Rajapalayam Dog: Things You must Know About it

Rajapalayam Dog: This is among great Indian breed pedigree dogs. This breed was developed in India but is now almost on the verge of extinction. Today only a few pockets of this breed in Tamilnadu.

Recently there have been made lots of efforts that are being made to encourage their breeding and to popularize this breed in the country.


Animal husbandry department of the Tamilnadu government has now started organizing dog shows and has even set up breeding centers in the state. This will help to prevent the total extinction of this breed.

The government even adorned the postage stamp with this breed to create awareness for the dog breed.
The developer of this breed developed this breed as a vivacious hunter and this breed had a huge appetite to please its owner.

This breed was developed to hunt for wild boar and many other small preys.
You can choose this dog as an excellent guard dog for the family. The climate is no problem for this breed as its high temperature does not issue for Rajapalyam dog. This breed rarely has some health complications and generally needs fewer vets to visit.

This breed gets its name from a small town of Tamil Nadu popularly knows as Rajapalayam.

History of Rajapalayam Dog
This breed was developed in the Nayak dynasty of Tamil Nadu. These dogs were used in the Polygar and Carnatic wars.
These dogs have been used to guard rice fields, farms, and houses since time immemorial and they have legendary stories around them. One of these legendary stories depicts that four of these dogs saved their owner from a tiger by killing it.


On looking at this dog, the first thing you will notice is their pink and white coat. This breed is characterized by a deep chest and a domed shaped head carried high. This breed also possesses a softer coat on the head as compared to its body.

All over the body of this breed is loose skin and its eyes are dark and usually deep brown. This school possesses pendant shaped ears and feels like soft leather. The tail of this breed is a whip-like and it gets thin after about 1/3 its length giving it a bony look.

This breed is essentially a hunter dog and it still retains the trait to an extent. Different owners of Rajpalayam reports that these dogs have a unique sense and perception. Rajapalayam Dog breed has a unique sense that helps the owner to detect strangers whether they are threats to the family or not.

This breed is not good for younger children but they bond well with the older children. This breed is warm and affectionate towards them.
Rajapalayam Dog breed is friendly with other dogs but is not good with small pets because of their high prey drive. This breed is fully energetic and it needs regular exercise to ensure agility and stimulate their minds.

Rajapalayam Dog price: 

The price for a puppy of this breed starts from ₹ 5,000 to ₹ 10,000.  The Rajapalayam dog price varies from breeder to breeder but it cost within 10k not more than that. So if you are interested to buy a desi breed go for Rajapalayam.

Commercially manufactured high-quality dog feed is sufficient to deliver all the essential nutrients. But you can also prefer homemade dog feed after approval by your veterinarian.


This dog can be easily trained. Early socialization and puppy training are essential for this breed. It is an intelligent breed but you must take care that only one person trains this dog. That means that only one person starts and ends its training.
You must start its training as soon as you get it your home as it never early to train them.


This breed has a very short coat but you need to brush them once or twice a week. This breed loved to be massaged and you should brush this breed with a soft brush. The nails of this breed require regular trimming.

Common health issues in Rajapalayam dog

This breed is generally healthy and has rare health issues. But before selecting a puppy, you should consider the chances of developing genetic disorders. This breed can also catch some other diseases.

The most common problem associated with white Rajpalayam is deafness. Also, this breed is prone to several skin conditions like mange and dermatitis.
This is all about Indian breed Rajapalayam. Here we have given the information about Rajapalyan and also given the information about Rajapalayam dog price. I hope you will make an effort to prevent this breed from total extinction and also hope you have got the information you were looking for, please like, share, and comment.

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