Shih Tzu dog breed: Appearances, Characteristics and price

    Shih Tzu dog breed

    Shih Tzu dog breed: The lively charmer we are introducing you today is very cute. This breed is popular for its affectionate behavior with children.
    This is a small breed and loves to spend time in royals.
    This breed is perfect for those who live in a small apartment. Many dog breeds live to dig a hole and loves to chase cats and other animals. But this breed loves to sit in your lap acting adorable.
    The name of this breed means “Little lion” but nothing is furious in this cute creature. This pooch is cute and lover, not any hunter.

    This lovable breed is affectionate, happy dog. It loves to please its human companion and do nothing more than to follow their master from room to room.
    They feel safe and comfortable on the laps of people.
    Nowadays, people have started this breed taking off their laps and into different sports activities. They are now training them for rally, obedience, and agility.

    They are a great option as a family pet and is a good companion with other animals and also good with kids. But the kids must know how to behave gently with pups.
    This breed is perfect for those who are looking for a small best buddy. It can easily adapt to apartment living, shower you with unconditional love and will enjoy joining you on the couch for cuddles.

    History of Shih Tzu dog breed

    This breed owns Chinese history. The breed name Shih Tzu was bred by imperial breeders in the palace of the Chinese emperor. It was developed centuries ago from the Tibetan breeding stock
    This breed is developed from the contribution of even older Sino-Tibetan breeds, the Lhasa Apso and the Pekingese.
    This breed from hundred of years id pampered by emperors and their family and lived the life of royal lap.
    This breed weighs between 9 to 16 pounds and can stand up to 8 to 11 inches. They are surprisingly solid dogs for their size.

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    All dogs were developed for some purpose. This breed is also developed to be a companion and they are the ideal companion for both adults and children.
    If you need cute creatures enjoying your affection and live on your lap, then you can go for it. Don’t expect them to guard, retrieve or hunt, that’s not their style.
    This breed is most affectionate and its favorite destination is your lap. They are happy if they stay with their family and is receiving love and attention.


    Commercially manufacture dog feed specially for small dogs is sufficient to deliver all essential nutrients. You can also opt homemade dog feed after the approval of your veterinarian.
    You can prepare homemade dog feed using vegetables, milk, meat, eggs and whole grains under the supervision of your veterinarian.
    Overweight becomes some time problem in this dog. So keep watch on the calorie consumption by your dog.
    Consult your vet for the human feed safe for your pet.

    Grooming of Shih Tzu dog breed

    The long coat is characteristic of this breed. It needs high maintenance to maintain the best look of your dog. Daily brushing is recommended.
    A bath once in three to four weeks is essential to keep the coat clean and give the best look to your dog.
    The hairs on the top of its head should be trimmed regularly. Otherwise, hairs on its forehead may irritate its eyes.


    They are companion dogs and need minimal exercise. A short walk and indoor playtime are sufficient to satisfy this small companion.

    Training of Shih Tzu dog breed

    Training of this breed is generally amusing but sometimes it can be frustrating. Harsh training is avoided for this dog. Early socialization and puppy training are helpful to ensure that the dog grows into a well-adjusted and well-mannered companion.

    Health of Shih Tzu dog breed

    They are less tolerant of high temperatures and are also not good swimmers.
    Some disease conditions like hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, eye anomalies like cataracts may run in its family.


    So these were all about Shih Tzu. I hope this tiny cute creature impress you and you will surely love this companion.
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