Siberian husky price in india: Appearance, Health, characteristics

Siberian husky price in India

The breed we are going to introduce you today is not only a beautiful but also energetic, attractive and lovable breed.

It is a thickly coated breed and is a compact medium-sized sled dog. The breed is gifted with great endurance. It was originally developed to pull light loads at moderate speed and works in packs over vast frozen expanses.

This breed is becoming more popular among people because of its fastidious, friendly and dignified behavior.

This breed enjoys being part of the family and is friendly with other dogs companions also. They are indifferent dogs because of their innate friendliness. Since the breed is more energetic, so sometimes it becomes difficult to stop this dog from chasing other small animals. The only way is to secure running.

History Siberian Husky and Siberian husky price in India

The breed belongs to the northern heritage that can be easily depicted from its compact body, erect ears, well-furred coat, and a thick, sickle-shaped tail.

Chukchi peoples of northeastern Asia are considered to develop ancestors of this breed. They used to keep these dogs as their companion dogs and also used them as endurance sled dogs.

These people developed this sled dog breed to combat the challenge in changing climatic conditions which forced them to expand their hunting or perish.

These sled dogs were capable to haul light loads over vast expanses of a frozen wasteland.

When these dogs started winning sled race, they attracted other peoples also and become popular.

In 1925, Legendary musher Leonhard Seppala made Siberian husky to cover 658 miles in just 5 and half days to rush a life-saving serum to an area suffering from epidemic diphtheria.

Mushers are still rearing Siberian husky for fun and sports.


This breed is medium-sized and compact. The male dog can stand up to 21 to 223.5 inches and females can stand up to 20 to 22 inches at the shoulder. The dog weighs around 45 to 60 pounds and female up to 35 to 50 pounds.

This dog looks attractive with a thick coat. You can get multiple colors and markings options in its thick coat. The breed has, medium-sized, almond-shaped hypnotizing and graceful eyes that can be blue or multi-colored. The striking facial masks add to the appeal of this dog.

The breed has a wolf-like appearance but is an intelligent, athletic dog. It also makes a good option for dog lovers but can be challenging for first-time owners.

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This breed is independent and needs an owner who is the clear leader of the pack. They can be easily trained and they will respect you. But sometimes they can test your position in the pack and will keep making efforts to take control from time to time.

Try to assert yourself as a leader by confirming the ground rules with consistency, not by bullying or hitting.

You can establish your leadership role by making your dog wait to eat.

Exercise is essential for this breed. Once it gets boring, it can be destructive both indoors and out. If you left this dog alone at your home, it can also cause demolish a house and chew the cement wall.

Digging is in their habit and they can dig up your flower gardens and yards. But it is possible to train them to dig in a specific spot.

The good feature that is appreciated by some owners is that it does not bark. But if you live in an apartment, then just avoid this breed.

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Nutrition of Siberian husky and Siberian husky price in India

To maintain healthy skin and coat of Siberian husky, you will need to feed them with high-quality dog feed. Your homemade dog feed is also a good option to deliver all essential nutrients.

You can manufacture home-made dog feed under your veterinarian supervision. You can make it with the help of vegetables, milk, meat, eggs, and whole grains and use it after the approval of your veterinarian.

Monitor the calorie consumption by your dog and keep eyes on its weight. Treat is an essential aid for training but avoids excessive treats.


This breed is considered a natural breed and they are popular for their self-cleaning. They need only a few baths years unless being presented in a conformation dog show.

Brushing once a week will ensure the coat and skin in good condition. Regular trimming of nails is essential.


They are active, athletic dogs and need more exercise. Siberian Husky are most happy when they are busy.

They enjoy taking participation in rally, agility, and obedience.


Early socialization and basic obedience training are important to make them learn good manners. Training is fun and exercise for both dog and owner.


They are a relatively healthy breed. Sometimes hip disorder and ophthalmic disorder may run in their family.

Siberian husky price in India: If you want to know Siberian husky price in India then let’s discuss the price. The price of Siberian husky depends upon the breeder but mostly it cost around  Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 60,000.


SO these were all about Siberian husky. I hope you like this breed.

Thank you

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