Pug dog breed information history: Pug dog price in india

Pug dog breed:

Small dogs are often lovable. Today we are discussing about small, compact, toy dog that is going to become a lovable part of your family.

Pug dog breed:
Pug dog breed

It is often said about a pug that it is a lot of dog in a small space. It is a sturdy and compact dog and is part of a toy breed. This breed of dog is adored by millions of fans all around the world. This cute creature lives for love and to get love in return.

All the owners of the Pug are satisfied and they consider it an ideal breed. They love watching them playing with their kids.

This tiny creature is iconic in India ass this was a mascot in a series of Vodafone advertising commercials. The advertisement campaigns are also the reason for the increased popularity of pugs in India.

History of Pug dog breed:

Pug is an ancient breed that is around 2,000 years old. The ancient Chinese emperors preferred flat-faced dogs like a pug, Pekingese and this entire breed were developed as refined pets of the emperor.

In the sixteenth century, the pug was bought to Europe from China. In the nineteenth century, in the USA, Queen Victoria loved this breed the most and she passed her this passion to another member of the royal family.

Pug is the most sociable and gentle creature and is even-tempered and charming.

Characteristics of Pug dog breed:

This is a small but muscular animal. It comes in three colours that are silver or apricot-fawn with a black face or, all black. The large round face of cute creatures like Pug is featured with big sparkling eyes and the wrinkled brow… Pugs can show the range of human expressions like the surprise, curiosity, and happiness and all these features delighted the owners.


Care is needed to keep the pug trim. Pugs perform best in a moderate climate. But with great care and love, these cure creature can be adorable in any condition.


The best thing about this breed is that it is featured with a short, smooth glossy coat that requires minimal maintenance. Just a weekly brush with a medium bristle brush is sufficient to remove loose hairs and give the best look to the pet.

Pug does not require more often bath. They need a bath only in condition when they get into something messy or start releasing doggy odour.

Long nails may cause trouble to this adorable creature, so regular trimming of nails is essential.


High-quality dog feed that can be manufactured or homemade is sufficient to deliver all essential nutrients to the dog. Homemade dog feed can be prepared with vegetables, cereals, boiled eggs, meat and milk under the supervision of a veterinarian. You should also consult your veterinarian for the human food that is safe for your new family member.

The Pugs love to eat and thus generally develop obesity. So keep control on diet and watch the calorie intake by your dog.

Treat can be given in against good behaviour as part of the training. But excess of treatment leads to obesity.

Provide full-time access to clean and fresh water to your dog.

Pug dog price in India:

Pug dog price in India starts from Rs 6000/- to Rs 18,000/-. This is one of the best and cheap dogs which you can buy and make your companion.


This Dog Loves to spend its time snuggling on the sofa. It’s this behaviour that can be combined with its love for food. This seems cute but it will make your lovely pet obsess.

Along with food and rest, the pug is also a playful dog and loves to play. Owners need to keep it fit with moderate exercise and playing sessions.

You must take care that this flat face loving creature cannot tolerate high temperatures. So they should not force for strenuous exercise especially when it is so hot outside.

Training Pug dog breed:

Pug breed is itself companion breed. This breed is often stable tempered and born to love its owner in return for love. This breed is most charming and loves to please others, so much easy to train it.

They can be easily hurt so harsh training methods should be avoided. This breed becomes unhappy if it is regularly left alone for a long time. They love to stay with family and want only your love.


God gifted this tiny breed with the big adorable eye, but this is the most vulnerable spot. They are prone to multiple eye problems like corneal ulcers, dry eye, etc. The breed has a characteristic flat face which is sometimes becoming problematic in its respiration. Especially during hot weather, this breed faces breathing problems. Try to keep this breed in air condition or place with low temperature.

Important Information:

Group: Toy breed

Height: 10-13 inches

Weight: 14-18 lbs

Life span: 13-15 years


So it was all about tine, compact and adorable creature, Pug. I hope this lovable breed is successful to impress you. Please like, share and comment on the dog breed you love the most.

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