Rottweiler dog breed: History,Personality,food habit, Physical appearance

Rottweiler dog breed: Rottweiler also named Rottweiler Metzgerhund is a domestic dog that has its origin in Germany. In the middle century, these dogs were used to herd the animals in farms and also pull carts that carried meat from the butcher’s shops. In the present time, these breeds are in demand in the category of rescued dogs or police dogs. Rottweiler is also reputed to be a devoted and obedient pet. In this article, there are some interesting
facts about the breed you can’t miss especially if you are a dog lover.


One of the oldest breeds, Rottweiler is directly linked to the history of the Roman Empire. It is believed that the dog is a descendant of the ancient drover dogs. Likewise the Roman drovers these rottweilers are also laborious and dependable towards their lords.

Later on, during the time of World war one and two, these dogs were used as police dogs. They were involved in many services such as being messengers, doing the jobs of guards, pulling the carts filled with goods.

Physical Appearance of Rottweiler dog breed:

Rottweiler male and female dogs have different size and body weight, generally, a male dog is twenty-four to twenty-seven inches tall and weighs around 130 pounds. On the other hand, the females are shorter and lighter as well. These dogs have a double coating of short and straight hairs all over its body.

The overcoat of the rottweiler dog is medium in length and it’s spread across ears, head, and legs. The neck and thighs are covered with undercoats. This coating also depends upon the climate of the place where the dog is living. Rottweiler dogs are black with mahogany-colored marks and patches around the eyes cheeks and sides of its muzzles.


A pure breed rottweiler is a courageous and hardworking dog who seems to be very confident and never appeared to be shy. They take time to observe people and then make friendships. Generally, they are obedient and loyal towards its lord and inherently protective of its property. Without any reason, it won’t be aggressive to any strangers
though it needs proper guidance and a disciplined lifestyle. Temperament is one of the things that need to be looked after in the matter of these dogs as its temperament is affected by socialization, heredity, and training. These dogs are required to take early socialization so that they can be familiar with their surroundings and grow up to be a
well-rounded dog.


Rottweilers are well known to be a healthy and strong breed although few common diseases can be a cause of tension. Due to its rapid growth rate, Osteochondritis dissecans can occur, also the abnormal formation of the hip area or hip dysplasia can be found in these dogs. This breed is highly prone to osteosarcoma, a bone tumor that
causes early deaths. Other than that obesity can occur in this breed which can cause arthritis, diabetes and many other illnesses in these dogs.

Food habit

Your dog’s feeding pattern should be dependent on its daily activity, age and metabolic rate, height, and weight. We all know that a couch potato dog, a highly active dog, has different food needs. In general, the dogs are muscular and apparently they need high-quality food.keeping the fact in mind that this breed suffers from food allergies quite
often, it is required to give a hypoallergenic diet. Chicken, Turkey, and lamb can be given to provide the daily dose of protein. The dog needs at least 2100 calories on a daily basis. Chemical preservatives such as BHT and BHA have to be restricted from its diet chart to prevent gas, vomiting and food allergies.

Some highlighters

  • These dogs are not that excitable and friendly and that’s why it needs to be socialized from an early age.
    ● These dogs are family-oriented dogs and they love to be around its family members. If these dogs are kept alone for a long time they can be aggressive and harmful.
    ● It has inherent heredity to herd and that’s why if they are raised along with children they can bump the children and the situation can get worse. In this matter, the dog needs to be under supervision.
    ● Their food intake can be a matter of concern as they have a habit of overeating. This habit can cause a lot of health issues.
    ● Rottweiler dogs have a double coating and the hair falls throughout the year. This situation can be out of your control during springs.
    ● An adult rottweiler is very aggressive toward other animals. Keep that in mind while taking him outside your house. You are suggested to train him before taking it out.
    ● This dog at least requires ten to twenty minutes of walk daily.
    ● And lastly, these dogs snore really hard so good luck.


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