golden retriever puppy Training Tips

Angel Phase(2-8months)

Training begins with classes that are group-based Puppy Kindergarten and the basics of obedience.

Golden Retriever are friendly and easily trainable. Classes give them the chance to satisfy their physical, emotional and psychological needs.

This is the best time to build a bond to your pet, build trust, investigate their instinctual abilities, and find out the breeds your puppy is likely to like as playmates.

At the moment, Golden puppies have a limited attention span, and require various ways to use up energy.

Growth milestones

Teenage Rebellion Phase (6-18 Months)

This is the time to continue to build on the foundation laid during the Angel Phase. Therefore, the training process is essential.

In this stage you'll be trying to figure out how your perfect puppy's rising hormones cause her to go into angry, feisty, calm and withdrawn moods.

Even though teething typically ends in the present, Golden Retriever still desire to put something to chew on that must be commanded with commands such as drop it, put it down or give it to someone else, then play for it.

Golden Retriever can reach an average of 80 percent growth during this stage.  Between 12 and 24 months -- as a true teenager -they'll need changes in their caloric consumption, based on their continuing growth and exercise habits.

Brushing your dog's coat is essential to keep your dog clean.  Cutting off excess hair around the feet, ears underline and tail helps reduce burrs, tangles, in addition to the volume of dirt it gathers