Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

Yes, dogs can eat watermelon. In fact, they may enjoy it more than most people do. There are a few reasons why dogs may enjoy eating watermelon.

Some people believe that watermelon is suitable for dogs, as it provides them with some essential vitamins and minerals they may need in order to stay healthy.

The fruit itself is a nutritional energy-dense food that is low in calories and brimming with nutrients, including vitamins B6, A and C, as well as potassium.

As with any treat offered to your dog as and the context of their regular healthy diet, Watermelon is best eaten in moderate amounts.

Watermelon doesn't contain cholesterol or fat and is therefore healthy and a no-brainer.

The fruit contains less than 50 calories in a cup, and is more than 92 percent water, meaning it is ideal for having on a hot summer day

Dog can gulp down a lot of watermelons in a short time. So never give them excess melon to have.