbull is extremely protective as well as caring. It’s Okay to claim the feeding price of a Pitbull dog could not be the problem if you wound about the complete Pitbull cost in India.

Walking services cost of a Pitbull dog In India

The dog walking service is offered only in some cities in India. A person for walking your dog can be employed for Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 per month. It is essential to note that the Pitbull comes to be pleasant with the walking provider before availing the service because they are effective dogs that transform aggressive towards complete strangers.

Pitbull dogs Vaccination cost

While owning a dog it is very necessary to examine the breeder about the vaccinations of the puppy. All dogs need to get inoculations and also these breeders generally vaccinate their dogs prior to selling. The veterinarian provides you a vaccination card that will assist in keeping an eye on the puppy’s vaccination timetable to avoid missing out on any kind of. The vaccination cost of a Pitbull dog will be between 750 rupees to 1500 rupees.

Grooming cost of a Pitbull

If we talk about grooming A typical Pitbull dog’s grooming costs you around 150 rupees per month including a grooming brush, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, and towels. Pitbulls have short, smooth coats that are very easy to maintain as well as do not require regular grooming.

They adjust well to India’s warm and humid climate and also are very easy to keep. The layer can be combed weekly together with nail trimming, teeth brushing, periodic baths, and also ear monitoring for signs of soreness. These easy means of brushing at the residence make certain health as well as hygiene of Pitbulls and also ensure they look good at all times.

Cost of Neutering/Spaying

If you are not going to breed him, it is very suggested to neuter/spay your Pitbull. The surgical procedure will certainly cost you around 8,000 to 10,000, depending on the place you do it from. Add an additional 1,000 for medicines as well as the aftercare of the surgery.

Pitbull dog vs german shepherd

The Pitbull has a negative image due to misinformation, according to which these dogs can bite up to five times harder than the typical dog. In actuality, it has a biting force of just 235 psi, a little under that of a GSD (238 psi). Nevertheless, compared to other breeds, that is rather robust.

Pitbull dog vs bulldog

Pitbulls and American bulldogs both have powerful, muscular physiques, yet there are a few subtle distinctions. Bulldogs have large shoulders and a deep, wide chest. They are stocky canines. Pitbulls have good proportions and are a little bit slimmer.

In terms of athleticism and physique, the pit bull clearly outperforms other breeds of a bulldog, in size, and weight apart. Because of his small legs, the pit bull has a low center of gravity, making him perfect for tugging and climbing.