Red nose pitbull terrier : appearance, characteristics and history

Red Nose Pit bull Terrier
Red Nose Pit bull Terrier

Red nose pitbull

Many people consider the red nose pitbull as a breed in its own right. But actually, it is just a red-coated, red nose variety of American pit bull terrier.

They are more popular still are rarely seen. This Red nose pitbull is not different from American Pitbull, rather this dog has a specific color variation.

The red nose pitbull is more is demanding because of its beautiful color. It may be a bit expensive if you select your pet from the champion line that has been bred for many years.

The dog we are talking about is striking with a distinctive rich chestnut coat. The dog will be mighty and proud and will prove the best family companion. This dog is most loyal and is safe to play with your kids. The only thing that requires is they should be bred and rose correctly.


Red nose pitbull is Old family Red nose variety of American pit bull terrier. The particular line of red nose pitbull came from Ireland and they become popular because of their unique color and also because of their spirit for the game.


As the name suggests, the nose of this dog is characteristic red in color just like its lips and eyes. The look of a vibrant chestnut red coat gives this dog a royal look.

The coat may be featured with or without patches on it.

You can easily distinguish this dog because of its stocky, densely muscled frames. This dog is classed under medium-sized dogs.

The dog is gifted with a keen and insightful amount of intelligence that can be proved just after looking at its eyes. They are very fast learners and can easily be trained.


Every dog is unique in itself. Early training and socialization play a very important role in helping to shape their temperament. Early socialization and puppy training may modify the behaviour or temperament of dog but certain characters can be commonly seen across a particular breed.

The traits of red nose pitbull are also almost similar to all other American pit bull terriers. The breed of American pit bull terrier is generally loyal and more devoted to their family.

People prefer this breed because of their lovability and are more social with their people. The dog loves being showered with love, attention, and affection.

This breed is full of energy and they love to play and be active. They are provided with the nature of curiosity and this makes them more adaptable.

This dog is very alert and thus become a perfect dog for guarding purpose and will also suit your reputation.


Red nose pitbull looks more furious but is actually more gentle then they look. Along with the royal look, the dog is also gifted with clever sense.

As family pet

Any American pit bull terrier dog including red nose pitbull is a wonderful option for the family pet. This breed has nature to adore their families especially kids.


The right selection of high-quality good feed is sufficient to deliver all essential nutrients. You can also prefer homemade dog feed comprising of meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, and cereals after your veterinarian approval.

Giving treat for training purposes is not bat but an excess of treatment may lead to obesity.


These dogs tend to be highly energetic dog thus need more exercise than other dogs. IN case you are not giving proper exercise to your pitbull, then it may turn into destructive and find their own way of entertainment.

This dog comes under working dogs and thus you can keep them busy in different challenges of walk or jog.

Like any other energetic breed, if there is no proper exercise, this dog may become mischief and hyperactive.

The dog is full of stamina and loves hiking with their owners and other high energy activities.


This dog is generally healthy and has very rare health issues. They generally show health issues after old age and these issues are almost the same in all dogs.


The crucial part of dog life is early socialization and pup training. The red nose pitbull is an aggressive type breed thus needs proper training for temper management. After proper training, they are just ideal as a family pet.


The Dog we are talking about is not just a dog but will become an integral part of your family. This majestic and loyal dog needs firm but fair handling. Correct training at a young age will result in a dog that will make you proud and will adore your family.

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