DOGGIE DOG Attractive Cotton Poly Mix Chew Dog Toys




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  • DOES YOUR POOCH LOVE PLAYING TUG OF WAR? Do you find that all your rope toys are chewed up and disintegrated in minutes? Then you need the 4 Legs Friend pack of 3 most durable (but not indestructible) dog rope toys for medium to XL dogs who love to play rough! Also suitable for smaller breeds with a Napoleon Complex! Great toys to entertain your best friend, relieve boredom and anxiety. Fun interactive play which reduces stress levels in dogs and humans.
  • 6 IN 1 MEGA COMBO BUNDLE (REFER TO COVER IMAGE) : 3.5 Rope Knot with pulling handle, 7.5 diameter Ball Rope, Orange Carrot and 4 inch Calcium Bone. Take it anywhere!
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE : 100% Non-toxic Cotton – when chewed helps to maintain dental hygiene by flossing the teeth and massaging the gums. Machine washable so your house stays free of harmful bacteria. 3 different toys and One one to choose from – so it will take 4 times longer for the toy to wear out. Bob Barker Blue is not just to show off but to make it really easy to find when you want to play or it’s time to go home from the park.
  • HAND MADE IN INDIA WITH CARE: Made with a mix of cotton and Polyester fibres for shine and extra strength. Hand picked “Bob Barker Blue” Colour and packed with care to brim you with excitement and make your fall in love with you ever so easily. Enjoy!
  • DOG LOVE PROMISED – Leave the expected. hassle for toy disintegrating sooner than We come in with a full dog-love coverage for you. Have a piece of mind because you can just ping us or leave a question here, we will take your dog issues right away. **(Free Ebook to be downloaded from the Website)**
  • THE JUTE BAG: Easy to Carry and Dry store the toy after use. With built-in Carry String and Faster. Looks Great.
  • eBook: Kindly Download the ebook from our website. Physical book not included.


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