Rhodesian Ridgeback Price in India – history & facts

Rhodesian Ridgeback Price in India

Rhodesian Ridgeback Price in India: Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known to be one of the most excellent dog breeds which are highly brave and strong enough to chase a lion in a run fight. These dog breeds have strong legs and have also been called American lion dogs with excellent sense of smell and adaptability to various climatic conditions. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are flexible and they like to spend more time outdoors with their owners and get quickly comfortable with families and their owners. Rhodesian Ridgeback Price in India dog breeds like to eat animal flesh and fish more than other food items. 

Let’s Discuss the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog price in India.

Rhodesian Ridgeback breeds price range matters according to their colors, size, weight and age in India. In India, Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breeds price ranges from Rs 8000 – Rs 25000. 

Different Locations Rhodesian Ridgeback price in India


Overview of Rhodesian Ridgeback 

If you plan to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback at home, these dog breeds could be your best trustworthy and honest option. 

These dogs focus on getting comfortable with their feeders and provide you with healthy companionship by performing several activities like cuddling and spending time with your family members. Rhodesian Ridgeback price in India lies under 99 to 41 kilograms, and height ranges between 24 and 27 inches. These energetic dogs’ life span is between 10 and 12 years. 

Various Factors which Affect the Rhodesian Ridgeback Price in India 

The Rhodesian Ridgeback price range depends on the age, color, variety, and species in which they are available in India and other countries. Here below are some specific factors on which Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs are categorized. 

  • Type 

Rhodesian Ridgeback comes in three fundamental categories: Registered and show qualities.

  • Physical Characteristics and Color Formats 

It is only available in 3 color formats: red, red, and light wheaten. The price matters according to their color differences and physical characteristics: height, size, shape, weight, and color.  

  • Gender and Price Difference 

Rhodesian Ridgeback male dogs are in a higher price segment than female dogs. Meanwhile, the prices of fully mature dog breeds range less compared to the young Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs.  

  • Pure or Mix Breed

The cost of pure Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breeds ranges higher than the mixed breed of Rhodesian Ridgeback. 

  • Availability and Location of Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Availability of these dog breeds are only available in some parts of India. They are only available in some particular aspects.  Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breeds are only available in a few pieces of India, so the price range depends on availability and location. 

Appearance of Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Rhodesian Ridgeback has a muscular-haired body with a glossy coat. They always express a cuddling behavior with happy smiles with their feeders. Various color options are available, including wheaten, red wheaten, and light wheaten.  

Price of Rhodesian Riderback in Various Colors:

  1. Wheaten – 10, 000
  2. Light Wheaten – 20,000 – 25,000
  3. Red Wheaten – 20,000 – 25,000

Ridgeback Health Problems

Commonly, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are tough and healthy dogs, but it is essential to ensure what type of diseases these dog breeds are attracted to in most cases. 

Dysplasia: Dysplasia is the most common health issue found in Rhodesian Ridgeback, which leads to abnormality in bone and tissues that affect the hip or elbows. This disease causes lameness, joint pain, and weakness in these dog breeds. The cure for this disease is by doing laser treatment operations,  physical therapy, and acupuncture processes.  

Autoimmune Thyroiditis: Autoimmune thyroiditis is a disease that results in low thyroid values in the thyroid glands of these dog breeds, leading to excessive weight gain,  skin allergy, and some painful conditions. Surgery is the only technique to cure these diseases. 

Dermoid Sinuses: Dermoid sinuses are the disease that affects the skin and nervous systems of these dog breeds. Dermoid Sinuses cause Infection and pain in tissues. These diseases can be cured with the help of surgical operations. 

Diet and Nutrition 

Rhodesian Ridgeback requires proper nutrition with a balanced diet. There are many factors on which the appropriate amount of food and care also depends on these dog breeds. 

These dogs breed only like freshwater and eat their food very quickly. So good meals are required occasionally with proper care and nutrition. Nutrition containing protein and fats is very likely for these dog breeds. 

Pros and cons of Rhodesian Ridgeback 

  • Pros 
  1. They are family-oriented companions.
  2. They bark to notify you of outsiders and intimidate invaders.
  3. Neapolitan Mastiffs do not need much care. They shed little and require little exertion.
  4. They are quiet and patient with kids and great pets.
  • Cons 
  1. It may make them too much for specific homes or apartments.
  2. They often drool because the extra skin around their lips might catch saliva.
  3. They have many health issues. 
  4. They require consistent, careful instruction from an experienced dog trainer.

Tips for getting reputed breeders for Rhodesian Ridgeback 

  • You can ask several people for Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breeds. 
  • Suggestions and reach out for their distinctive referrals. 
  • Check for several credentials and investigate good pet clubs that provide the best dog breeds according to your capability and budget. 


Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breeds in India especially come in well-being and are the most loyal dogs with exceptional attributes. They are known to provide the best company to their owners. The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog price in India ranges between Rs 25,000 – and Rs 30,000 depending on their size, color region, and where they are available.  



What is the price of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs in India? 

According to different climatic conditions and locations, Rhodesian Ridgeback dog prices lie under 8,000 – 25,000 in India.  

Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks friendly with other dog breeds? 

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are one of the most friendly and adaptive dogs.

Does feeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks require proper care? 

Feeding Rhodesian Ridgeback does require a proper diet and meals on time. 

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