Rampur Greyhound Dog – Temperament, Price in 2021

    Rampur Greyhound Dog

    The Rampur Greyhound Dog is commonly adopted in races. It is a smart athletic hound with long legs, a long nose, and a thin body.

    This Dog possesses a skinny, strap-like tail that touches nearly low to their ankles. The Rampur Greyhound Dog is more handsome and elegant rather beautiful.

    It has scissor teeth and big oval eyes. The hound is small, straight, and sharp and can be found in many hues. Several hounds are strong pigments like black, grey, or white and many hounds have patches while few are brindle. It is an incredible family pet.

    Rampur Greyhound Dog is a sighthound aboriginal breed to the Rampur area of North India that is located in the middle of Delhi and Bareily.

    It is recognized the Greyhound comes from earlier Afghan Hounds, with their existing day impression because of substantial hybrids to the Greyhound dogs in the 19th century to expand the dog’s breed quickness.

    The Rampur Greyhound Dog has a short hair, strongly shaped hound that matches with the Sloughi in the image. It is hardly noticed outer of its aboriginal area where it is maintained in the form of an athlete dog, hardly being maintained as a playmate dog.

    rampur grey hound

    History of Rampur Greyhound Dog

    The Rampur Greyhound Dog is a sighthound from Rampur in northern India. This dog has been around 300 years and it was initially raised to hunt big animals like panthers,  lions, tigers, leopards, and mainly jackal.

    The Greyhound is recognized among the quickest hounds in the nation and can attain running speeds of more than 40mph.

    Ahmad Ali Khan known as the Nawab of the Rampur state raised these hounds by nurturing English and Tazi Greyhound. Rampur Greyhound dogs were mostly made in use for hunting and safety.

    In the year 1947, the Rampur Greyhound dropped down from vogue, the reason that the Nawabs were no longer powerful.

    Due to it the raising of the Rampur hounds got impacted on and several lines were nurtured with English dogs. Thus, it is impossible at present time to discover pure Rampur Greyhound Dogs.

    Hounds are no longer used for hunting due to the changing time and hence the Rampur hounds are approximately demise. This limited greyhound dog has now newly started earning name however only a few are existing today.

    Important things to know:

    Rampur Greyhound is small, straight, and sharp and can be found in many hues.

    The Male Rampur Greyhound dog has 25-30 inches height i.e 61-76 cm and the female Rampur Greyhound dog has 22-24 inches height i.e 56-61 cm.

    The Weight of a Male Rampur Greyhound is 60-65 pounds i.e. 27-29 kg and the female Greyhound has also had the same weight 60-65 pounds and 27-29 in kgs.

    The Lifespan of Rampur Greyhound is 10-12 years.

    Rampur Greyhound price

    Rampur greyhound price in India starts from Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000. This is currently very rare in the Indian market and the cost of a Rampur Greyhound puppy may be lesser depending on the breeders and health of the puppy.

    Rampur Greyhound Dog’s temperament

    Rampur Greyhound is a nice friend and enjoys fun living with its family members. They are loyal towards their masters and are also give a sign when their owner is in danger. Greyhound is likely to obey an individual part of the family creating them a single owner dog.

    This dog is sometimes nervous so it expresses a reserved manner. They live neat and healthy and nicely groomed apart from standing decent companions for children. Yet an eye should be kept on this dog as it is powerful and harms children out of warmth.

    Rampur Greyhound Dog doesn’t get familiar quickly with outsiders. At the time when any outsiders visit the house, this dog should be kept away from them as it can attack them anytime.

    This Greyhound dog is kept single as it has a great preying ability and doesn’t get on nicely with different dogs. It has a different mood, either it can be extremely energetic or completely lethargic.

    It will be sufficient for a house with a large lawn, however, it will need a big workout list if staying in an apartment.

    Rampur Greyhound Dog’s Diet

    Indian dog Rampur greyhound must be feed properly with the best quality dry dog diet and make it that their food is sufficiently filled with other required nutrients also. A diet rich in Vitamin A would be effective in reducing the possibilities of skin issues.

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    Price of Rampur Greyhound Dog: 

    Rampur Greyhound Dog price in India is  Rs. 2,500 – Rs. 8,000. The cost of this dog breed is less compared to other dog breeds. So if you are planning to purchase a dog at a cheaper rate then this one is a good option to go for.


    The Rampur Greyhound Dog a tremendous family pet is strong and active. Their origin and breeding have prepared obviously that they can withstand the weather situations of India and protect health.

    The expanded benefit of this greyhound dog breed is that it can grow in Indian conditions. One can buy it as it is a friendly dog and have a rightful temperament. Their quickness has got them the label of Ferrari in the hound kingdom.

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